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Supply Shanghai auspicious deep blue aluminum plate factory project, direct 3mm internal wall exterior wall

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   APCP is referred to as aluminum plate, aluminum plate and by surface treatment for coating paint as a surface, polyhexene plastic board as the core layer, new materials through a series of process machining composites. Aluminum plate is by the German company, Lu Singen (ALUSINGEN) developed the first production, after Holland Airlines (FalkerFORKENAnd Alcoa CorpALOCAImprovement,90After the 1970s, product quality is stable, reached a higher level, because the aluminum plate is composed of different kinds of material properties (metal and nonmetal), it retains the original composition of materials (metal and non metal aluminum polyhexene plastics) the main characteristics, and overcome the shortcomings of the original materials. The materials with many excellent properties. Such as luxurious and beautiful, colorful decoration; weather resistance, corrosion resistance, fire prevention, moistureproof, hit, sound and heat insulation, shock resistance; light weight, easy processing, easy installation and transportation, can quickly adjust the construction characteristics, the performance has opened up a broad application prospect for aluminum plate.

Product specification:
1Standard size: thicknessT):1mm 2mm 3mm4mm
WidthW):1220mm1250mm 1600mm
Length (length)L):2440mm3050mm
Special size specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.
5Surface coating: fluorocarbon resinPVDFPolyester resinPETAnd other imitation marble, imitation wood surface layer
6Core material: fire retardant core material, high pressure low density polyethylene (HDPE)PEEtc.)

Conventional color more than 40, special color can be customized according to customer requirements.
Note: due to the limitations of the computer color display property, the color will be slightly different from the real product fluorocarbon resin coating color. The color is for reference only, the actual order color processing according to both seal samples we can completely satisfy the customer specified standard color, if the selection of metallic and faux marble products made of color will have to limit the number of. Because the metal color and color of the small number of imitation marble makes its products by batch production planning and scheduling of the need for more coordination, therefore, in a single project execution in order, please ask the accurate accounting of the total, to ensure consistency of the color of the products of mass production.




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   Aluminum-plastic composite board aluminum plate referred to as aluminum plate, is formed by surface treatment and coating with aluminum paint as a surface, polyethylene, polypropylene plastic mixture as the core layer, after a series of processing into a new type of composite material.
Aluminum plate is by the German company, Lu Singen (ALUDINGENIt was first developed and manufactured, and then passed through Holland
G. g. AirlinesFORKENAnd Alcoa CorpALOCAImprovement,90After the 1990s, the quality of production gradually
Stable, reached a high level, because the aluminum plate is composed of two distinct kinds of materials (metal and nonmetal), it retains the original composition of materials (metal and non metal aluminum polyethylene plastic) the main characteristics, and overcome the shortcomings of the original material, and had many excellent material properties. Such as luxury, colorful decoration, weatherability, corrosion resistance, fire prevention, moistureproof, hit, sound and heat insulation, shock resistance; light weight, easy processing, easy handling and installation characteristics, these characteristics of aluminum-plastic board open wide use foreground. 

Because of many advantages of aluminum plate material properties, it is widely used in all kinds of architectural decoration, such as ceilings, including columns, counter, furniture, telephone booths, elevator, shops, billboards, building wall materials, has become the three largest
(natural stone curtain wall, glass curtain wall, metal curtain wall) metal curtain wall, aluminum plate in developed countries, have also been used for bus, train, ship, aircraft manufacturing, sound insulation design of instrument box.



[product quality]

[quality assurance content]    [exterior wall inspection report]    [interior wall inspection report]    [Fire detection report]


1Under normal climate conditions, the surface of the paint does not appear flaking, blistering, cracks, powdering phenomenon.
2In normal environment, there is no peeling and bubbling of sheet metal.
3When the panel is exposed to normal radiation or temperature, no abnormal color difference occurs.
4In accordance with international regulations, inspection methods and specifications, the indicators meet the national standards and enterprise standards or contract requirements.
5According to the national standard of aluminum-plastic composite boardGB/T17748-1999The fluorocarbon exterior wall panels are used in the production70%Fluorocarbon resin, used in normal climatic conditions, we can provide1015Quality assurance of the year. In addition to the physical and mechanical properties of the common aluminum-plastic board, the fireproof aluminum-plastic board has good fireproof performance, and its combustion performance reaches or exceedsQB8624StipulatedB1Class. 


The following is not the scope of warranty:
AThe use of the company's products within the normal range, such as internal walls for external walls, etc..
BEnvironmental conditions, abnormal climate, temperature, temperature etc., the use of our products, such as the use of aluminum plate at high temperature near the boiler, with acid and alkali corrosive gas near the plate.
CUnder the critical conditions, the use of the company's products, and construction technology has no effective preventive measures, such as the installation of external wall bonding method.
DDuring storage and stacking period, the environment condition is bad, the placing method is wrong and the rough handling leads to the deformation and damage of the plate.
EThe damage of plate is caused by mechanical damage, and the damage sign is obvious in the condition of loading plate, such as surface abrasion, etc..
FThe decoration quality caused by unqualified materials, such as structural adhesive, aluminum alloy keel and rivets.
GUse, not in accordance with the national standard or specification processing plate curtain wall construction, damage caused by improper installation methods, such as the slot surface scratch aluminum surface leads to fracture etc..
(specific quality assurance content, according to our batch of products to the attached factory inspection report and product delivery after the completion of the product quality assurance book)

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Large billboardshow windowRoadside kioskBookstallsTelephone boothTraffic postRoadside oil station 
Indoor wallsCeilingCubicleKitchenTOILETThe wall wall 
store decorationLay the inner shelfLayer cabinetPackage columnfurniture 
trainautomobileShipCoach decoration 
Renovation of old buildings 
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