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The space suite full house custom full rational use of pine wood box tatami bed storage function

Selection of high quality imported Finland pine, environmentally friendly and practical, pastoral style, fresh and natural, direct manufacturers, can be customized according to your request, to visit the Guangzhou area factory materials, production process, let you buy the rest assured, comfortable use, welcome your calls, want advice, we will serve you sincerely, thank you!

discount 70% in 2018-07-18 to 2018-07-20
price: USD$ 546.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The factory accepts the custom, you can come to the sample to visit the factory custom, Guangzhou city can be door-to-door size, and the master face to face communication, the Pearl River Delta can deliver and install, other areas of logistics delivery, if there is inconvenience, please understand!

Baby data
[baby name] Tatami bed Baby paint Maydos environmental protection varnish, three paint process, two bottom one side
[baby style] In order to prevail in kind, we are manufacturers, according to the qualitative safety will have corresponding change places (ladder, guardrail, deck) in style will not change
[baby color] Default log color, log texture color [customizing cycle] One week to two weeks after delivery (details can consult customer service)
Baby price 780 per square meter frontal projection area
[finished dimensions]
(unit: cm)
Customized according to customer size
Baby ingredients Hundred percent import Finland pine, delicate feel, fresh and natural (there will be trees naturally growing tree knot and texture)
[baby accessories] 100 percent full pine, including: bed board, back board and drawer inner panel
Baby customization After the customized order is determined, it can not be changed. If the change causes the expense, the customer undertakes, the custom does not accept the goods not to send, must cancel the order
[hardware accessories] Screw fittings
[packaging assembly] Furniture for disassembly and assembly, pearl cotton + carton packaging. Installation holes have been set up, buyers need simple installation of spare cross screwdriver and hammer, you can join the family with DIY, you can also ask professional installation master to help install, so that you can save time
[seller's commitment] After sale free warranty for three years, life-long quality maintenance 
[maintenance needs to know] The cloth with neutral detergent scrub, full with a clean dry cloth to wipe, wipe clean dilution encounter stubborn stains available toothpaste or 30%
[characteristics of solid wood] 1, natural, environmental protection, health
Solid wood furniture reveals the beauty of nature and primitive. The reason why solid wood furniture is forever prosperous is that the natural color of wood is due to its color analysis. Log color furniture is both natural and chemical pollution, which is a healthy fashion choice, in line with the modern urban people advocate the psychological needs of nature.
Secondly, these materials from nature, reflects the harmonious relationship between human and environment, designers love to use these materials with the people-oriented, nature based modern design, it can pull people and materials, the distance between man and nature to give a person a kind of intimacy. Once again, environmental protection solid wood furniture is the market protagonist. Solid wood furniture in the process of processing, compared with those of wood-based panel furniture, the amount of glue is very small. The amount of glue affects the environmental protection of furniture.
2, long service life. The service life of panel furniture is generally 3-5 years. The service life of solid wood furniture is more than 5 times that of panel furniture.
3, solid wood furniture has the function of maintaining value, at the same time to the home environment bring moist "wood gas", so popular with middle and high grade consumers. Its advantage is to reflect the nature: natural texture, changeable shape, furniture surface can generally see beautiful patterns of wood.
4, solid wood furniture has its own unique personality style solid wood furniture raw materials from natural, natural essence in a real body, showing the unique taste of solid wood furniture: high-grade, thick, China combining traditional culture and modern fashion factors has a long history, into the design of furniture, furniture is given a new meaning, furniture the design is more humanized, practical, modernization, create a solid wood furniture fashion, leading the new trend of furniture.
Buyers notice
First, delivery time Please believe that we are more willing to send your goods as soon as possible. But because of the particularity of solid wood furniture products, we will carefully check the parts and assembly time before delivery to being responsible for every customer patronize the shop, and take some time picking. So, the 4-5 days after the shipment, 2-3 weeks of customized delivery. Specific delivery time can communicate with customer service.
 Two. Receipt instructions Our products have been insured in the transport process, to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by the lack of individual damage during transportation, please inspect when buyers pick up the goods after another good sign, if found damaged and must not accept and refuse to sign, please immediately contact the courier on the left side of the handle, logistics or courier will compensate the corresponding loss. If the damaged or lost phenomenon is found after the receipt, it belongs to the buyer's mistake, and the loss is borne by the buyer. If the relevant accessories need to be replaced, the freight and the replacement fee of the damaged parts should be borne by the buyers.
 Three, confirmation and evaluation We attach great importance to each of your evaluation, after you receive the product, if there is any quality problem, please contact us as soon as possible, the real quality problems we will promise to end, too picky, also do not give others some understanding, online shopping, give yourself some smooth. If there is no communication to make a bad evaluation, will be regarded as malicious evaluation, complaints.
Solemnly explain:
 1, to ensure that the sale of goods are in kind shooting, but because of the resolution of the display or digital camera settings, shooting angle and other factors, occasionally objects and pictures will produce a certain color difference, which is inevitable, please buy the buyer with high color requirements carefully!
 2, our shop for the factory direct sales, has achieved a small sale of products, refused to bargain, bargain makers are not welcome!
 3, sell the product non quality problems (such as: no love, not imaginary etc.) do not return, especially customized size, please consider carefully before buying the goods have quality problems; to provide goods of photos can provide proof to return, the buyer shall within three days of receipt in the original package express mail.
 4, all of our products are corrugated flat packaging, after the goods need to assemble themselves, do not accept bulk customers, please carefully consider.
 5, all furniture in our shop is solid wood furniture, scar knot inevitable. Do not accept scar knot friends, please buy carefully.
 6, for the time demanding people please detour, our shop does not promise you to buy furniture big goods, and express small items (clothes, shoes) arrival time, also do not bear any responsibility due to slow arrival.