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Original Panasonic F-P04MXZF-P04MCZ air purifier dust collection filter (F-Y204WZ)

discount 70% in 2018-10-13 to 2018-10-15
price: USD$ 150.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Non genuine Matsushita filter you dare to use? Love life, love is genuine!!

The original manufacturer matsushita:Guangdong Matsushita Environmental System Co LtdQuality assurance a penalty ten

No manufacturer of fake imitation goods is not responsible for the family, buy air purifier is to the quality of life and care for the family, when buying fake goods to their pro less benefit, less spent tens of dollars, but it is what? As we continuously improve the life we should pay attention to the family. Health, air purifier filters need good manufacturers good brand, we have with the peace of mind, the shop sold Panasonic filters for the original products, the official customer service shop, fake a penalty ten, acceptable Panasonic customer service counter inspection! City buyers can directly to the store!

The following is a transparent packaging Taobao simple imitation goodsNo manufacturers no production date without brand assurance

The similarity of more than ninety percent but the Pro you dare to use? (please see also this store packaging, sale of goods more than three mesh and then make a decision)

The machine pictures are for reference only, actual machine type mainly to the buyer!

Drawing machines are only reference map, not selling products!



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Baby description: original Panasonic F-P04MXZF-P04MCZ air purifier dust filter (F-Y204WZ)

Original Matsushita air purifierDust filter

Suitable for Panasonic models:



 Update: 2012-6-15 Qiu

Reminder: you receive the parcel at the packaging is intact, no broken or crushed, seals intact, should send pieces, open the parcel check, ensure the baby received intact. Complete accessories, such as abnormal, contact the seller. The parcel returned to send pieces. (send pieces left, just contact with us, the lack of accessories like, the shop will not bother.) I wish you a happy shopping! If there are objections to the product, please immediately contact or call 0577-88832339, mobile phone 13587687620. A good test after receiving confirmation, write an objective evaluation for the store of goods and services, the next transaction when the final transaction price minus 2 yuan, please contact customer service and provide proof of price change, thank you!

On it everyone second-hand digital judgment on the fineness of the mobile phone, two samples are It differs from man to man., there are many machine appearance defects, such as the goods hand feel fineness is not satisfied, 48 hours can be no reason to return (only need to bear the return postage) or contact customer service consultation, communication without bad comments please carefully orders.

Note: the camera, camera accessories, posted on the warranty label cannot tear.

On the sale of second-hand digital cameraOur solemn promise: the sale of goods quality problems seven day package returned, three month warranty, one year maintenance cost (free of artificial fee, a fee not to change a service charge). Within three months we provide freight each one-way warranty (send back postage).Three months later, the return freight are paid by the buyer.

On the maintenance spare partsSuch as Taobao marked on the original accessories once sold rebate does not change without warranty, if it is the wrong type of shop bear the return postage. (because there are a lot of fellow bad problems did not find out, replaced the parts or other problems or change and damage, if can understand the provisions of peers should store), such as Taobao is not indicated on the new parts to confirm whether for chat.

Digital camera, camera on to the repair shopMaintenance and replacement of parts and maintenance costs of postage three months warranty (artificial damage).

About the appearance of parts,Once accepted the restaurant does not take responsibility (such as breakage, deformation of inner pot, plastic box, shell and other non electrical accessories.

About accessories accessories sold separatelyWe solemnly promise: not for warranty for three months, three months we provide freight each one-way warranty (send back postage). Unless otherwise specified and the provisions of manufacturers and stores.

About random accessoriesWe solemnly promise: one month warranty, within a month we provide freight each one-way warranty (send back postage). (e.g., memory card, battery, charger, USB cable, film, card reader etc.).

About the new mainland licensed machineWe solemnly promise: according to the manufacturer's warranty and the national three states, Hong Kong etc. according to the provisions of the store warranty.

1, the buyer payment or remittance please contact us and tell us your delivery address, name, phone, zip code and other goods receiving information.


2, buyers choose private courier companies before, please make sure your area belongs to the scope of delivery, delivery can not be sent because the related matters, take care of themselves, I am not responsible for the store. I shop mainly by SF, tact, EMS delivery, usually about 2 days. After shipment we express the speed is not guaranteed, if you want to express is too high, please home delivery! Or for better choice of courier delivery, but the courier fees may not be the same!


3, the price of goods not including tax, if need to need to add 10% invoice tax point. Long time no payment of goods does not retain thegoodstaken after, resulting in no goods of our company shall not be liable for, take not to buy.

4, the buyer within 72 hours after receipt of the goods within the SLR test machine 100 shutter within Alipay please confirm receipt, please special agreed payment time with us.

5, the warranty that solemn promise: the sale of machine quality problems seven days quality problems return, three months, one year warranty (Exemption) maintenance cost.
(1) the quality problems within 7 days after receipt of the goods can be unconditionally replaced or returned, we bear the postage, we receive your return, in 2 working days to provide a replacement or return the money to your designated account.

(two) the following situation is not in the scope of after-sales service in our shop:
1Digital cameras, camera accessories, posted on standard warranty or security standard for tear free warranty and replacement without disassemble to give up.

2, on approval period caused obvious damage or the appearance of accessories missing on approval does not enjoy the service.

3, man-made reasons for machine collision, falling, water, mildew and so on, only bear the cost of repair

4, failed to correct use, maintenance, maintenance and other damage on approval and do not enjoy free warranty.

5, the certificate is the use of our company sold parts purchased damage, only bear the cost of repair

6, due to flood, fire can not be damaged due to the resistance on approval and enjoy free warranty.

7. The buyer fails to confirm the receipt according to the time limit stipulated by the two parties before the transaction or the time limit specified in the commodity presentation

8, the appearance of goods, accessories and the introduction of the list does not match or damage, the receipt of the day did not promptly put forward to my shop

9. Damage or loss due to buyer's negligence


The company default express to tact. Due to the size and weight of the goods sold in the store, the camera is very big, and each courier company can get to the place is not the same, each courier company's charge is not the same, so the specific courier company official offer or contact customer service as the standard.


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