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Chinese steel bed iron bed iron bedstead 1.5 meters 1.8 meters double bed simple children bed princess bed

1, strong: all the overall steel, no splicing; 2, fresh and transparent space under the bed, no legs, easy to clean, in a clean manner, beneficial to health; 3, environmental protection: the surface electrostatic spray, 180 degree high temperature baking, environmental protection tasteless; 4, mute: casing connection, built-in screw, don't shake no sound; 5, worry: direct manufacturers, the size can be customized.

discount 70% in 2018-07-16 to 2018-07-18
price: USD$ 719.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The shopkeeper nagging:
Price:The prices are all bed price, no mattress, bed board and other tie-in, please know;
Transportation:If you have any problems during transportation, please drive us;
Installation:With the bed gift wrench, a single 15 minutes can be installed, you can set up 100 yuan installation fee.



This free upgrade Deluxe money!

The price of the ordinary money is directly sent to the deluxe, and the purchase is as soon as possible!!


This bedstead hasLuxury moneyBlack and whiteSelectable 

 All galvanized steel pipe of bedstead,GB 1.2 thick, load-bearing 800kgFirm and firm   

Double - good luckAuspicious health, Ruyi happiness

 Ultra wide specification for bed side materials,40*80MM

The head of bed, the bed, the longevity, the joy of lifeModeling, simple and noble!

The appearance of the bedstead merges the ancient Chinese character "Shou" into the bed end of the bed, which endows the iron bed with moreHealth implication

Standard bed frame, internal 8-9 bed bar,All steel tube structure

 Standard frame, Simmons mattress collocation (or other thick mattress can be used)!  

Pictured here are deluxe black and white for parents



Should be pro demand, manufacturers special launch: luxury money raised to 40CM+ bed board,


That is:Deluxe bed + pure fir wooden board=platform bed


It can be laid directly on the bed or put on any thin and soft mattress 

Hard bed = + steel bedstead bedplateWhat you see is what you get!
You can sleep directly after you buy it and lay it directly on the quilt or mat: 

Added to the parentsPure Chinese fir wood board bed,15mm thicknessEmbedded in the inside of the bed frameFlush with the bedside,The bed is smooth and wide   

An elevated bed, directly paved with cushions,The bed is spacious and spacious, and it can be stored and ventilated!   

Warm reminder: the bed frame40cm bed plate with raised bed surfaceThe configuration is specially added to the parents of the bed board,

If you chooseWhite standard, black standard, is standard bed frame, without bed boardOh.

Standard bed frameBuy backSince the hard mat can be equipped with Simmons mattress or use more than 10cm of thickness

Raise the bed to the 40cm+ bed boardAfter buying it back,Sleep directly by laying or placing a quiltYou can also put any thin, soft mattress! 

 Specific enquiry service, answer




[baby name]

Good luck luxury iron bed Chinese style


Simple chain

[baby model]

JXRY-H The price is bed frame, not including other

[volume and weight after packing]

About 0.2 cubic meters, about 30 kilograms

[product packaging, number of pieces]

Inner pearl cotton + external carton + packing belt + adhesive tape

It comes in 2 separate packages

[delivery cycle]

Lightning delivery (specific to Wangwang consulting)

Installation dimensions and instructions

1.2*1.9 m external diameter: 1.2*1.98 M.

1.2*2.0 m external diameter: 1.2*2.08 M.

1.35*1.9 metersOd size:1.35*1.98rice

1.5*1.9 meters outside diametersize:1.5*1.98rice

1.5*2 m external diameter: 1.5*2.08rice

1.8*2 m external diameter: 1.8*2.08rice

Note: manual measurement error, please be in kind!

Attention should be paid to the distance between skirting lines in indoor space

1. bed to ground total height: 26 cm, 21 cm in height under the bed

2. or 20 cm thick mattress bed after total height: 46 cm

3. place (ordinary Simmons mattress thickness of about 20CM) or other hard mattresses, not suitable for thin soft mattress (such as pure sponge, pure latex mattress etc.)

4. if you need to sleep on a hard bed or thin soft mattress, please select the mattress, if you need custom size please consult the online customer service

[baby color]

White, black

Take your own choice while shooting

[baby material]

Galvanized steel pipe, iron

National standard

[environmental friendly paint]


Electrostatic spray, 180 degree high temperature baking

[installation tool]

GB spanner (gift with bed)

Label: 14-17

[maintenance needs to know]


Don't soak in water

[transport tools]

Private cars, SUV, convertible cars, freight cars with flat seats or back seats Folding, the longest 2 meters


 Here are the matching bedside options: click on the bottom of the bed a few photos, you can arrive at the head of several links page.



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