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Copalm Le pine wood bed double bed bed with drawer box children three special offer seckill

discount 70% in 2018-07-18 to 2018-07-20
price: USD$ 980.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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I'll be here for free, too!

This baby for our special promotional products, no bargaining, not mail. Participate in the store collection, praise cash back activities.

This offer is quoted on a single bed, excluding the bedside cabinet. If you need a bedside table, please go to the bedside cabinet area first purchase, or contact the shopkeeper consultation

[model] three bed

[Specification]prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"

        1.5Three bed (with a)   2125*1540*950    

         1.5Back of round bed (without pumping)   2125*1540*950    



[description] the pine furniture originated from Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica in Russia, in the process of highlighting the natural, sedate and rugged, combines the manufacturing process of modern furniture, not only the craft is excellent, but also from raw materials to accessories, all pursue natural taste.

    Pinus sylvestris belongs to coniferous plants, producing in the high latitude frigid zone120Around the year, bright color, delicate texture, aroma pressing, is ideal for the corrosion resistance of wood, a fragrance can absorb the harmful gas in the air, purify the air, to meet the people's natural harmony advocating, give people the feeling relaxed and happy, in line with the twenty-first Century people of fashion and trend of furniture consumption.

   Pine furniture is designated by the United Nations Human Health OrganizationEnvironmental protection furnitureIt has a special component in itselfAromatic hydroxylIt can effectively absorb the harmful gases such as methanol and carbon dioxide in the air, so as to purify the indoor air and protect the health of human body. Pine furniture without any decoration, natural color, texture clear, simple and generous, smooth lines, in the busy work, let your life with a relaxing Home Furnishing.

[materials] Russian camphor pine

[paint] environmental protectionPULacquer, varnish

[packaging] full disassembly carton packaging, need simple installation

[Characteristics] natural and fresh,Environmental health,Formaldehyde free, safe and reliable, durable, pure and natural

[rank]A(gradeAGrade: high grade furnitureBGrade: medium and high grade furnitureCGrade: medium and low grade furniture

[Stock] in stock

Buyers must read

1The pictures of our products are taken in kind,The reason for photography or computer display,Slight deviation between color and material.The size of baby's description is for reference only,Allow a little error.Everything is based on physical objects.Solid wood furniture, solid wood parts are made of natural wood, there will be natural growth of trees scarring and lines, especially the pine must have scarring and lines. The company in the production process has no scar in the furniture as far as possible to ensure that the next plane. Buyers can not receive goods and photos of the goods are exactly the same, if you do not like furniture lines, please do not blindly buy.

2.About Delivery:Furniture is bulky,We have to apply for the delivery of logistics vehicles in advance,So after the general payment24~48Delivery within hours.Dimensions need to be changed.colour.cloth.The delivery time is about one week.Another logistics company due to:weather.Road conditions and other factors,It may delay the arrival of goods,Please give buyers a lot of understanding!

3.About quality:Furniture after purchase,This shop according to the agreement with the buyer after the product,If there is not a quality problem or a serious damage,No return.On receipt7Within days,If you find a bigger quality problem(Inhuman.No use)Goods to be exchanged,Our shop accepts the replacement without qualification.And responsible for the related costs.

4.About after sale:After sale service, most of them are related to logistics, and seldom have the quality of the product itself. Just big goods in logistics, there are small bumps or small bumps touch paint is inevitable3%This is the case, but please don't be surprised. Keep in touch with us when you sign the receipt. Tell us the exact location after receipt, damaged parts can make up the paint and repair self correcting pencil. It's also difficult for the store to receive the goods from the manufacturer100%The perfect thing is that he's behind the scenes, you don't know who you are, so you have to deal with it right. Do not ask for a large quantity of goods for small problems. If you want perfect, please go to the local store to order. For the need to paint: no need to provide photos for you to deal with. For your free delivery and repair to repair paint color pencil.

[about assembly]:All the furniture is factory standard (reinforced) packaging, goods to their own assembly, there are assembly drawings, accessories complete, holes have been played, with a cross screwdriver to screw on it. The installation is not difficult, but still need some basic mechanical knowledge and ability to understand, if you are utterly ignorant of, we recommend that you find a master carpenter to help the installation, in addition to our board is the quality of solid wood, but the purchase is large, we do not recommend you install.


If the goods in the logistics process is broken, how to do?

Situation1If the package is damaged or not.Take photos with your mobile phone or other equipment first, so that we can confirm the responsibility relationship with the logistics company,Open the package again to check if the goods are damaged if the goods are intact,Then you can sign for it,At the same time, be sure to sign on the receipt when you sign itPacking damaged

Situation2If the inspection of goods with slight damage, please contact us in time, contact to confirm whether or not; finally, even sign, must be noted on the listThe packing is damaged and the goods are damaged”;

Situation3In case of serious damage to the goods, please contact us by telephone in time, and we will return the original route without remedy. We will replace the new goods for you and send the products to you as soon as possible.

Situation4Once sign,48If the damage is not provided within the hour, and then put forward the damage, the company is not responsible, please customer understanding, because the furniture is bulky goods, but also please sign the goods carefully.

Note: if we do not check the receipt or knowingly damaged or receipt of the goods caused by the problem, we do not pay compensation liability!

5About patch:Please provide the damaged areas and pictures so that we can correct the parts. The freight paid by us is paid by us. We send to the local city logistics company for free.


6.About exchanging goods:In case the damage is serious, it has affected the use and appearance, so we can replace the damaged parts, if you need to return, please pack the package, the original road returned to our company, the return of the freight is also borne by us. We send you the logistics company in the local city free of charge.

7.Friendship tips:Buyers do not complete communication with the shop before the baby photographed,Transactions are considered null and voidPlease read the instructions carefully before the buyers buy enough furniture,Once purchased, it is deemed to have been read and agreed with this note.

8.Before the furniture is completely installed,Please don't throw out the outer packing.

Postage instructions

1.Because the furniture can not mail or courier,It must be transported through a professional logistics company,The buyer wants to pick up the goods from the local logistics.General logistics companies do not provide door-to-door service,Additional fees will be charged if delivery is required

2 .Freight to pay.Specific freight buyers can communicate with the owner(By the logistics company to the store opened to determine the single handed)

One.[Xuzhou downtown]Small furniture delivery to downstairs freight50Yuan, big pieces of furniture delivered downstairs100block.The delivery time is usually daytime8After point.

Two.[Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai]In addition to Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang province and Shanghai city within the scope of delivery for the furniture city professional furniture consignment Department, the arrival time is generally a day, the arrival of the site is generally near the furniture city of the customer, after the arrival of the need to go to the furniture city to pick up. Freight is very cheap, please consult the owner of the specific freight.

Three.[provinces]Because the country is different from the freight is different, Taobao filled freight for reference only, the specific freight please contact the owner, if we need to pay the freight, logistics companies are in accordance with the actual charge shall prevail, Duotuishaobu, we guarantee reasonable freight, but will not make money on shipping 

   If you have any questions, please contact the owner in time Mobile phone15252036520  Telephone  051687231008

                                             Fax  051687231009