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OSG plus filament attack M18*2.5*150

discount 70% in 2018-09-24 to 2018-09-26
price: USD$ 210.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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CNC cutting tools, a wide range of products, mainly forCNCMachining center,NCCNC lathe tool. According to the factory customer requirements, establish personalized inventory to ensure customer production. For the peer customers, the establishment of CNC blade based national sales network, CNC blade brand to Santak,ISCARSECOKenna, Walter, Hitachi,KORLOYMainly, Rui Nike, Kamas, Ingersoll, Widia supplement. NC cutter brand has three Paul and three Han, Yi Quan, elite, Dirk, and other well-known brands, yakone kivii mills;Brand is mainly beneficial to youHitachi and MITSUBISHI,HKFSAPHANITAEtc..   
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  1And because the store and shop before making synchronous operation, so please contact us to confirm accurate inventory
  2Because of various types of blades, not here show, if you need other models, please contact with us.
  3Because the tool often has a floating price,The price on the web is not necessarily the present price.So contact us before filming.
4, all the products of our shop are genuine, so parents should not ask whether it is genuine! False one compensate ten!
(the shop and many specifications of goods not just hang one by one sample in each Taobao) 

  Notice of exchange: When the buyer finds quality problems within 7 days after receipt of the goods and needs to be returned, we can contact the customer service. If unopened, and non shop products of their own quality problems and return, buyers bear all postage. If it is our own problems and return products, 7 days of the shop bear all postage; seven days later, the buyers themselves all postage. The quality problem is judged by the baby supplier review, if buyers have more authoritative institutions quality inspection report, also can buyer's standard. Product life is affected by the conditions of use of the buyer, not through the same brand with the same specifications, the use of contrast conditions, do not rely on feeling to make quality judgments.
[return]: all goods need to be returned to ensure that the same product with the delivery of the product integrity, including product packaging, complete accessories, product appearance without scratches and other details, so as not to affect the two sales of products. Quality problems in use, only returned without using a complete package of goods, if buyers believe that the quality of our goods is not stable, please provide the control data when return. If the buyer believes that the quality is inferior to that provided by the other supplier, the return should be provided with the same brand and specification, the use of the same condition, the use of the instructions, and the true contact information of the reference provider.

Complete postage includes freight + value value insured, in addition to Bao Bao baby, the buyer truthfully charged full postage, the shop does not bear any postage, the postage has been paid more than the amount of refund!
We set the freight template for SF EXPRESS first heavy 1KG within the charge, the province contains 5 yuan charged by the insured price of 1000 yuan. If you need other express, please explain to the customer service

Post EMS Express (only recommended areas where all express deliveries are not available).

Special note: please carefully check your receipt address and telephone number before you take the goods. (must be in the boot, you can contact the state to express contact, such as the resulting failure to deliver all consequences).
If you want to pay goods, you can consult with our shop.
If the above is unknown, please contact us.

Tel: 13912778655
QQ:  2631660931


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