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High grade tag, custom label, clothing, women's clothing, trademark design, children's wear, socks, price, brand, jewelry, certificate, mail

discount 70% in 2018-10-20 to 2018-10-22
price: USD$ 0.08
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:114
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Customization process

1. Please tell the shopkeeper the size, quantity and style of the goods you want to order;

2, the store for you to calculate the best price of goods;After the pro payment,Provide design draft or design material or selectionStore template, free to help you modify the manuscript.

3, to provide you with the store design or material adjustment and design, to achieve the production requirements; before 17 every day when the world single, 17 points across the world, before 23 for your layout map, can not be modified. The color of the screen is more vivid than the actual color of the printing, the actual product color will have 4% - 10% color difference, is acceptable range, look at the parents know!

5, buyers confirm drawings, material, price and correct printing shop order,General conventional tag under normal circumstances2 - 3 daysWithin the shipment, the draft as the order quantity, must be confirmed on the same day. After the production of good goods, the store delivers goods to the buyers through express (logistics) Company (and informs the buyer that the goods have been shipped);

After 7, buyers receive the goods, the confirmation, confirmation of receipt of payment in alipay;

8, the end of the transaction, the two sides evaluation.

Remarks:The shop belongs to the commercial nature of template template, this shop is the fruits of labor, under the single payment for payment is not pro manuscript, in order to ensure the value of the template, the template sold separately, this will also ensure that each customer in the shop made the content of privacy. Thanks!!


[two] confirm receipt

Before shipment, all the goods have been carefully checked by several procedures, and there should be no quality problems! But the express delivery process may encounter some factors that can not be controlled, causing some minor defects, hope to cool!

If the outer packing is found to be seriousDeformation, breakage, leakage, transportation damagePlease be sure to check in front of the express, find the problem, please immediately according to the contact form on the packageContact us as soon as possible

Buyers can not personally sign, you can entrust the third party to sign, but to sign forMatters needing attention and the third party concernedClearly, once the sign, that occur after the goods are missing, damage and other problems, stealthily. According to the relevant trading rules of Taobao, we will not assume any responsibility, all by the buyers themselves. Because after signing, we have lost the responsibility of courier company, hope to understand.

Each partner has an opportunity to evaluate our products and services after each transaction. We attach great importance to our parents' evaluations and try our best to do our best. If parents receive any dissatisfaction after the baby, must first contact us, we must help you properly resolve. Please dear mercy, be sure to resolve after the evaluation. No reason to give negative feedback, we must bring complaints in the end!

One, pay special attention to

1, the production out of the finished product or spot, with you imagine the finished product will be a little gap, because of the different computer display color has a certain color, material and production process, the effect of the finished product is different, and sincerely hope that the pro shop buyers can understand with consideration. If there are problems, please settle, please don't rush to shop even bad to review, I hope parents who respect buyers shop staff's hard work, the store will try to make better products to meet the needs of parents, not the best, but to better! Has always been the purpose of the shop!

2, if you need to buy the spot, please contact the owner to confirm whether you want to buy goods at this time there is a spot!


When you take the baby, that is, you have agreed with the above terms,

Hope you carefully read before buying, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and disputes