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Pine wood double bed children bed painted wooden bed bed double bed children special offer

discount 70% in 2018-07-16 to 2018-07-18
price: USD$ 1120.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Bed long200* wide 100* high 160cm1300 yuan

Long 200*, wide 120*, high 160cm1600 yuan

 Our factory is also professional custom mattress, and pure coconut coir mat are 360-600 yuan

The following prices are not included;

Sugar honey paint 480 yuan Cato

Upper and lower mattress mattress 560 yuan "thickness 5cm"

The price of logistics and express on the list is just their starting freight price, please sellers do not misunderstand

Can be processed according to customer needs, other sizes can be customized

[adaptation age]: both children and adults are able to use it

[packing]: carton packaging

[bed total weight]: 230 Jin

[bearing capacity] the upper berth is more than 200 kg and the lower berth is more than 300 catties[furniture style]: simple pastoral[home decoration space layout]

Children roomThe product is fashionable, simple and easy to assemble and disassembleCommitment: any product quality problems package returned goods warranty for four years, four years of hardware accessories free large delivery Oh!

Note: the direct manufacturers, any size requirements can be customized, solid wood furniture, the texture is not the same, if the buyers of solid wood furniture, texture and tree knot is too high, please take

Buyers please read carefully and then clap:
1) freight instructions:

The freight is designed for Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai Express, other areas we recommend to take the logistics Oh, and the freight is calculated according to the weight and distance of the road are not the same, the specific details of customer service Oh.

2) about delivery time:

Furniture for bulky items, the store is going to apply in advance to arrange the logistics delivery vehicles, and the package is large and diverse models, in order to ensure that each buyer receives the right goods, the program needs to cooperate, after inspection and tight packing, so generally 3-5 days after payment. Another logistics company: due to weather, road conditions and other factors, may cause the delay arrival of goods, buyers please give more understanding! The buyers who request higher delivery speed should be careful. The special needs can contact the customer service, consult the logistics and distribution status to determine the delivery time, and we will try to meet your requirements. After all, it's a big thing. Please be patient and don't hurry

3) about after sale:
Once the furniture has been purchased, the product will not be returned if the quality is not serious or seriously damaged if the buyer agrees with the buyer. If there is any damage, please take photos with your mobile phone or other equipment, and contact us in time. If we can not use the patch to remedy it, we will return the original route, we will replace the new goods for you, and make up the product for you as soon as possible. After sale service, most of them are related to logistics, and seldom have the quality of the product itself. Just big goods in logistics, there are small bumps or small bumps touch paint is inevitable, accounting for 6% of the probability of this situation, but please do not panic, receipt of the receipt to keep in touch with us and confirm. Tell us the exact location after receipt, damaged parts can make up the paint and repair self correcting pencil. The same is true of the store that receives the goods from the manufacturer, which is difficult to ensure that the 100% perfect, but he is behind the scenes maintenance, you do not know yourself, so, to correct treatment. Do not ask for a large quantity of goods for small problems. If you want perfect, please go to the local store to order.

Once the sign, do not provide damaged pictures within 48 hours, and then put forward the damage, the shop is not responsible, please customer understanding, because furniture is bulky goods, also please sign goods carefully

4) the exchange is not in the following cases:

1. babies don't like it. Please choose carefully before buying

2. color difference. Because of the camera effect and each display has a certain color difference (display brand, brightness, contrast adjustment settings, etc.), it is difficult for the seller to achieve no color difference. So please do not accept any color difference friends carefully buy. Hope that buyers can understand.

3. specifications inappropriate, and imagine the difference. (please recommend good size, can be in the actual room about the test, more intuitive)

4. commodity shell scraping (we shipped after passing the test qualified hair, scraping is generally a problem on the way out of the logistics, when the sign, marked abnormal sign, the two freight can be borne by the logistics company.)

5. lack of accessories packaging (lack, we will immediately reissue, replacement freight, we bear)

6. original fittings man-made damage

7. the size of the custom-made, once the order payment, our shop will arrange production in the first time, after ordering, our shop is not responsible for returns.

Furniture sales credit accumulated unlike small products quickly, so we have always regarded each evaluation as important as life, when you are dissatisfied, can you please give us a little more time to explain and solve, at the same time, please have patience, because, regardless of size, there is always a solution, please believe we will give you a satisfactory treatment results. Please do not without explanation, to discuss the case that we are not in the comments or bad review, online transactions, we need each other, is a little more patience and understanding, protects or malicious given the difference in assessment will be considered as a waiver of all customer service service.

Please read carefully the above regulations so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. Thank you!


1. question: this bed is not all solid wood?
Answer: very sure, it is all solid wood, Russian Scotch pine, without any density board, multilayer board, finger joint material

Question 2.: does this bed taste good?
Answer: Children's bed uses environmental protection long run children special wooden paint, including diluent, curing agent. There are national security checks to prove that health, environmental protection, safety. But after all, paint the new bed, plus manufacturers sealed packaging, transportation is more or less some, this back to open, as long as the ventilation in the air for 4-5 days on it.
3. questions: to see evaluation, some customers reflect the bed board is relatively thin?
Answer: on the relative evaluation of the bed board is relatively thin, this time we in the production of the unified requirements of the bed plate thickening of some load-bearing capacity to ensure that at least 200 kilograms or more.

4. question: how can my furniture be different from the picture?
Answer: about the color, our product pictures are taken in kind or image scanning, due to photography or computer display, real color and a slight deviation. So please take good pro Oh, oh can't as like as two peas can not take this as a reason to return, oh.

5. question: will it be damaged on the transportation road?
Answer: our bed packaging is very good, there are anti-collision measures, generally send far away, there will be no problem. However, after all wood products are special, sometimes with a slight bump, it is difficult to avoid, if we can use free replacement parts. Far away, we still suggest that parents take the logistics, logistics dedicated large, much safer than the courier

Question 6.: is it possible to deliver the service to the door?
Answer: Jiangsu, we take the express (Shen Tong, tact, in the pass, rhyme, every day, etc.), door-to-door (general downstairs according to local conditions and other places), go line logistics (logistics, logistics CNPL Jiaji, etc.), line material flow is to the nearest to your home logistics need to bring your ID card from mentioning. Need to deliver to the downstairs, you need to add 100 yuan freight. If you want to go express details, Wangwang consulting.


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