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Package programmable timing switch, Kowloon brand triple independent control electronic timer socket

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Triple independent control electronic timer, timing switch, timing socketBrand new color package.
Please read this manual carefully before using it, so that the proper use of this product. Please keep reading the instructions.

Function and use:
This product can automatically open and close the power supply of all kinds of power equipment according to the time set by the user. The control object can be a street lamp, neon lights, advertising signs, radio and television production equipment, electrical equipment, as well as electric blanket, electric water heater, electric heater, aquarium, household appliances, electric cooker, coffee machines, routers all need time to open and close.
Performance index:

The standard 220V/50Hz power supply
The suitable power range from 160 to 240V
The capacity of the socket 10A, 3000 Watt
The clock display built-in rechargeable lithium battery
The control range of 1 ~ 168 hours - there are 15 groups of switch time, automatic and manual (three sockets for a total of 15 group)
The number of sockets 3, independent programmable timing
The timing error is less than 0.5 seconds per day.
The ambient temperature of -25 to 60 DEG C
The relative temperature is less than 95%
The size of 160*110*55mm
The weight: 700 grams

The operating instructions
The 1, first check whether the clock display is consistent with the current time, if needed, press the "CLOCK" button at the same time, see the screen shows the time is the same with the current time. Then press the "WEEK" school week, "HOUR" school time, "MIN" points, the clock is transferred to the current time
The 2, press the "PROG" timing button, the screen corner 1
The word "ON" means the first opening time. Then press the "WEEK" selection cycle mode, a total of seven days from Monday to Sunday to Monday to Friday, the five day cycle cycle, Saturday to Sunday two day cycle, or a week in one day cycle mode, then press "HOUR" key school, the "MIN" key school, enter the required open time;
The 3, then click the "CH1-3" socket selection key, a display right arrow at the CH1, CH2, CH3;
The 4, and then click "PROG" button, the screen corner of "1OFF" (the first time, said close) and press "WEEK", "HOUR", "MIN" button, enter the desired date and time off;
The 5, continue to press the "PROG" button, the screen will be displayed at the left bottom "2ON, 2OFF, 3ON and 3OFF respectively,...... "15ON, 15OFF", refer to steps 2, 3, 4 set the next switch time.
The 6, if do not need to set a total of 15 groups of switches, you must click "RST/RCL", the extra time were eliminated, which shows "--:--" pattern on the screen (not 00:00);
The 7, after setting the timing, according to the "CLOCK" button, the display shows the current time;
The 8, according to the "ON/OFF" button, will be displayed below the "print" symbol set to "AUTO" position, at this time, when the control switch can automatically open and close the circuit according to the set time. As required in the course of the temporary opening and closing the circuit, you only need to press "ON/OFF" to "print" symbol to the corresponding "ON" or "OFF" position.
The new packaging, attached instructions!

Examples of use occasions:

1) in particular, the use of double meter system, at 22:00 in the evening to start using electrical appliances, such as washing machines, etc., can save half the electricity bill

2) go out, travel or travel regularly water heater
Travel frequently or occasionally go out, then returned home to a hot bath, if open water heater will not stop heating, which is unsafe and also the costs of electricity, then thanks to a microcomputer timer switch, to make it a few heating can do it, you can according to your request to realize.

3) regular cooking
Go shopping, go home at 18:30, exhausted, I really don't want to boil cook, can hold rice?... how to solve the contradiction..? Microcomputer timing switch solution: before going out Amoy rice, washing dishes, scheduled to start at 18:00 electricity, cooking, home to eat.

4) timing pumping
High-rise residential, the water pressure is not enough to install household pumps, can set the daily pumping time such as 6:008:30, 11:3014:00, 18:0022:00, automatic switch pumps, other time do not smoke. You can also set Monday - five, this cycle, Saturday, day is another cycle. Family small rockery pumping, the total is not good 24 hours a day pumping, set a good time at home, let the pump work. And fish tanks change water as well.

5) timing switch electric blanket
In particular, the elderly use electric blanket, often forget to open the door, it is scary. Use a timer switch to set the time, 10 minutes before sleep every day, turn on the power, heating, after a period of power off, fully automatic.

6) timing switch water heater
As we all know, drinking water heating for more than six hours will produce nitrite, can cause cancer, produce blood vessels and other diseases. Timing switch is the best solution.

7) office power switch
Often forget to break off the main gate, which brings hidden dangers to the office security. The timing switch can switch power from Monday to Friday 8:30, power off at 18:00, power off on Saturday. It can also conveniently switch the power supply at any time.

8) Aquarium
Unique three sets of plugs can control heating, lighting and oxygen pumps separately. There are 15 sets of commands per day
Make your aquarium more vibrant