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Spot supply Huade Hydraulic valve /4WE6C61B/CW220N9Z5L24V 2 years warranty

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Everything is good, the seller service is very good, the delivery speed is very fast, logistics and courier service is very good.
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The joint stock enterprises which are required to be constructed and managed according to modern enterprise system. Vice chairman of China Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals Industry Association, key backbone of China hydraulic industry, China Machinery Industry500One of the major domestic modern professional hydraulic parts production base, Beijing Beijing Electromechanical holding limited liability company under the key enterprises. 
After the introduction of technology and independent development, Howard group currently has developed into a hydraulic valve, hydraulic pump/Motor, hydraulic equipment, hydraulic casting four pillar industries as the core, supplemented by seals and other products, with independent intellectual property rights of hydraulic components professional production enterprises. High tech, high precision and high efficiency of the process equipment and testing means and independent product development capabilities, to ensure that there are a variety of new products come out group every year, a number of national patent products, a number of new products won the national technology progress award.
The branch company of the group passedISO9001Quality management system,ISO14001Environmental management system,OHSAS18001The three major system certification occupation health and safety management, the main products in the industry product quality certification, Germany RhineCEChina National Classification SocietyCCSCertification, USAFMCertification, energy-saving product certification, fundamentally ensure the quality of products.
Howard products are widely used in the fields of metallurgy, machine tools, ships, military, chemical, aerospace, engineering machinery, construction machinery, participate in a number of national key technological transformation and defense equipment renovation project. Howard excellent product brand among the industry forefront, praised the majority of users and praise, won theBeijing famous brand productsBeijing famous trademarkNational customer satisfaction productsThe most influential products of hydraulic industry in ChinaThe first brand of customer satisfaction in China marketChina Machinery Industry Quality AwardandHi tech enterprise technology certificateA number of honorary titles.
groupThe 11th Five-YearThe strategic planning is fully realized, the output of leading products is doubled, the management level is improved rapidly, the allocation of resources is more reasonable, the core competitiveness is improved obviously, and the scale is ahead of the domestic industry level. Same time groupThe 12th Five-YearThe strategy has been to start the implementation of the ambitious strategic goals to lead the people on HowardThe 12th Five-YearNew journey.
Huade Group adhere toUnity, integrity, openness and innovationThe spirit of enterprise; adhere toCreate customer value, seek shareholder benefits, and promote employee growthThe mission of the enterprise; adhere toTo create value for customers as their own responsibility, endless pursuit of excellence, become the domestic leader in the same industry and global partnersBusiness philosophy; adhere toBe in line with the market and conform to the international standardsIn order to build the highest level of hydraulic industry base in China, we should keep forging ahead and forging ahead! Solenoid directional valve is the most commonly used hydraulic valve in hydraulic system. It uses thread wet electromagnet to reduce the heating of electromagnetic coil;The valve body is cast with a shell, which increases the oil passing capacity and reduces the pressure loss; the valve core with interchangeable different slide valve functions is easy to be composed of various electromagnetic valves.
The electromagnetic directional valve is divided into two position, three pass, two bit, four pass, three position four pass according to the number of bits. According to the reset method, it is divided into: spring reset, positioner positioning; according to the electromagnet voltage is divided into: DC, ac;
Solenoid valve can be used for the implementation of components of the on-off and steering control in the hydraulic system, but also can be used as the pilot valve and other hydraulic valves in the hydraulic valve, composed of a variety of applications such as electromagnetic valve, electro-hydraulic valve etc..

Model specification:

4 WE 6 D 61/OF C G24 N Z5L

1Three links=3,Four.=4

2Electromagnetic directional valve=WE
Slide valve function
Design number  

6Spring reset=nothing,Locator location=OF
Detachable coil
Exchange Edition110V=W110R,Exchange Edition
Manual button
Big plug with light=Z5L,Z4=Standard plug


Graphical symbols and shape dimensions: