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Special offer solid wood bed children bed loose bed adult bed single bed double bed bag mail

discount 70% in 2018-07-19 to 2018-07-21
price: USD$ 530.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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 Reminder   Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Hubei, mail to the downstairs (township generally not delivery), other provinces and cities to mail to the logistics point need to mention Oh (Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Hainan, Qingdao, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Lhasa is not within the scope of the package, the specific freight please contact online customer service

[pine furniture maintenance instructions]:

1. often use soft cloth along the wood grain texture for furniture to dust, dust should be sprayed on the soft cloth spray point detergent;

2. when in use as far as possible with the mat on a hot plate, so as to avoid food with soup or damage the desktop spillover;

3. try to avoid furniture surface contact with corrosive liquid, alcohol, nail polish and so on.

Features of pine furniture:

    The selection, design and manufacture of pine pine furniture is coniferous forest, the forest coverage rate is high, basically all the trees without pruning, the rolling after minor parts left the traces of natural growth. Made in furniture, can fully show the real, silly and heavy natural beauty of material. The growth period of pine wood is long, the rings are fine, the wood is flexible, the oil content of trees is low, and the distribution of its Yin and Yang colors is even.

1: natural color, maintain the natural nature of pine, texture clear and beautiful;

2: simple and generous, full and smooth lines, all with good texture;

3: practical and durable;

4: flexibility and permeability, good thermal conductivity and simple maintenance.

5: environmental protection, health, formaldehyde free, safe and secure.

[packaging and assembly]:Carton, need simple installation, need a screwdriver. 

[price]:All of our products are sold in the direct selling mode of the manufacturer, which reduces the cost of a large number of terminals, so as to ensure that ordinary consumers can buy high-quality furniture at a really cheap price.

[maintenance instructions]:No special maintenance required


[other furniture maintenance instructions]:

1, avoid sun and rain, prevent water immersion.
2, I will not cold or hot items directly engaged in the furniture surface, also will not placing goods sharp or rough bottom on the surface of furniture, do not use organic solvent directly on the desktop.
3, with fabric material furniture, such as fabric sofa, leisure cushion, you can use clean carpet cleaning and maintenance agent.
4, hardwood furniture should not be placed in places where it is too wet or too dry.
5, handling or moving furniture should be handled gently, not hard pull, so as not to damage mortise and tenon structure.


Level: A(Grade A: high-grade furniture grade B: medium and high-end furniture grade C: medium and low grade furniture)


1Color difference: the pictures of our products are taken in real or picture scanning. Because of the reasons of photography or computer display, the color and material are slightly deviation. The size described in the baby is for reference only, allowing a little error. Everything is in accordance with the physical objectSolid wood furniture texture are not the same, if the buyers of solid wood furniture, texture and tree knot is too high, please take

2. about delivery time: furniture is heavy goods, the shop should apply for the delivery of logistics vehicles in advance, so the general payment after about 3 days of delivery. Another logistics company: weather, road conditions and other factors, may cause the delay arrival of goods, buyers please give more understanding!

3. on the receipt: buyers in the logistics company sign furniture, please carefully inspect the goods (if it is found that the number of goods is not enough or damaged. Please refuse delivery, immediately call us, we have to solve communication and logistics company). (if the logistics company, they have to communicate by the buyers buyers and logistics companies): if the goods get home after the discovery of the damage, because the logistics company is no longer responsible, and we can not determine the buyers in the handling of the damage or damage to the goods logistics company, need to be replaced or send accessories, shop and buyers the cost incurred by each bear half.

About 4. customer service: once purchased, the shop by agreement with the buyer after the hair products, if not quality problems or serious damage, will not be returned. Upon receipt of goods within 7 days, if it is found that the larger the quality problem (not think. No use) replacement, the unconditional acceptance replacement. And is responsible for related expenses.

 After sale service, most of them are related to logistics, and seldom have the quality of the product itself. Just big goods in logistics, there are small bumps or small bumps touch paint is inevitable, accounting for 6% of the probability of this situation, but please do not panic, receipt of the receipt to keep in touch with us and confirm. Tell us the exact location after receipt, damaged parts can make up the paint and repair self correcting pencil. The same is true of the store that receives the goods from the manufacturer, which is difficult to ensure that the 100% perfect, but he is behind the scenes maintenance, you do not know yourself, so, to correct treatment. Do not ask for a large quantity of goods for small problems. If you want perfect, please go to the local store to order. For the need to paint: no need to provide photos for you to deal with. For your free delivery and repair to repair paint color pencil.

If the goods in the logistics process is broken, how to do?
1: if the packaging is damaged. On the first use of mobile phone or other equipment to take photos, and make it easier for us to confirm the logistics company responsibility relation, and then open the package, check whether the goods damaged if the goods are intact, it can be assured that the sign, please be sure to sign in at the same time on a single note on "the packaging is damaged"

Situation 2: if the inspection of goods with slight damage, please contact us in time, contact to confirm whether or not; finally, even sign, must also note on the single "packaging damage, damage to the goods."";

Situation 3: if the inspection of goods seriously damaged, please contact us in time; can not use the patch to remedy the case, we will return the original road, we will replace your new goods, and as soon as possible for you to supplement the product.

Situation 4: once sign, do not provide damaged pictures within 48 hours, and then put forward the damage, the shop is not responsible, please customer understanding, because furniture is bulky goods, also please sign goods carefully

5. tips for friendship:

1. buyers do not have the whole communication before the baby photographed, the transaction is regarded as invalid. Buyers enough to buy furniture, please carefully read this note, once purchased, as read and agree with this note

2. before the furniture is fully installed, please don't throw out the outer packing.

6, for patch processing: please provide damage areas and pictures, so that we correct the patch. The freight paid by us is paid by us. We send to the local city logistics company for free.

7, for replacement processing: in case of damage is more serious, has affected the use and appearance, so that we can return the damaged parts, if you need to return, please pack the package, the original road back to our department, the return of the freight is also borne by us. We send you the logistics company in the local city free of charge


11. payment: strongly support the use of Alipay Trading (more assured, more security)

If you need to transfer the bank under the line, please ask the bank for account number

Please refer to the freight after the purchase of the store's postage are Jiangsu, Zhejiang, postage, other areas please consult customer service, thank you