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A large number of spot Japanese machine (OSG) metric M5*0.9 / tap tap tap straight slot / SKS#2

The Japanese machine (OSG) metric M5*0.9 straight slot taps SKS#2, serial number: 25302, 60.0mm, 22.0mm, total length of tooth long shank diameter 5.5mm, metric thread (or metric thread), tooth angle 60 degrees.

discount 70% in 2018-09-21 to 2018-09-23
price: USD$ 11.90
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The Japanese machine (OSG) metric M5*0.9 straight slot taps SKS#2, serial number: 25302, 60.0mm, 22.0mm, total length of tooth long shank diameter 5.5mm, metric thread (or metric thread), tooth angle 60 degrees.
Remarks 1:HT.
Remark 2: straight groove is the most primitive form of wire tapping, and some types of wire tap have been born. Straight groove wire tapping is widely used in general thread tapping processing. Straight line wire attack a group includes three different cutting edge taper length of wire attack: first attack, second attack and third attack. Straight groove screw is usually single, but sometimes also used three sets, to apply is mainly manual processing is commonly used for single #2, can also use machine, economical type products, metric M, British BSW, UNC/UNF/UNEF/UN/UNS, dental UNF bicycle BC, SM thread sewing thread so, many specifications.
Note 3: screw tapping material: SKS2.
Note 4: the cutting edge of inverted cone teeth (9 teeth): first attack, attack second (5 teeth), third attack (1.5 teeth), our main sales of single #2, inverted cone 5 teeth, need to complete the 3 pack, please indicate.
Note 5: surface treatment: No, ecru.
Note 6: suitable for cutting materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum, zinc and other soft materials.
Metric (Metric) main specifications: M1*0.25, M teeth, M1.2*0.25, M1.4*0.3, M1.6*0.35, M1.7*0.35, M1.8*0.35, M2.0*0.4, M2.2*0.4, M2.3*0.4, M2.5*0.45, M2.6*0.45, M3*0.6, M3*0.5, M3*0.35, M3.5*0.6, M3.5*0.35, M4*0.75, M4*0.7, M4*0.5, M4.5*0.75, M4.5*0.5, M5*0.9, M5*0.8, M5*0.5, M6*1, M6*0.75, M6*0.5, M7*1, M7*0.75, M7*0.5, M8*1.25, M8*1, M8*0.75, M9*1.25, M9*1, M9*0.75, M10*1.5, M10*1.25, M10*1, M10*0.75, M11*1.5, M11*1.25, M11*1, M11*0.75, M12*1.75, M12*1.5, M12*, M12*1, M12*0.75 1.25, M13*1.75, M13*1.5, M13*1.25, M13*1, M14*2, M14*1.5, M14*1.25, M14*1, M15*2, M15*1.5 M15*1, M16*1.5, M16*1, M16*2, M17*1.5, M17*1, M18*2.5, M18*2, M18*1.5, M18*1, M19*2.5, M19*1.5, M19*1, and M20*2. 5, M20*2, M20*1.5, M20*1, M22*2.5, M22*2, M22*1.5, M22*1, M24*3, M24*2, M24*1.5, M24*1, M25*2, M25*1.5, M25*1, M26*3, M26*2, M26*1.5, M27*3, M27*2, M27*1.5, M27*1, M28*3, M28*2, M28*1.5, M30*3.5, M30*3, M30*2, M30*1.5, M32*2, M32*1.5, M33*3.5, M33*1.5, M34*1.5, M35*1.5, M36*4, M36*3, M36*2, M36*1.5... And so on...

Shenzhen City express fee 8 yuan / piece, in addition to the city outside of the Canton region 10 yuan / piece, in addition to the rest of the province unified Guangdong using the SF 23 yuan / piece, HK 30 yuan / piece, Taiwanese 32 yuan / piece, only post EMS to 23 yuan / piece, the rest of the country, according to DHL UPS FedEx, TNT, and other user specified international express actual charges, freight as the location, after the communication charge.
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