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The beauty of the water purifier M6 post carbon filter for MU104A-5/MU104-5/MU131-5 machine

discount 70% in 2018-10-17 to 2018-10-19
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 We guarantee the original accessories, and can accept inspection in any way! False punishment ten!!

National retail price: 115 yuan / branch,The second price: 45 yuan/ supportLi Province70Yuan!

Applicable models

MU104-5, MU104A-5, MU131-5 (special network models)

MU136-4, MT-3 (395CC) -5 old models

MRO102-4, MRO121-4, MRO121A-4, MRO207-4, MRO102A-4 standard / double out of water type

MRO105-5, MRO105A-5, MYJ396CC-5 old models



MRO118-L, MRO108-D/L, and so on.

Description: some models because the data is not updated and missed the model, as long as it is useful to the M6 filter can buy this filter replacement!   

Filter element details
Rear mounted activated carbon filter:Remove waterPeculiar smell,Residual chlorine, residual chlorine and some organic compounds and heavy metals,Further sterilization,Improve the water quality, make the water sweet and delicious.
Applicable water pressure:0.1~0.4MPa
Recommended life: 12-Change it 1 times in 18 months;
Filter cleaning
The new M6 filter must be cleaned before installation, especially the pre active carbon filter and post activated carbon filter, so as to avoid the active carbon powder on the activated carbon particles flowing into the ultra filtration membrane filter element, affecting the life of the ultrafiltration membrane filter element.
1、Cleaning method of front and rear activated carbon filter core:First soak in water, let the filter element filled with water, and then shake the filter element in the water, and then the filter out of the water surface, dry water, repeat several times, and finally get the tap water at the inlet flush for a few minutes until the outflow of water is not obvious black water outflow.
2、When changing, there are important points for attention, please read carefully:
If you want to replace the front and rear of the activated carbon filter, filter according to the above after cleaning, please put the first level of PP fiber ultrafiltration membrane or RO membrane, second stage, pre carbon third, let it over the water, so it can prevent the activated carbon powder residue on the ultrafiltration membrane filter and influence the membrane filter element or plug lead, until the water had no obvious black water so far can exchange for normal filter working position! (that is to say, according to 1, 4, 2, 3 order installation, and then returned to the normal order of 1, 2, 3, 4 installation)
The above is very important to replace the filter! Before the change, what do not understand, you can directly contact our customer service consultation! We shall not be responsible for ultrafiltration membrane clogging! If the water purifier does not produce water, the shop is not responsible for the free replacement!


Cartridge assembly and disassembly diagram



Beautiful M6 filter element PK early 10 inch filter element
M6 filter core is the import filter element in Korea. It has the characteristics of high filtration precision, large filtration area, high filtration efficiency and long service life. It has been tested and certified by NSF, and it is an integral filter element, without two pollution! Would you please compare it with ten inch ordinary filter?!!


Beautiful M6 filter core water purification flow chart



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