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4.8 grade six corner screw / galvanized inner six angle screw M12x20x25x30x35x40x45x50~100

Tianjing industry is a manufacturing, sales and service of integrated enterprise. The company specializes in producing and selling high quality stainless steel bolts, high strength fasteners, standard parts and related parts of the hardware industry. Products are widely used in electronics, machinery, chemical industry, petroleum, aviation, automobile industry and other industries. We will be: realistic, innovative, win-win, corporate culture, services to the vast number of new and old customers.

discount 70% in 2018-09-23 to 2018-09-25
price: USD$ 0.91
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:10
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  Outer six corners     4.8 8.8 10.9  12.9 304 316  8.8 fine teeth 
  10.9 fine teeth 12.9 grade fine tooth [5Us] [A2Us] All teeth    
Inner six angle 4.8 8.8  12.9  201 304   316   
  4.8 half round head six 4.8 countersunk head six corners 8.8 half round head six 8.8 countersunk head six 10.9 inside semicircle six 10.9 countersunk head six  
stud bolt  4.8  8.8  10.9  12.9  304     
Nut class 4 8  10 12 304  316   
  808 thin mother 54 thin mother 6172 thin mother 56 thick mother 6175 thick mother Tooth bonding Anti nut
  Dish mother Slotting mother Round nut Flange mother Nylon looseness proof Metal looseness proof Fine tooth nut
Rivet class Flat head [al]Half round head Countersunk head [al]Semi hollow      
  [copper]Flat Half round head [copper]Countersunk head  [copper] full hollow      
  Flat head [iron]Half round head Iron head [iron]Semi hollow      
  [A2] flat head [A2] half round head [aluminum] round pull riveting Bloom rivet      
Pin class  Cylindrical pin  Taper pin  Cylindrical pin with internal thread Taper pin with internal thread Pin shaft with hole     
Machine screw  [A3] cross head [A3] cross countersunk head  [A3] cylindrical  [A3] cross belt pad [A3] cross pad    
   [A2] cross head [A2] cross countersunk head [A2] cylindrical [A2] belt pad [A2] pad    
Washer class Flat pad    Spring washer External teeth Internal tooth Single ear Binaural  Backstop pad
   Saddle shaped Wave type  sphere  Shaft ring Retaining ring for hole E clip spring   
   Plum blossom clip  discotic fisheye Square bias pad  Insulating pad External lingual pad   
Compact class [A3]One word tip [A3]One word flat end  [A3]Inner six flat ends [A3]Inner six tapered ends   [A3]Inner six column ends  [A3] Inside six concave end   
  [A2A sharp tip [A2One word flat end [A2]Inner six flat ends [A2]Inner six tapered ends [A2]Inside six concave end    
  12.9 inner six flat ends 12.9 inside six tips Square flat end Square column      
Self tapping nail Cross head Cross countersunk head Outer six corners self tapping  Inside six corners self tapping  Self tapping screw with cushion  Flange face tapping  Drill tail with cushion
  Mushroom head tapping screws  Triangular tooth self tapping Countersunk head drilling screws Countersunk drill pin      
Expansion bolt Small yellow croaker tube expansion Countersunk head expansion Nail up pipe Implosion expansion tube Heavy duty car repair    
Brass class Outer six corners Flat pad Hexagon nut  Mosaic mother Cover nut   Cross countersunk head Cross head 
  Hollow rivet Cylinder head Teeth Terminal      
Tools Tap Bit Internal six wrench Riveter Threading die Ring gauge Plug gauge
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