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Shimano SHIMANO halleluyah rod WORLDSHAULATOUREDITION portable travel rod rod TE

discount 70% in 2018-08-13 to 2018-08-15
price: USD$ 2562.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Pursuit and BASSGood encounter!

High technology is combined with the fishing experience inherited from generation to generation,
Coacervation of a number of high - order functions let WORLDSHAULAThe charm. No borders!

Japan's most famous celebrity "bass fishing village mouth" to plant accumulated decades, halleluyah fishing experience completely transferred to the SHIMANO road and pole peak "WORLDSHAULA" on the body. When you hold it, you can clearly feel that this is the highest mental experience that has been through years of experience and celebrity experience, and it can give you an inexplicable resonance with your heart. "WORLDSHAULA" has been completely escape the traditional mouth bass road and pole level, even large salmon, Raiders in the stream hidden in the Gulf waters in the black sea bass and COD, aggressive species of red sea bream are its main dream object of hunting, is a strategy around the world road sub Diaofa big the best choice. This year launched four new configuration, equipped with special SHIMANO most proud, the high order "SPIRALX" super tough rod technology, so the most perfect, optimize the function of the ultimate is more suitable to match your demeanor.

The 1702R-2, 17113R-2: Japan scheduled time for the May 2012 sale.
The 1833RS-2, 2751R-2, 2752R-2, 2832RS-2, 21053R-3: Japan scheduled time for the June 2012 sale.
The 1581F-2, 1631FF-2, 1701FF-2, 1702R-2, 1754R-2, 17113R-2, 1833RS-2, 2701FF-2, 2702R-2, 2704RS-2, 2751R-2, 2752R-2, 2832RS-2, 21053RS-3 using the "SPIRALX" rod structure.
The 1701FF-2, 2701FF-2, 2702R-2, 2704RS-2, 2751R-2, 2752R-2, 2832RS-2, 21053R-3 using the "K" guide ring
The 1702R-2, 17113R-2, 1833RS-2 with "CI4+"


- 1581F-2. Typical multi functional configuration.
The monarch of the single handheld Lu pole has an excellent far throwing efficiency, and can more accurately put Lu to any difficult point.
15101F-2 - high flexibility. Multi function configuration.
Regardless of the fixed point sniper or the easy throwing, it has a fairly high level of basic performance, and completely realizes the super light and quick operation of WORLDSHAULA.

15102R-2 - shot official like high elasticity.
Equipped with powerful grip design and short after the shot attention rod body balance, let you both in the holding pole or cast are able to seize the best angle.
15103R-2 - high elastic strength of configuration.
Even in the overseas market, the high evaluation of high resilience set, let you face the unexpected big things can also be unhurried.
1631FF-2 - Light Road and Shi like slim.
Even the light road and can also control, especially the short rear grip can be precisely in the fish bait when.1652R-2 - the most ergonomic basic configuration.
Looking for the origin of the road sub pole, you can enjoy the fun of fishing in a more relaxed mood.1701FF-2 - light road. The official like sub shot (pistol rod technology).
The greater the range of the attack in the lure, the fish can be caught more easily than the others. Even the ultra lightweight 1oz can have a fairly high level of far throwing efficiency.1702R-2 - the most ergonomic. Especially long pole configuration.
To "1652R-2" as a technical development center of the long pole, especially suitable for use in many fishing or driftwood underwater obstacles.
In the 17113R-2 system. A strong special configuration.
Have set quite high strength strong shot especially, can completely play strong special weight to heavyweight road sub limit.1703R-2. - strong multi function configuration.
Have set good strength, so you can completely control the live line of big, even if it is also able to manipulate heavyweight way.1704R-2 - fighting official like strength.
With monster mouth bass under a high intensity, especially suitable for collocation and more than 1oz rotate and large road and road sub worm.
1754R-2 - strong long pole. Especially the official like fighting.
A powerful long pole, with large objects, is recommended for the use of large pseudo fish and heavy bottom fish.
- 1833RS-2 long shot long pole special configuration.
The salmon and trout large as the main object of the special section of long rod like Shi, strength and efficiency of shot has quite high level, it is recommended to use a submersible type minnow use.


2631FF-2 - Light Road and more functional configuration.
Both the Mino fish, the wave or the soft worm had quite high control performance.
2651R-2 - the most ergonomic basic configuration.
Looking for the origin of the road sub pole, you can enjoy the fun of fishing in a more relaxed mood.2652R-2 - the most ergonomic. Strong special configuration.
With the "2651R-2" as the center of the strength of the development of the strong style, embracing uncompromising high toughness.
2701FF-2 - Light Road and more functional configuration.
It has excellent tunability, even light road has long distance throwing efficiency. The structure of the rigid rod body with soft, let you in Shanghai perch, salmon, black porgy and a rod in hand, can enjoy the fun of fishing everywhere.2702R-2 - the most ergonomic. Especially long pole configuration.
The long shot, large objects corresponding to the design of the core of the long pole with a special configuration, high strength at ease under the SPIRALX spiral rod technology.
2704RS-2 - Super Battle configuration.
Have set very high strength, even if the target is green, dolphinfish can be assured.2751R-2 - the most ergonomic. High control special configuration.
Even if the road is a lightweight 5g ~ 10g sub can be accurately thrown into your pre-set point of water, has a pretty good tonal set the most suitable, such as large mouth bass trout raiders.
2752R-2 - the most ergonomic. Long pole high control special configuration.
With large trout as the main Raiders object, but because of its high strength, is also very suitable for sea fishing.2832RS-2 - Super Battle special configuration.
The migration giant salmon from around the world as the main strategy object, but if used fishing sea bass have a pretty good effect.
2833R-2 - Super Battle configuration.
Have an overwhelming super strength of large objects corresponding to Shi, mainly for the objects of salmon, sea bass.- 21053R-3 long shot long pole special configuration.
To fishing as the main battlefield, especially suitable for weight type road and super long shot. And the 3 section pole structure is used, both the function and the portability are excellent.

- SPIRALX spiral rod body structure
- Pistol: (1581F-2, 1631FF-2, equipped with 1701FF-2, 1702R-2, 1754R-2, 17113R-2, 1833RS-2)
- straight handle: (2701FF-2, 2702R-2, equipped with 2704RS-2, 2751R-2, 2752R-2, 2832RS-2, 21053RS-3)
- HI-POWERX rod reinforced structure
- Battle grip TypeR (CI4) (1702R-2, 17113R-2, 1833RS-2)
- fighting grip (pistol)
- natural wood reel seat (straight handle)
- rod titanium metal ceramic coating
In the framework of SiC titanium alloy guide ring
The K - ring (1701FF-2, 2701FF-2, 2702R-2, 2704RS-2, 2751R-2, 2752R-2, 2832RS-2, 21053R-3)
In the design of ONE&HALF (2833R-2, 2832RS-2, 1833RS-2 by CENTERCUT2PIECE design)
- special soft wood material
In the grip is provided with a scorpion Totem

ModelOverall length
Node number
First diameter / element diameter
Applicable road subweight
Suitable for iron plate
Road subweight (g)
Suitable for nylon wire (LB)Hand handle length (mm)carbon fibre
Rate of inclusion
Suggested price
(Japanese yen)
Commodity number
1581F-21.732130.01221.8/10.05~2020~6010~1616598.253,00033907 2
15101F-21.782130.01321.6/10.05~2020~6010~1621898.254,00033561 6
15102R-21.782130.01321.6/10.07~2830~9012~2521898.254,50033562 3
15103R-21.782130.01321.6/10.010~4050~15016~4021898.355,00033563 0
1631FF-21.902130.01221.5/10.04~1616~488~1419398.856,50033908 9
1652R-21.982130.01351.7/10.07~2530~9012~2224398.557,00033564 7
2.132130.0Undecided1.9/12.07~28-12~525298.659,80034290 4
1701FF-22.132130.01301.5/10.54~1616~488~1623499.058,00034107 5
1703R-22.132130.01551.8/11.510~4050~15014~3027898.959,80033565 4
1704R-22.132130.01551.8/11.515~8070~21016~4027898.859,80033566 1
1754R-22.282130.01672.0/11.515~80-16~4029899.163,50033909 6
2.402130.0Undecided1.9/13.010~35-14~3030299.067,00034627 8
2.512130.0Undecided1.9/13.012~50-14~3031299.369,00034628 5


WORLDSHAULA straight handle
ModelOverall length
Node number
First diameter / element diameter
Applicable road subweight
Suitable for iron plate
Road subweight (g)
Suitable for nylon wire (LB)Hand handle length (mm)carbon fibre
Rate of inclusion
Suggested price
(Japanese yen)
Commodity number
2631FF-21.902130.01051.5/8.54~10-4~1219298.556,50033567 8
2651R-21.982130.01151.6/9.55~1520~605~1221298.457,00033568 5
2652R-21.982130.01151.6/9.57~2030~906~1421298.657,50033569 2
2701FF-22.132130.01271.5/10.54~1415~454~1023498.959,00033983 6
2702R-22.132130.01351.8/11.510~3030~908~2016899.158,50034106 8
2704RS-22.132130.01572.0/11.520~8070~21016~4019399.260,00034101 3
2.302130.0Undecided1.6/9.55~15-5~1225499.565,00034629 2
2.302130.0Undecided1.7/11.58~28-6~1627299.666,00034293 5
2.502130.0Undecided1.8/11.58~35-10~2030799.769,00034294 2
2833R-22.512130.01752.0/11.510~50-12~3030799.867,00033570 8
3.203130.0Undecided1.8/15.714~4520~6010~3044598.883,00034324 6

The "hand" refers to the length of the rear grip to reel seat length.