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Stainless steel plate net round hole net square hole plate net plate punching net

discount 70% in 2018-08-16 to 2018-08-18
price: USD$ 126.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Contact: Lu Hui

Contact phone: 13920432283


Buyer must read

In order to make the transaction proceed smoothly and reduce the misunderstandings, please take one minute to finish it carefully.

1, all goods in our shop are genuine products. They sell at a low profit. They don't sell postal products. If the screen products are scattered, they need to be cut off from the whole volume. They are ordered to make net products. They will not be returned after they are sold. Please consider it again, please forgive me.

2, express send pieces of time as far and near to a different time, if encounter over time has not been sent, please contact the owner to follow up, do not accept and give due to delivery delay in bad review, express send pieces of the speed we can not guarantee that we can do is to help query timely follow-up.

3, because each of the local district clerk quality is good or bad, the owner can not guarantee the business personnel each courier services can make each buyer satisfaction, if you have not received the parcel, please contact with the owner, please don't take the express service quality to give negative feedback in the comments or.

4, because each different number of buyers and local postage, no uniform standards, all according to the actual charge, please buyers before making contact with the owner to determine the postage, otherwise it may cancel the transaction, if the owner is not online, the baby photographed after the buyer waiting for the owner to modify the postage, thank you for your cooperation!

5, after receipt of the goods please confirm receipt to complete the transaction owner attaches great importance to our evaluation, after receiving the goods if you think there is any not satisfied, please contact the owner, will give you a proper solution, communication is a magic weapon to solve any problem, you are welcome to contact us with any questions!


Postage instructions:

The product is easy to screen overweight, each buyer and each area of different number of postage, no uniform standards, the owner will be considered by courier and logistics two transportation modes, all according to the actual charge, please contact the owner before making contact freight, otherwise it may cancel the transaction, if the owner is not online, patted after the baby waiting for the owner to modify the postage, thank you for your cooperation!

Note: we do not accept unwarranted return from the next day. Please make sure that your parents will avoid unnecessary losses before you order.


After receipt of the goods, please check carefully on the face, confirm that the specifications, type, quantity and color are correct. After the goods are not damaged, they sign again. There is a problem to refuse to sign, and they immediately contact the shopkeeper. Once the signature is signed, the quality of the non - product itself will not be redeemed for other reasons.


As a result of the quality of the goods itself can be refundable, the return of the freight is borne by the seller.

When you return, please send the shipping list back to the goods that need to be returned, and indicate your name, address, and contact phone.


- since 7 days after the receipt of merchandise (sign to date), will no longer accept return, if return, please put forward in 7 days.




When you receive the goods, please open the package and check it carefully. If you have any problems, you can refuse to sign it and contact us immediately. The express company will not compensate for any further problems once the signature is signed. So please check it carefully before checking in (this is very important)


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