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Special offer shipping pure solid wood bed single bed double bed bed bed loose loose children bed guardrail widening bed

Product upgrade all 100% pine upgrade does not increase the bed leg back big upgrade: the legs of the bed backrest support column to square whole, convenient installation and strong plank big upgrade: the original 1.2 cm to 1.6 cm with planks, upgrading of shops, affordability of higher and more stable. This upgrade does not increase, but with the timber price changes, at any time there will be a rise in prices may be, the heart of the pro, quickly start!!! Baby, the price is just a single bed

discount 70% in 2018-07-18 to 2018-07-20
price: USD$ 355.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Pro: after year, although the materials such as boards have been rising, but we continue to pro discount, firmly do not raise prices, only for the parents can get a satisfactory bed, can have a comfortable sleep, at the same time, we accept any size customization, delivery cycle, 2-3 days




Parents pay attention to this baby, most of the country, mail, detailed inquiry customer service, consulting etiquette.

This baby can add guardrail, protect the baby sleep more safe, guardrail add money Oh, detailed inquiry customer service. Baby, there is a real picture

Jiangsu, Anhui, Anhui and Anhui express delivery to the township downstairs

     All the other parts of the country send the logistics, the arrival of goods from the lifting, if the need for delivery, please contact customer service, repair logistics delivery fees.

This bed is a 100 percent solid wood product without any synthetic board

Our solemn promise is not solid wood [full refund]

Q: what's the size of the bed?

Answer: the size of the product is the outer diameter, (length * width) height is 30 centimeters.

Bed board thickness 1.5 cm, height 30

The beam is less than 1 meters, 1 meters wide,.135 width and 1.5 width is 1, and the 1.8 width is increased to 2, so the bearing can be assured

 Shipping damage: we will pay for the damage in transit

Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui express delivery to other areas downstairs contact customer service, we will be pro patient answer! Logistics unified national self lifting...

  • [baby color]Pine environmental color without paint

    [baby material]Russia imports Pinus sylvestris + environmental protection PU varnish (this baby default no paint, if need to paint plus 200 yuan)

    [quality grade]AClass A (Grade A: high-grade furniture grade B: mid-range furniture grade C: medium and low grade furniture)

  • Our solemn promise: this bed is all pine structure, if found not pine material ten times compensation!!!!
  • Baby prices don't include drawers, drawers need to add 190 pairs. Size is80X50X15cm, (drawer bottom is pine seven plywood)
  • Baby price does not contain paint, if need paint, add 200 yuan
  • We also have a mattress sales, such as parents and mattress together to buy, mattress free shipping, in addition to concessions.
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  • Buyers notice:

    Objects and photos:Natural solid wood furniture, each piece of wood is not the same, so the buyer received products may not be the same as the photos.

    Texture of material:The wood used has its own natural scar, and the customer who does not approve the wood scar knot should not buy it.

    Solid wood:Not all solid wood furniture is all solid wood, tables and chairs, beds are generally all solid wood, cabinets, wardrobe back board and drawer bottom board or plywood generally used.

    Transportation:The transportation of our goods has been transferred to the specialized logistics company. Comply with their unified freight price, including inspection, insurance, packing, delivery, long distance transportation and handling of transportation risks.

    Assembly and transportation costs:The goods are all packed in flat plates, and the buyers themselves or the workers are required to assemble. The sellers are not liable for the product damage due to improper assembly. "Marked on the surface and express freight customer reference only, and take responsibility for the customer location and the different city has different specific shipping freight, please contact with the owner,Recommend you choose the way of freight to pay, choose their own logistics company to pick up our warehouse.

    Furniture transportation:The general use of surface, namely logistics transportation, transport to the buyers in the city, since the arrival, not delivery. Please contact us if there is any doubt about the delivery place. Special circumstances: for example, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong province some places, according to the nature of the goods, buyers pay the price of the mail, may choose express delivery. Whether or not express delivery is decided by the shipper. Furniture after long-distance transportation, occasionally there will be friction bump slightly, is difficult to avoid, hope that buyers understand.

    Check before acceptance:Our products are carefully checked before delivery, the product may have some damage in the transportation process, please take the goods to the buyer inspection face to face. Inspection is the buyer's rights and obligations; for the buyer who does not sign the inspection, we will regard the customer has approved the goods, no problem.

    Inspection procedure:First, see if the package is intact; then open the package and examine it carefully. Please inspect the buyer in person so as to avoid unnecessary occurrence

       (this agreement takes effect immediately after the order is generated)