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Taiwan battery BT-12M3.3AT12V3.3Ah20hr fire protection equipment UPS power supply

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Brand: Seth

Model: ST3.3-12 (12V3.3AH/20HR)

[performance parameters]

Rated voltage: 12V

Rated capacity: 3.3AH (20HR)

Chang: 134mm
Width: 67mm
High: 61mm
Total height: 67mm
Reference weight: 1.37kg

[main use]

electric power systemBurglar alarm system
Medical equipmentShip system
Telephone and telecommunication equipmentAll kinds of test machinery
Radio transceiverUninterrupted power supply for banking system
Communication between railway locomotive and railwayEmergency lighting system, small lamps
largeUPSComputer standby power supplyUninterrupted power supply for fire protection system and safety defence system
The baby stroller electronic scales and other electronic instruments


1Fully sealed structure2Gas recombination

3Maintenance free operation4High discharge capability

5And the self discharge rate is low6It is suitable for wide temperature range

7And strong recovery ability8Long service life

Matters needing attention

1. SethThe battery is charged with liquid and shall not attempt to disassemble the battery to avoid danger.
If the battery shell is damaged, contact with sulfuric acid, please rinse with plenty of water, if necessary
Please seek medical advice;
The old and new batteries can not be mixed;
Batteries cannot be used in sealed containers;
The battery should have a complete resume, including the factory date, installation date, operation situation
Status record, etc.;
Check whether the connecting line is loose once a year. If there is a loose phenomenon, it should be taken
Regularly (every three months) with a soft fabric to wipe the battery, the battery is kept clean;
Do not use organic solvents to clean batteries.

Installation, use and maintenance

Battery connection:
The batteries or batteries with the same actual capacity can be connected in series;
The batteries or batteries with the same actual voltage can be connected in parallel;
The connection should be close, to prevent sparks, bad contact, wash the contact surface with soda water.
Positive and negative poles must not be reversed or shorted.
Battery charging:
Float (limit voltage, current control): charging voltage13.56-13.80V
The current must not exceed 0.825A25When the battery charge current to the whole small
In 6.6mA
Cycle use (fill, stop, release, charge): charging voltage14.1-14.7V
The current is not greater than 0.99A
Caution: the battery can not be used in airtight or high temperature environment, away from the fire source!
Note: when the ambient temperature is below20Or higher than30The charging voltage of the battery should be adjusted
The standard is 18mV/
The battery is suitable for storage in low temperature, dry, ventilated and clean environment,Full charge storage



UL certification in the United States (NO.MH28617)

EU CE certification (NO.G2M20204-0290-E-16)

International standard product mark Certificate (NO.[2003]3500C022) is adopted

International ISO9001 quality management system certification (NO.00206Q14548R2M)

National export and import inspection and Quarantine Bureau export product quality permit (NO.06J35013)

National product certification certificate (NO.030064640090R0M)

Ministry of electric power industry safety license (NO. (Z) 2004-291)

National production permit for industrial products (NO.XK06-044-00059)

- solar photovoltaic products product certification certificate (NO.CGC114690060ROM)