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Washed 5 drill glass steel threading device / punch / tube / cable through the stylet / wall pipe 6*30 meters

discount 70% in 2018-11-11 to 2018-11-13
price: USD$ 91.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Wire feederPostal service in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and AnhuiBy defaultShen Tong, HuitongexpressProvide home delivery serviceIf you need other express delivery, please contact the seller. The rest of the general logistics, such as the need to take the express please contact the seller, threading device operation costs in different sizes and specifications, in accordance with the actual freight charge, specific postagePlease consult the waiter to change the price, please understand, take does not make up the difference we have the right to delivery.

If Wangwang is not online or the customer service is not in front of the computer, the relatives please contact the store.Contact information:15051793793   Description of perforator use:The perforator is fixed by a small frame made of flat iron or round tube, which not only makes the plate of the perforator in the rack, but also improves the efficiency in the construction. When using the FRP perforator, the cladding is first led out by the lead wheel, and then connected to the corresponding metal head and penetrated into the pipe. When the pipe is used for cleaning, the guide head drives the cleaning tool, and it can clear the pipeline. When the cable is laid, the wire or iron wire can be brought in first, then the wire will be put into the tube by wire or iron wire. The glass FRP perforator has the advantages of saving time, saving energy, improving work efficiency and so on. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, good elasticity and long service life.

The use and method of standard glass FRP perforator

First, the product should be used correctly and standardized, and a good lead should be protected.(One end of a thread, usually copper plated, with a thread on the upper end, which can be loosened and tightened.)Can't be broken. In use, the lead is first aimed at the movable pulley on the small frame, through the pulley, and then through the line, the drawing line, the dredging pipe and so on. If encounter will threader all out of the frame, should pay special attention to a head is the last card in the small frame of the ring, the ring is a takeup threading device when the fixed traction head, so be careful when you break out in the traction head, in takeup threading device when the first traction head stuck in the middle ring.Two,Glass steel punchFor hard and brittle material properties, you should keep the minimum diameter of its bending in the process of using it.60A centimeterIn pipeline or other construction environment, the angle of the pipe is right angle or less than90In the case of degree, special attention should be paid to the protection of the traction head not to be broken, and some measures should be taken to prevent the injure from being damaged when pulling out the well.(As in the corner of the corner, placing the line pulley for use, etc.)
Three,The affordable temperature range of the FRP wire feeder is-40-+80We should avoid any improper behaviors during construction, such as contact with cold or overheated objects or environment. After products are used, they should be placed in a cool place to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and rain.
Four,The maximum linear traction of the FRP wire feeder is2.5Tons, must not be in90A high power machine is used for traction in a right angle environment, otherwise a fracture may occur. The vehicle and other heavy objects are not allowed to be rolled, otherwise the service life will be greatly shortened.
Five,The use of threading device in large cable construction, can not use the threading device directly traction cable, application of threading device of metal traction head in the pipe by pulling a rope, and then use the wire rope traction cable, such threading device will greatly improve the life, recommend the use of a variety of stringing to improve the work efficiency, protect the threading device.