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Henan one tap / machine wire tapping M22/24/27/30/33 model complete, cost-effective Gao Zhengpin

discount 70% in 2018-09-20 to 2018-09-22
price: USD$ 56.42
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Authentic Henan one product, not dismantling box sales, the above prices are single price.

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Manufacturer: Henan first tool factory Co., Ltd.

Performance: processing stainless steel parts, die steel, castings, forgings and other hard products easy, long cutting life.



This shop is located in the largest hardware market in Zhejiang China Taizhou Wenling City Tools Trading Center, mainly engaged in various brands of CNC cutting tools. Our price is favorable, the product quality is stable and reliable, in good faith, is your sincere partner!
The main products are:
First, cutting class
Blade type: MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI /TUNGAlOY Toshiba /HITACHI Hitachi /KYOCERA KYOCERA /SUMITOMO Sumitomo / Daijie / semla angel /KORLOY /TAEGUTEC TaeguTec Callois iskat seco /Lamina Linnina / Kenna /WALTER Walter /KGL CAGG music / etc.:

Chloe KORLOY (South Korea) aluminum blade steel blade H01, NC3020/NC3030/NC3120, PC9030 and other series of stainless steel blade;

K10, TT8115/TT8125, TT9080, TT7015/TT7310, CT3000, TT9030, U, TT9030 and so on;

MITSUBISHI blade, general VP15TF, steel parts UE6020, cast iron UC5115, stainless steel US735 and so on;

LAMINA, the world's first four in one material, can cut alloy, steel parts, castings, stainless steel integrated blade;

KYOCERA, Toshiba, Hitachi, Max Carmex card, launched Zhuzhou Diamond advantage. Three Han Yong Ling, Capra Da, various brands of lathe tool, hole lathe, cylindrical cutter, end face groove, Nuojiaxiu edge detector, EO2000, NB1100, BS1010, BS1018, BK3010 special offer supply!

Cutter: STK/SKL/LBK/SK/SCS stainless steel cutter, tungsten steel milling cutter, very fine particles of tungsten steel milling cutter;

Bit: SUS Su /YG keep records round /SOMTA XinDa /STK bit, high cobalt drill, tungsten steel drill; Denmark IRWIN cement drill; 60 degrees 90 degrees center drill; drill point; high speed steel rod, tungsten steel rod; white steel, tungsten steel blade;

Cutter: SOMTA XinDa /OKazaki/ reamer; hand straight reamer machine, spiral reamer; high speed steel cutter, tungsten steel cutter;

Tapping machine: OSG /TOSG /YAMAWA/HTD /YG Fuji brand Dabao custody circle /STK/XYC/SOMTA XinDa silk attack, pulling teeth; hand tapping, machine screw tapping, tapping the crowded teeth;

Two 、 CNC cutting tools:

1. Japan BIG; St. Nike; and Dean; Si; sebang; Anvi; Heyuan; handle. Lining hole. Collet. Edge finder; eChain arbor; YAKEN arbor; a high cutter; milling cutter rod cutter; tool body; drill chucks; collet cable Tsui; tool Morse top thimble rod;
Three, measuring class:
Japan Mitutoyo Mitutoyo / Nikon / SONY / /EISEN / peacock Baile TRIMOS/GIROO-TAST/TESA/ES/ Switzerland Germany; DIATEST/IBR; S-T/ACU-RITE/UNIVERSAL/PEC; America; Chinese work; Guang Lu; Qinghai; double loop; quantity; Kazakhstan; sun; Guilin; Tema brand; vernier caliper, caliper, caliper, micrometer, depth gauge, 1000 lever the dial gauge, height gauge etc..
Main products or services:
Sales: mold hardware fittings, CNC cutting tools, measuring tools, measuring equipment, etc.!

Service tenet: customer first, honesty, quality first, service first class!


(buyers must read): note before shooting
1: the shop is warm Xigong Wenzhou tools trade centre, we solemnly promise the sale of goods, are authentic; manipulator's brand cooperation for domestic well-known enterprises in sales, measuring and cutting tools, please rest assured to buy. The company has 3 company, Hunan Zhuzhou company Nanchang Company Taizhou Branch, 95% company of goods by ship, no part of the goods by the company on behalf of! Thank you for your patronage

2: working hours:

Monday to Sunday: 8:00 - 24:00 all day business

3: as the stock may change at any time, please contact with us when you need to buy goods, confirm the baby inventory situation, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to you.

4: our business integrity, serious and responsible treatment of each buyer, if there are problems, please contact us, we will try to solve your problems as soon as possible. We sincerely hope that each other, a more calm, more tolerance, more honest, believe that the problem can be solved.

5: because of different tools and clothing industry, the weight of the goods could not be precise estimates, so the freight only as a basic reference to the seller, the actual freight is modified, the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai foreign goods overweight may need to modify the possibility of relatively large, please cooperate poor price subsidies.

(invoice matters):

Issue the ticket machine ticket reimbursement / small ticket buyers, please note invoice up note letterhead! For the buyer VAT / big ticket, provide billing information organization code certificate, monthly ticket Co., generally take the cumulative amount to 1000 yuan, cumulative, VAT, and tax and take the initiative to contact the owner communication related invoice to pay taxes for 12%. Example: commodity is 1000 yuan, actual invoice amount / tax price 1000X1.12=1120 yuan, need to make up 112 tax, and so on!

(logistics instructions):

1: our preferred STO, the choice of goods more heavy Yun express. Through courier express every day, to send other express buyers, take the initiative to contact us, and must note, for express mail to SF EXPRESS, remote EMS, required to pay the balance of the freight, please contact us, thank you.

2: buyers photographed products, please carefully check the details of receiving goods, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble;

3-: under normal circumstances, delivery time: buyers in the afternoon before 16:00 photographed and payment of goods, normal can be shipped on the same day, after 16:00 in the afternoon to buy goods, the next day delivery, weekend, holidays postponed.

4: please kiss on the receipt of mail, please check the number of face to face inspection, check and correct after the signature! If the goods are found damaged, the number of discrepancies, unpacking of goods damaged, please refuse to sign, and timely contact with us. If the sign after the discovery of the above problems, the transport side will not assume any responsibility, as the seller can not, please remember!
5: express delivery time, due to weather reasons, vehicle failure and other reasons, resulting in the delay of transportation time, can not be estimated, inform us, we actively cooperate with the urge, please be patient to wait. Dispatch must be specified (SF express)