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The beauty of the beauty of the water dispenser filter water purifier filter MU-3 (861CB.863CB) special offer

Because the production of goods sold without pre ceramic. Pro: you take this note is not above the ceramic filter element. This price is three filter

discount 70% in 2018-10-16 to 2018-10-18
price: USD$ 117.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Because the production of goods sold without pre ceramic. Pro: you take this note is not above the ceramic filter element. This price is three filter

Applicable models MU-3(861CB)、MU-3(863CB)


Filter configurationActivated carbon filter 1 + resin filter 1 + hollow fiber ultrafiltration filter 1


Composition and elementFunction introduction

a、This type of filter suit by pre ceramic filter + resin filter + activated carbon filter + hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter + tourmaline.

b、Pre ceramic filter:The ceramic filter cartridge is diatomite ceramic filter, the effective removal of suspended bacteria, the impurities in the water;

c、Activated carbon filter:Coconut shell is through carbonization and activation of a porous, huge surface area has strong adsorption capacity of granular carbon particles, and the physical and chemical has good adsorption properties, adsorption of humus, organic matter, heavy metals and other toxic substances in the water, the treated water color, odor, oxygen consumption etc. the index is greatly reduced, water taste better;

d、Resin filter:Softening water, reduce the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in the water (high hardness water, usually calcium and magnesium concentrations exceed the standard, long-term drinking this water, people susceptible to diseases such as stones, generally north high water hardness), the resin filter is the use of ion and reduce the concentration of calcium and magnesium in heavy metal ion exchange method, good physical and mental health!

e、Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter:The beauty of ceramic ultrafiltration membrane, imported from Japan MITSUBISHI, made of pore size of PES membrane 0.01 micron, at room temperature to a certain pressure and flow, the use of asymmetric microporous structure and semi permeable medium, rely on the pressure difference across the membrane as the driving force to cross flow is filtered, and the solvent molecules by macromolecules substances and particles such as protein, water soluble polymer and bacteria was membrane retention, so as to achieve the purification of drinking water. Can effectively remove bacteria and viruses, amputation rate greater than 99.99%, comprehensive care of healthy drinking water;



Filter replacement time




  Filter replacement must rinse with water before use, the use of regular cleaning a cycle of three months! The filter and the service life of water, the cleaning and maintenance of water and filter net bucket size, the use of the environment, use is in the normal state, the filter replacement time please see the net bucket back behind the logo, a logo on the net rated water amount, please according to the amount of water you every day can be calculated filter replacement time, the high point of the net bucket when in use, the water is displayed on the screen, which will remind you to replace the filter; the influence of water quality on the filter, poor quality can make the filter loss function in advance.



Replace the front remind:Buy a new replacement filter must rinse with water before use, especially the activated carbon filter bought without washing it, just beginning to filter out of the water is black, because the activated carbon filter in the production of some activated carbon particles is very small, like the kind of foam dust adhesion in the larger particles, the other is activated carbon after transportation, collision, into small particles of toner, so just began to filter out of the water is black, in fact, activated carbon powder black thing was fine by water, rinse after normal use.