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A new intelligent electronic wiring programming timer display timer switch controller of power house

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Brief introduction of function

LCD display
12/24 hour conversion
Keyboard lock function
Any cycle timing switch (setting range: 1 minutes to 23 hours 59 points)
It can set different opening / closing time in one week
Daily opening / closing 20 times
Countdown time (setting range: 1 minutes to 23 hours 59 points)


CX-T02 programmable multi-function electronic timer, is a microcomputer chip as the core, with the electronic circuit and other components of a power switch control device. It can be preset 20 times per day or week in different time on / off control, also has any cycle timer function, keyboard lock, daylight saving time and 12/24 hour conversion function. A rechargeable Ni MH battery is used as standby power supply, and the data can be displayed, stored and displayed for more than 9 months without power supply.

       1, countdown (delay shutdown) functionThe longest can set 23 hours 59 minutes, the shortest is 1 minutes, arbitrary settings. This function is used for EV battery limited time charge control, one button operation, both men and women.

        2, keyboard lock functionOnce locked, all the keys are invalid, effectively prevent non use personnel to misuse operation and affect normal use.

        3, arbitrary circulation function:“Domestic initiative, breaking the limits of the program group". Set an opening time and a closing time (such as: set 20 minutes, 10 minutes off, and then repeat the cycle work at this time, of course, the switch time can be arbitrarily set by yourself).

       4Standby circuit with power savingThe German advanced micro power consumption standby circuit (standby power consumption less than 0.1W was also a year of electricity 0.1W*24 hours *365 day =876W=0.876 kilowatt *0.56 yuan =0.49 yuan / year), to replace the traditional zener diode standby circuit (the traditional circuit of high power consumption, easy breakdown), make the product more wide applicable voltage range (which can be normal in 150V ~ 280V), product performance more stable and reliable.

        5Anti-interference ability: Taiwan imported high anti-interference CPU chip, electrostatic discharge interference can effectively withstand high frequency electromagnetic radiation or greater than 10KV, so that it can work in various kinds of interference in the harsh environment.

Brand: CX (Chang Xin) model: CX-TGK01 (Color Edition)
Specification: 20A (4400W) rated voltage: 220V ~ 50/60Hz
Timing range: 1 minutes to 168 hour clock accuracy: less than 0.5 seconds / day
Working temperature: -20 ~ +70 centigrade weight: 180 (g)

Product size: 9.5cm*5.3cm*5cm

Chang Xin brand electronic timer: want to know why the price is expensive secret?

First, CX series timer through the national quality and safety certification products --- China CQC certification, this product quality is reliable, used to be assured.

Two, shell: CX series timer using ABS/PC alloy engineering plastics, high strength, not easy to aging

Three, socketCX series timer adopts PA66 flame retardant, high temperature resistant material, long time work, safe and reliable.

Four, control chip: Taiwan imported high anti-interference CPU chip CX series timer, electrostatic interference can withstand high frequency electromagnetic radiation is greater than or equal to 10KV, which can work in harsh environments.

Five, standby power supply: CX series timer adopts industrial grade built-in Ni MH battery, automatic charging. Durable and need not be replaced.

Six, control circuit: CX series timer adopts German advanced circuit principle, so that the working voltage range is wider, can work between 145V and 290V, stable and reliable under the condition of over voltage.

Seven, LCD screen: CX series timer using "military level" wide temperature LCD screen, in the range of -20 ~ +70 centigrade normal display, more suitable for the north and south of the different temperature difference region normal use. All Chinese display, easy to operate.



[examples of applications]
Charging electric.

    The biggest advantage of battery charging for electric vehicles is that it can extend battery life! A group of batteries is better than several hundred dollars, the battery overcharge will increase the loss of the battery, accelerate the grid corrosion, softening of active substances, eventually causing fatal damage to the battery. If you use something bad, you can only use it for more than 1 years. You can use it for about 3 years. Think about it. You can save hundreds of people. At the same time, we can avoid waste. The power of the general charger is about 300W, that is, the empty loss power is about 100W after charging. More than ten hours of electricity consumption is not a small amount. In the areas where the peak valley price difference is bad, the high power electric appliances can be operated automatically in the low electricity stage.
Heating drinking machine timing.                                                    

   As we all know, the water heater will produce nitrite when the water heater is heated for more than six hours. It can cause cancer, produce blood vessels and other diseases. Timing switch is the best solution. With it, you can control the switch of water dispenser as you like.
Timing electric water heater work.

    Every day, every other day, or occasionally out, I want to have a hot bath when I get home. If you keep running the water heater, you can't stop heating it. That is unsafe and cost electricity, then fortunately with a microcomputer timing switch, want it to be a little heating can do, you can achieve according to your requirements.
Automatic rice cooker cooking timing.

   The morning before going out to Amoy rice, put red dates and appropriate amount of water, set a good start and end time, then, when you go to work, you can see immediately can see immediately can eat red dates porridge. It can save you a lot of valuable time, and let you have more energy to engage in other affairs.
This timing to give the fish oxygen in the tank

Friends of fish culture, are you worried about your own oxygen machine being switched on? So quickly buy a timer! With a timer socket, you can let your oxygen machine according to your settings timing boot oxygenation, shutdown.
By the time switch electric blanket

   The weather is very cold in winter, always want to send to the elderly some warm,Buy a blanket, but always worry about the old man will forget to turn off the electric blanket, danger, so an electronic timer! With it you can advance the old heating in half an hour before going to bed to sleep in, automatic shutdown after the old man. And once set for a long term. Especially for the elderly and children at home, which can not only reflect your love, and can guarantee their safety.
Mobile phone, PHS charging timing.

   Mobile phone, PHS and charger are required to charge no more than Qili hours, it can be used to ensure that your equipment safety, not overcharge. In our life, accident about electrical overcharge occurred often.
The total gate timing switch.

    Often forget to work off the total gate, which brings hidden trouble to the security office. The timing switch can be set from Monday to Friday late 18:00 early 8:30 power source, switching power supply, power off on Saturday. It can be very convenient to manually switch power supply.
The timing pumping.

    High-rise residential, the water pressure is not enough to install household pumps, can set the daily pumping time such as 6:008:30, 11:3014:00, 18:0022:00, automatic switch pumps, other time do not smoke. You can also set on Monday five is such a cycle, the cycle is also on Saturday. A small family of rockery, is not a good 24 hours a day, will be a good time to pump the work at home. There is also this aquarium.
This time advertising signs, fountain, radio and other automatic control
* family security, to prevent thieves from entering

   To the holidays, want to travel, relax mood, one is a few days to go out, always worried about the thief entered the house, with the timer you don't have to worry about it, you can open the home lighting at night time, give people a sense of home McGregor (illusion), can play a certain security role.
* home appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners and so can use the timer control, bring convenience to your life