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Rubber sleeve with outer diameter of 12PVC outer sleeve, rubber stopper, rubber sleeve and dustproof sleeve

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Name: pipe outer sleeve, foot sleeve

Material: Rubber (PVC / individual specifications is soft)

(thick rubber wear, slip slightly thickened, rubber smell, soft; soft PVC new material forming good toughness cracking, workmanship high-grade appearance, anti-aging, low odor)

Color: Black(booking other colors, please contact customer service)

Setting: mm mm


For example: coat refers to the inside diameter, that is, the outer diameter of the pipe, so only need to measure the outer diameter of the tube, buy the corresponding coat on it

 Description: This product should be in accordance with round tube or square tubeexternal diameterThe inner diameter of the label is equal to the outer diameter of the pipe!



Round plug (outer diameter) mm

External diameter 10121416192022202528303235384042454748505860707476
Round plug link 
Round hole plug (drilling hole, screw hole) 
5 6 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 19 20 22 25 30  
Plug linkButton hole plug

                Conventional plug

Rectangular plug (outer diameter) mm
10*20、10*30、10*40、10*50、13*26、13*38、15*30、15*50、20*30、20*40、20*50、20*60、25*38、25*40、25*50、30*40、30*50、30*60、30*70、30*80、40*60、40*80、20*100  30*100  40*100   50*100、60*100 45*75 25*75 15*25  
Rectangle link

Square tube plug (outer sleeve) mm
10*10、13*13、15*15、16*16、19*19、20*20、22*22、23*23、25*25、28*28、30*30、32*32、35*35、38*38、40*40、45*45、50*50、60*60、75*75、80*80、100*100 70*70 90*90  
Square link
Oval / Olive plug15*30 20*40 16*34 25*50 30*60 
Oval / Olive plug
Square tube / round pipe nut plug
20*2025*2530*3038*3840*4050*50 circle 19*M6circular
25*M8  Circle 50*M8circular32*M8   20*40*M8   25*50*M8   30*60*M8  
Nut plug link
ABS plastic adjustable foot pads of various specifications
25 round adjustable 25*25 square adjustable 30*30 square adjustable, 32 round adjustable 38*38 square adjustable, 38 round adjustable 40*40 square adjustable, 40 round adjustable, 50 round adjustable 50*50 square adjustable 60*60 square adjustable, 60 round adjustable, 76 round adjustable
Plastic adjustable links 
Square jacket(inside diameter)
20*20  22*22  25*25  30*30  35*35  38*38  40*40  45*45 50*50  60*60 15*30 20*40  25*50  20*30  25*38  30*50  10*30 30*60 40*60 10*30  40*80  
Square coat links

Round sleeve (inner diameter) mm 6MM  8MM  10MM  12MM 16MM 19MM 22MM  25MM  28MM 30MM 32MM 35mm 38MM 40mm  42mm 45mm  47/48MM 50/51MM  60MM  63MM 

Round coat link 

Triangle sleeve  25*25  30*30 35*35  40*40 50*50  

Angle set link 


Black Fangsai please click the link below:

The black circle inside please click the link below:

White Fangsai / round plug, please click the link below:

White Fangsai / round plug

White round plug


Round plastic hole plug drill plug screw hole plug, click the following link:

Button hole plug

Conventional plug

Round and square rubber jacket, click the link below:

Rubber triangle iron sleeve, please click the following link:

"Other specifications nut wheel sleeve view, click the following connection"

Other styles of adjustable foot pads, click on the link below


Main camp:Plastic plug (Fang Saiyuan plug, arc plug, round plug, square hemisphere plug, oval plug, diamond plug, screw hole plug, rubber stopper)

Rubber foot PVC coat (external coat sleeve round rubber feet sleeve triangle set)

Plastic and metal adjustable foot pads (all kinds of adjustable foot pads, square wheels, plug round wheel plugs)

Other furniture fittings (U type pipe clip gasket, duck hook, suction pin, gasket, armrest, house lizard and other special-shaped parts, furniture fittings)

Pro: as our products are numerous, the size is different, the freight can not be unified set, all the products photographed, display are headed heavy freight, overweight need to modify the freight according to the actual weight!! Please do not worry about the freight, the freight can be modified.

Parents pay attention to: in order to avoid unnecessary losses in the purchase of goods, before shooting the baby to determine the size of their own specifications, if you do not understand, you can always consult the owner, we will be one of the owner to answer their questions,"Please choose the demand of the product, oh, not because of prior consultation of customer service, it is free to shoot oh."! Our warehouse will be shipped according to the size of the single shot, so as not to make unnecessary loss because of the wrong return! Thank you for your cooperation! "