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Imported double metal band saw blade 4115 band sawing machine saw blade high-speed hacksaw machine saw blade front 3505

This kind of high performance saw blade is suitable for cutting high hardness alloy, high hardness alloy and non ferrous metal material. The sawing efficiency is higher and the service life is longer. 3 mail, except in remote areas.

discount 70% in 2018-09-18 to 2018-09-20
price: USD$ 199.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Harksen high-quality double metal band sawTens of thousands of solid customer base acclaim, economic durability! The main sales of the store in 10 years.

Eriksson, double varitity cutting characteristics of high efficiency and strong commonality,At the same time, the wear resistance of saw blade is longer, and the service life of saw blade is longer, and the crack is not easy to occur

   For heavy loads or impurities of steel, is the best choice for harksen. The problem of reducing vibration, when sawing the teeth etc. tooth design it can, in the tube sawing effect is obvious.

Used customers say the brand is similar to Japanese saw saws,It is very suitable for cutting stainless steel, copper nickel alloy, nickel, chromium nickel iron alloy and other hard materials.

We promise our clients absolutely authentic, and resolutely put an end to fakes!

Applicable scope
Suitable for: metal material high temperature alloy steel, titanium alloy tool steel Ti1, 125Cr1, 100CrMo8, stainless steel 304, 316. of all die steel, including non-ferrous metals, alloy steel, rare alloy, copper or aluminium and its alloy; non metallic materials, including graphite, glass fiber, plastic, resin, plastic, circuit board etc.

Please ask the owner for details about invoice and so on! Thank you


Excellent bimetal structure
Hardened M42 tooth profile
Tool steel backing material with strong fatigue resistance
Metal that can be cut and difficult to machine
Unit cutting cost is low


Solid material
steel plate
Thick walled structural parts
Bunch cutting
Medium and heavy duty production

The company can be customized according to customer demand for any length band saw blade

Our commitment: all buy in the shop saw the fake goods are not genuine goods are returned. We are responsible for the coming and going freight.

Instructions for use: installation of saw blades with special tips

Inspection of 1. saw wheels

A. check the saw wheel runout, the normal range of beating is within 0.05mm

B. check the saw wheel parallel, idle check the saw blade radial runout, positive and negative turn check, the normal range of beating should be within 0.10mm

Tensioning of 2. band saw blade

The width of the saw hard alloy of the shop to provide with 27mm, installation of control blade hanging wheel width of 20 21mm, and then the saw blade tension to the appropriate tension, the normal range of the band saw tension for 40 - 50N.M

3. guide wheel

The main function of the guide wheel is to prevent the saw blade from turning. The following items need to be checked,

A. regularly lubricate the guide wheel and keep the bearing flexible

B. adjust the clearance between the guide wheel and saw blade to 2.5 - 3mm

Before using C., check whether the guide wheel is worn, especially whether there is groove, if it can be corrected or replaced by professionals.

4. saw clip

A. saw blade clip to adjust the spacing, the correct spacing is less than or equal to 0.05mm

B. saw clip will wear in the process of use, attention should be paid to clip saw, leveling mouth.

Replacement of 5. saw blades

Under normal circumstances, the saw blade in use after 2 hours to replace the saw blade, let the blade stress can be obtained to improve the service life of the saw blade is released, thereby ensuring the processing quality of products. Therefore, it is better to make good use of 2 - 3 saws in advance.

6. cooling and cleaning

Saw wheel must pay attention to clean, to avoid impurities between the blade and the saw wheel, sawdust. Way is in does not affect the sawing surface under the condition of using diesel oil on the surface, play a role in cleaning and lubrication, can also wear the cloth bag saw clamp help clean, such as denim.

7. matters needing attention

The blade thickness usually less than 1.45MM, diameter required over 1000 * blade thickness, blade thickness of 0.9mm for example, then the corresponding diameter is 0.9mm * 1000=900mm. The diameter of saw wheel should not be too small. Thus, the fracture of the saw blade may increase a lot.

Saw blade running in

The new saw blade must be run in before the official use. The service life of a saw blade without running in or without running in is 1/3 or less of a running saw blade.

The feed rate during 1. running in is 20-30% of normal feed rate.
2. the running in period is about 5-10% of the expected life.
3. the running speed should be 20-30% during normal cutting.
4. sawing belt starts from running in period and gradually transits to normal cutting.

1. before installation, check the direction of the saw tooth in detail so that the cutting direction is consistent with the rotation of the band sawing machine.
2. check the pattern and number of teeth of the saw band / inch, whether it is consistent with the material and size of the cutting material.
3. adjust the tension of the saw band should be moderate, too tight, easy to break the belt, too loose easy to break teeth and cutting oblique.
4. cutting fluid according to the cutting material adjustment concentration, carbon steel quasi thin, stainless steel quasi thick. And regular replacement.
5. all new saw blades must be run in before cutting. Refueling, will raise the blade to a certain height, avoid severing saw

Matters needing attention:
1. please pay attention to the band saw tooth type when you purchase the saw blade
2 shop can take the brand band saw both spot kept, if the demand is not listed in other brands with saw blade, please Wang Wang asks whether it is kept, the shop also provides other brands with saw blade.
3., according to the customer's production needs, we can make arbitrary length band saw blade