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Ultra precision tool factory through hole / blind hole straight handle (taper handle) mirror rolling reamer 31 Acceptance of non-standard custom-made

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Product Name: rolling knife (inner hole)

Please provide the following data before purchasing

1. aperture and effective depth of hole

2. through hole / blind hole

3. taper shank (size of Morse) / straight handle

4. special specifications can be customized

High quality:To realize the mirror machining of Ra0.05-0.1 m, the hardness of metal surface can be increased and the wear resistance and fatigue strength of parts can be improved only once.

High efficiency:The machining time is only 1/10-1/20 of the grinding process

Economics:The finish of mirror surface can be clamped on any rotation and feeding equipment

Energy saving and environmental protection:Low energy consumption, no chips, no need to deal with industrial waste

Processing conditions

1. rolling tools can only be used for metal material processing, and the material hardness is below HRC40 degrees

2. the rolling tool must be clamped on the rotary feeding machine. Such as drilling machines, lathes, milling machines, boring machines, machining centers and so on

3. when working, clean low viscosity oil working fluid or low viscosity lubricating oil should be chosenThe steel parts are made of oil and diesel oil, aluminum parts are mixed with oil and kerosene, the ratio is 3:7, and the sewing machine oil or transformer oil can also be used

4. the shape of the handle of the rolling tool is selected according to the machine tool

Machining principle of 1. rolling tool

The machining principle of the rolling tool like roller uneven road pressed flat, this tool is very smooth with roller rolling processing metal surface, the workpiece high convex part to lower part of extrusion, so that the surface to smooth as a mirror effect, is a kind of plastic processing. The processed workpiece surface roughness not only instantly increased from Ry1.6-3.2um to Ry0.1-0.2um, but also improve the machined surface hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, sealing and so on, the elimination of these early wear, with cutting can not replace the advantages. The tool has fine tuning device, each small adjustment coefficient is 0.0025mm, the total adjustment range is 0.3mm-0.4mm, so the size of the machining accuracy is also increased accordingly.

2. machining size and surface roughness

We know the machining principle of the rolling tool is the use of extrusion roller surface of workpiece, so before the machining size, rough requirements have a great relationship, and the processed material, need comprehensive consideration. As part of the concavity and convexity of processing, with the number of machining allowance through rolling can increase completely buried sag, achieve a smooth surface, different material, hardness, diameter is different, so that a variety of products at first 2-3 test and obtained the best processing parameters. Rolling machining allowance can less and less, rolling process is finishing the high requirements of the state, the better the general processing before and after processing the effect is better, while the rolling tool wear less. General steel parts remain rolling allowance 0.02-0.04mm, copper and aluminum parts remain rolling margin 0.03-0.07mm, roughness is above Ry3.2um.

3. the wall thickness of machining parts

The use of rolling tool machining, the machining department is required to have sufficient thickness (diameter of the aperture is above 20%), or if the thin-walled part machining thin-walled, deformation may occur or reduce the roundness, encounter this problem can be solved by the following methods: 1, reduce the amount of 2, rolling; use fixture support peripheral; in 3, before the implementation of machining processing; maximum hardness of workpiece rolling tool machining value is HRC30, if you encounter high hardness materials processing tools due to withstand pressure, tool life will be shortened


4, speed and feed

Inner diameter series SH/SB

Processing diameter (mm) speed (min-1 feed mm/rev)
5-7.6             900-1.800            0.1-0.3
8-14.5          800-1.200            0.1-0.4
15-24            600-1.000            0.2-0.6
25-44            400-800                0.3-1.0
45-74            300-500               0.5-1.5
75-99            200-350               0.6-1.8
100-139         100-250               0.8-2.5
140-200         80-150                1.2-3.0

Outer diameter series SA

Machining diameter(mm)speed(min-1Feed ratemm/rev

15-24              400-650                0.3-0.8
25-44              350-550                0.4-1.0
45-64              250-400                0.6-1.5


5. tool diameter adjustment method

1. Use micrometer to measure tool diameter.

2. The diameter of the tool can be adjusted by pushing the adjusting sleeve at the same time to the left and right sides of the handle,The left side is reduced and the right is enlargedEvery moment, of a value of 0.0025mm.

3, after adjusting the diameter, open the aluminum shell will automatically lock the diameter.

4, processing blind hole, ladder hole, the bottom of about 0.5mm-1.0mm can not be processed. The needle roller can touch the bottom of the hole gently.

(bottom taper, R shape not mixed work, should be placed at the bottom of the pad block, to prevent tool stuck).

6. processing equipment

This tool is suitable for common drilling. Car. Boring machine and machining center tool clamping, mainly in the form of straight shank and Morse taper shank two, also can according to customer needs.



7. Lubrication and cleaning

In rolling process, when the roller rolls the metal surface, it will produce very fine metal dust. Metal dust will not only affect the quality of the processing surface, but also accelerate the loss of the rolling head, so it is necessary to inject a large amount of clean working fluid to remove dust. According to the different properties of the workpiece, different clean and low viscosity cooling lubricants should be adopted, and the rolling head must be cleaned regularly to improve the service life of the tool and achieve the desired demand. Recommended: (steel parts with oil and diesel, aluminum parts with oil and kerosene, the ratio of 3 to 7).