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Fake one penalty ten / Japan imported OSG/EX-SFT imported machine with /M4 screw thread tapping M4X0.7 steel parts

discount 70% in 2018-09-21 to 2018-09-23
price: USD$ 29.40
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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OSG Corporation was founded in 1938. As Japan's listed companies, listed on the Tokyo stock exchange, Nagoya stock exchange, and in Europe, America, Asia and other places to set up more than 40 branches, has become the industry leading multinational company. OSG cutter: Japan OSG company is one of the world famous cutting tool manufacturers. The main business products: 1.OSG 2.OSG 3.OSG 4.OSG die tap cutter bit.
OSG series: OSG screw tap, tap the bottom of spiral groove to tapping blind holes, cutting no residue, easy to eat into the bottom, has good machinability. For a continuous coiled material, the inner wall of the blind hole, with uranium to cutting holes in the cutting edge inclination; OSG tip tap, groove, cutting from the front discharge, no cutting congestion, flexural strength, sharp cutting performance loss. Application of continuous coiled material, through hole and inner wall with uranium to high-speed cutting groove hole, machining in machining; OSG extrusion screw tap using plastic machining principle of internal thread, without cutting discharge, internal thread accuracy is very stable, the flexural strength loss. In the application of good extension material, through hole and blind hole and OSG; straight fluted tap straight groove, edge strength, cutting cone length, easy grinding easily applicable in processing materials with high hardness, easy to cause the cutting tool wear materials, powder materials, short holes, tapping depth blind hole.
OSG milling cutter: the product series have OSG carbide end mills, OSG HSS end mills. The product features: 1. sharp corners adopt special shape design, improve the rigidity of the blade tip, protect the sharp angle, prevent the collapse.
OSG bit: OSG carbide bit, OSG diamond bit, VP gold bit, EX gold bit. The EX gold drill can be cutting broken fine and uniform, not only improves the operability and safety, but also can be used in the machining center and the unmanned operation automation equipment.
OSG center drilling series: OSG center bit can drill center positioning processing and chamfering processing before drilling. The center positioning machining can improve the position accuracy of the hole, and the chamfering process can prevent burrs in the end face during tapping. OSG reamer: OSG carbide straight edge reamer, OSG carbide reamer (taper shank), OSG carbide reamer (straight handle).
OSG series: OSG die, die OSG die OSG, die with adjustable taper pipe thread. OSG produced by the die with high precision and long life and famous. Years of research experience and top equipment have produced high quality products. Adjustable and traditional type, no need to adjust size, dedicated to heavy cutting. Can be used as a tool for debugging die cutting thread, can be used for hand and machine.


Import tool: genuine diamond blade. Germany. Tapping Japanese MITSUBISHI. Toshiba. KYOCERA. Sumitomo. TaeguTec. Suzhou style bit.OSG.YG.KOSG.YAMAWA. Mitutoyo. Korea. Chloe mountains. Sandvik. Walter. Semla angel. Carmans. Zhuzhou.CARMEX iscar blades. Sentai England. Kenna of America.

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2., all the goods to the delivery (ie buyers in the bank remittance, money to the account after delivery), do not accept the first cargo after paragraph! Welcome to alipay! This shop sales prices, declined to bargain!!!

3. due to the display, photo taking and drawing process, the product may have a slight color deviation! The color is in kind!

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Please contact us to confirm the stock situation before the 1. shoot. After payment, please give a message, so as not to delay delivery. Thank you. After the payment is not paid in time, after payment, not notice, only once a week finishing leakage.

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