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40*40 L type rubber sheath iron triangle sheath soft foot sleeve pipe sleeve plug plug foot bed pad

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Name: Iron jacket, foot cover

Size: 40*40*4 mm in diameter

Material: Rubber

rubberThickening, wear, thickening, anti slip, slightly rubber odor, soft.

Color: Black(booking other colors, please contact customer service)

Setting: mm mm


For example: the angle is 30*30, thickness of 4 mm, the 30*30 angle is shoot tight match, such as the angle thickness is too thin, not so tight, the more thin iron is loose!

Free of charge2-4 samples are providedTrial, freight self care


(can pay online freight default express, or SF to pay)

The product purchase diagram is as follows:







1) physical shooting, all specifications have individual links and physical pictures!


(2) due to the different specifications of the product, the display of freight is one kilogram of freight, can be consulted whether the customer service is overweight, photographed freight can be modified, please rest assured!


(3) this product is suitable for stainless steel tube, aluminum tube, iron pipe, galvanized pipe, square pass, copper tube and so on, such as plastic hose need to consult whether it is appropriate to shoot again, thank you, if the buyer for other purposes, please exchange with the owner and then buy! Don't accept any unreasonable comment!

(4) the specification of this product is equal to the outer diameter of the steel pipe



Factory main camp:Plastic plug (Fang Saiyuan plug, arc plug, round plug, square hemisphere plug, oval plug, diamond plug, screw hole plug, rubber stopper)

Rubber foot PVC coat (external coat sleeve round rubber feet sleeve triangle set)

Plastic and metal adjustable foot pads (all kinds of adjustable foot pads, square wheels, plug round wheel plugs)

Other furniture accessories | (U type pipe gasket duckbill suction cup nail gasket handrail house lizard shaped accessories, furniture accessories)


The factory has mold room, injection molding department and other one-stop service, undertake mold development, injection molding processing, and so on business, welcome to come to patronize
Round plug (outer diameter) mm
External diameter 1012141619222528303235384042454748505860707476
Round hole plug (drilling hole, screw hole) 
5 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 19 20 22 25 30  
Rectangular plug (outer diameter) mm
10*20、10*30、10*40、10*50、13*26、13*38、15*30、15*50、20*30、20*40、20*50、20*60、25*38、25*40、25*50、30*40、30*50、30*60、30*70、30*80、40*60、40*80、20*100  30*100  40*100   50*100、60*100 45*75 25*75 15*25  

Square tube plug
external diameter)mm
10*10、13*13、15*15、16*16、18*18、19*19、20*20、22*22、25*25、30*30、32*32、35*35、38*38、40*40、45*45、50*50、60*60、75*75、80*80、100*100 70*70 28*28  
Oval / Olive plug15*30 20*40 16*34 25*50 30*60 
Square tube / round pipe nut plug
20*2025*2530*3038*3840*40 circle 19*M625*M832*M820*40*M825*50*M830*60*M8
ABS plastic adjustable foot pads of various specifications
25 round adjustable 25*25 square adjustable 30*30 square adjustable, 32 round adjustable 38*38 square adjustable, 38 round adjustable 40*40 square adjustable, 40 round adjustable, 50 round adjustable 50*50 square adjustable 60*60 square adjustable, 60 round adjustable, 76 round adjustable
Square jacket(inside diameter)
20*20  22*22  25*25  30*30  35*35  38*38  40*40  45*45 50*50  60*60 15*30 20*40  25*50  20*30  25*38  30*50  10*30 30*60 40*60 10*30  40*80  

Round sleeve (inner diameter) mm 6MM  8MM  10MM  12MM 16MM 19MM 22MM  25MM  28MM 30MM 32MM 35mm 38MM 40mm  42mm 45mm  47/48MM 50/51MM  60MM  63MM 

Triangle sleeve  25*25  30*30 35*35  40*40 50*50  


Shelves are a large number of conventional shipments, because the product is constantly updated, our factory will issue more new products, such as not listed specifications, please go to the left of the shop to view, or consulting customer service to the pro link oh!

Our factory furniture plastic parts specifications complete:
Square plug: Baby link
Rectangular plug: Baby link
Round plug: Baby link
Fangyuan sleeve: Baby link
Plastic and plastic adjustable foot pad: Baby link
Screw hole cover: Baby link
White Fang Saiyuan stuffed baby link
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