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Shipping 304 stainless steel expansion screw hook M6M8M10M12 ring net net hook manhole covers

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Promotion stage, 20 yuan, you can mail

      Product information

    Product Name: stainless steel expansion hookSpecification: M6M8M10M12

 Material: stainless steel 304 surface treatment: shock light

Price: marked price corresponding to a price   

Regular packing, 100 packs, one sale, big discount


Use bit:M6 expansion (10 bit) M8 (12 bit)

                           M10 expansion (14 bit) M12 (16 bit)

Take 10 pieces and send 10 of the product by default

Working principle and application of expansion hook

The expansion hook hit the ground or on the wall of the hole, hook the expansion nut tightened with a wrench, bolt to go outside, and outside of the metal sleeve is not moving, so the bulk of the bolt under the metal sleeve to be expanded, so that the whole fullness in the hole, the expansion hook pumping out the.
Product useIt is generally used for fastening of wire rope, chain, etc. on concrete, brick and other materials. But its fix is not very reliable,If the load is greater vibration, may loose, so it is not recommended for the installation of ceiling fans.

Installation method
1. An impact bit with the same diameter as the expansion screw tube is selected. The drill bit is mounted on the electric drill and drilled again. The depth of the hole is the same as the length of the bolt, and then the expansion screw is knocked into the hole together:Do not unscrew the nut to prevent the bolt from falling into the hole when the hole is deep.
2. The expansion bolt tight and loose and then unscrew the nut to tighten the nut feeling 2-3 buckle, then the fixed objects with holes punched in a fixed alignment bolt mounted on the outside of the shim or spring washer to tighten the nut.

As shown in the illustration, the installation method of expansion hook is illustrated:
Installation of M6 expansion hook, diameter of 10MM hole, in accordance with the outer diameter of the tube wall hole. Two, the expansion tube part to enter the wall, as long as the thread part is long enough, the deeper part of the casing, the more solid.
NeedBe carefulYes, the expansion screw must be installed on a relatively hard substrate, soft and easy to fall out of place, unstable, such as the wall of the gray seam.

Attention points of expansion screw installation:
1, drilling depth: related information is the length of the expansion tube, but we found in the specific construction of this depth is not enough, it may be related to debris debris, so you better than the expansion tube length of about 5 mm deep. As long as you are larger than or equal to the length of the expansion tube, the length of the expansion bolt left in the ground is equal to or less than the length of the expansion tube.

2Drilling diameter: M6 drilling diameter is 10mm,The drilling diameter of M8 is 12mm

                        The drilling diameter of M10 is 14mm,M12 drilling diameter is 16mm

 3, the expansion hook on the ground, of course, the more hard the better, it also depends on the force you need fixed object. Install inConcreteThe stress intensity is five times as much as that in the brick.
4. After installing a M6/M8/M10/M12 expansion hook in concrete correctly, its maximum static force is 120kg/170kg/320kg/510kg.