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Classical mahogany furniture hedgehog sandalwood 1.8 meters solid wood bed double bed double bed African rosewood bed

1.100% African rosewood build, not miscellaneous not post skin. The bed weighs 185 kilograms, material, durable. 2. styles of stable atmosphere, is provided with four drawers, bedside cabinet with four drawers. Convenient storage consolidation.

discount 70% in 2018-07-21 to 2018-07-23
price: USD$ 6636.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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This special offer bed activities! Materials, fine workmanship, 100% African rosewood, wood building, 1.8 meters of the bed now special offer! With the top cabinet collocation more preferential oh

All our furniture are genuine, 100%African pear, chicken wing wood, red sandalwood.

Li Zhanggui: 13422798380, l: 18682274140. customer service

This store transport packaging: cardboard + paper + foam packingWood and freight borne by the customer.

The logistics company delivered to the local logistics, customer self mention, for delivery to the downstairs,Need to pay extra charges for delivery.

If you feel satisfied, please give me five points praise Oh ~

Baby namesBBK bedProduct originJiangmen
Baby materialAfrican pearPackingFree bags, bubble film corrugated + (Mao Tan), dozen wood is required (150 yuan / cubic)
production cycleSpot delivery within 3 days, 7-12 days without spot.Type of shippingLogistics to the delivery point, since, to pay the freight. (in different parts of different specific shipping freight, please contact customer service)
Product size (unit: cm)Bed: 200*180  
Table: 54*42*56
The color of the productsRosewood color (yellow)
Cost detailsProduct price + wooden fee of 300 yuan (2.3 party) + freight

We later grinding and painting are Handmade. After many times of carving and transport of mahogany furniture to allow the existence of small flaws, but do not affect the use, please understand the pursuit of perfection, as if quality problems do not take!

Furniture colorThis shop all the 100% pictures taken in kind, but the owner is not a professional photographer, pictures also because of possible reasons, color light or display and real nuances, but is more beautiful than the physical picture.
Paint processThe lacquer is recognized as "the king of paint". (also known as Chinese paint, paint, lacquer, soil) is cut out from the lacquer skin body to collect the sap, has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, anti rust, anti radiation, we produce classical furniture is made by traditional handwork, classical furniture can not only smooth finish, durable, and calm colors not easy to fade. Natural environmental protection, reduce the pollution of the environment, people and nature will dissolve consistent, simple home!
Cost detailsBuyers are required to pay the full cost of =The price of furniture+Wooden packing+ transport to the buyer designated city of logistics costfreight+(Delivery costsLogistics: point to the buyers downstairs upstairs downstairs to the delivery fee + fee), the shop floor to the thin, please understand! Note: the price charged by the seller: wooden furniture and mattresses, according to the actual amount of freight by the buyer, paid upon delivery to the logistics company, thank you for your cooperation!
Maintenance instructionsTo avoid dampness, away from the stove, to be isolated from acid and alkali and other chemical reagents, prevent corrosion (such as air conditioning is the window counterparts, etc.).
To prevent direct sunlight, to avoid wood cracking or crisp; prevent over drying, avoid dry wood deformation; damp proof, lest meet wet wood, long decay; fire, furniture is wood products, flammable items, pay attention to the fire to burn; antimoth rat bite.
Don't drag the furniture, especially assembling furniture (such as bed, desk, etc.) need to move to open, and then lift the move, it is best to wrap move, to avoid furniture breakage or fracture.
Don't wipe or rinse with a damp cloth, but can not use alkaline water, alcohol, organic solvent cleaning, to avoid damage to the wood fiber, gently, carefully bump. Often with a soft clean dry cloth or use walnut oil for maintenance (1-2 / month).
Material descriptionAfrican rosewood, big trees, up to 30 meters high, up to 1.5 meters in diameter. Tropical africa. Pterocarpus, known as the Asian pear, non-standard names can also be called the African pear, red pear, its biological characteristics and is also contains white mahogany, and the heart, also has the characteristics of high hardness, high density, high oil content and good abrasion resistance. Belong to Asian pear trees, luxurious dark hardwood, its color is red, between rosewood and sandalwood color, very much in line with the Chinese on special preference for red. With the furniture is relatively good and stable collocation, wood the wood, cracking and deformation problems of customers worry can be as much as possible to reduce to a minimum.
Packaging logisticsOur factory shipments are only responsible for the common packing: kraft paper bubble film + + (Mao Tan). Strongly recommend that customers select the wooden packaging, wooden wooden factory used by professional pine nail system, very strong, compressive strength. The wooden fee of 150 yuan / square, according to the actual amount of.
notesThe price charged by the seller: wooden furniture and mattresses, according to the actual amount of freight by the buyer, paid upon delivery to the logistics company, thank you for your cooperation!
Promise100% African pear, support expert verification, disguising!

The soul of traditional furniture:

Strong and beautifulTenon structureThe classic be handed down from age to age.

The reason we choose: we are committed to make the best products

Please read the following instructions before photographed:

 1, about the size of

Mahogany furniture or crafts, most of them are Handmade, through material selection, drying, cutting, processing, engraving, polishing and painting etc.. The procedure is complex, long production cycle, coupled with natural wood, not every furniture as like as two peas the standard size for reference only, plus or minus 5% is normal; the tree is the natural scar knot.

Handmade, carved mahogany furniture and many times of transportation to allow the existence of small flaws, but do not affect the use, please the pursuit of the perfect customer, at the time of purchase, understand and agree with this point, not because of a piece of furniture or crafts have a knot or because of small collision and other factors to return! We guarantee the authenticity of all mahogany furniture and crafts materials!

2, on freight

Shop sales profits, so the freight borne by the buyer. Logistics companies are generally in the volume and weight to calculate the freight, we will try our best to win the most favorable freight for you. This shop will not package freight, freight is prepaid, this is done in order to problems in transportation, we can grasp more initiative.

The furniture is bulky items, all the logistics. The long-term cooperation in the logistics company: Mercedes Benz logistics, Debon logistics, logistics, world ARIMA etc.. If no special requirements, we will consider the safety and to select shipping freight.

3, about customer service and evaluation

In order to clarify the rights and interests of all parties, buyers at the time of receipt, please carefully check the packaging integrity, to check the correct number of goods and no damage to road sign again. Otherwise, missing parts or damaged problems found after receipt, if the store does not bear. If damaged, please take pictures or video we can claim to the shipping company; if we found the furniture quality problems, please do not rush to our evaluation is not good, please contact us, if our cause, we will be responsible in the end, to achieve your satisfaction; I believe that as long as the two sides come up 100% sincerity communication does not solve the problem.

For without communication hastily given unreasonable poor buyers, in telephone communication fails, we will cancel all customer service service, serious will be regarded as malicious evaluation of complaints and again declined transactions, to maintain good communication will create a pleasant and relaxing shopping experience.

4. return instructions

〈1〉And the subtle color difference caused by the display and other reasons, subjective or generally think the goods is not fine workmanship (including but not limited to: the panel is too thin, thin legs, FOTILE is too small, the weight is too light...... So, if this question or request, please put forward before the shoot, such as to meet, we must do, otherwise, please find another home buyers to buy) or return the goods, the wrong size, wrong behavior is not love, not satisfied with the grounds, all freight charges and fees (including manual packing the seller may pay the freight charges and return freight to the seller store or warehouse all the seller sent the goods and postal packaging costs and labor costs are borne by the buyer).

〈2〉In return, the buyer received the application, this shop has the right to require the buyer to provide the necessary information (such as pictures or video), and confirm and determine whether the quality problems and return; concrete quality problems please see the return that "1".

〈3〉Return, there must be a complete package, to ensure the safety of the cargo transportation, if buyers caused the rejected goods suffered serious damage (to two sales) to the seller or loss caused by the loss, the seller has the right to refuse refund and exchange.