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The amount of the imperial yuan die 3/16-24

discount 70% in 2018-09-23 to 2018-09-25
price: USD$ 6.02
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:2
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The buyer must read

The default delivery(Guangdong Province, the United States and Canada shipped sto Excellent speed Lbex Ping An of Can cargo freightlogistics  SF) Other foreign SFstoExcellent speed logistics

Due to the choice of the logistics company and different standards,Freight to actual expenditures, please contact customer service freight change.Thank youWelcome to purchase, thank you for your cooperation! This shop so the product is subject to strict inspection after delivery, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes.
Please post the receipt of the parcel, express delivery personnel must be in front of unpacking) view the product is in good condition,The number is correct. Re sign; as the first sign and then check before please check the courier, if there is a problem on the spot and the carrier, if there is damage, please the staff issuedDamaged goods proof(courier to sign and then refused) by courier to deliver the goods back to the store, is responsible for return. Otherwise, due to damage caused by transportation,After receipt of goods that the damage or reasons for return refund, this shop is not responsible for acceptanceThat sign before we are responsible for, after receipt by you in charge

The shop and the store wholesale synchronization.So this shop goods are genuine, the price is the wholesale price, the shop just opened, just to earn a reputation. Make a popular, puerile, please do not bargain. We just to earn credibility, if you are not satisfied with the place please contact customer service, we will sincerely for your service, and service to the pro satisfaction, thus can not be reason for the difference in assessment. Please don't mess in Pro poor, dishonest, spoof please bypass
 Because of the limited time can not always update the price and inventory, please consult the price and delivery before ordering. The actual wholesale prices and spot to prevail. All products are free shipping tax, cargo express, cargo logistics, due to the choice of the logistics company charges are not the same, freight to actual expenditures, welcome to purchase, thank you for your cooperation!

The main:Measuring and cutting toolsHardware toolsCNC toolWelding equipment  Machine tool accessories,Mould fittings and so on. Butter mouth wholesale. Goods/Specifications/Not all one by one. If there is a need for other products please contact customer serviceThen, various measuring and cutting tools Non-standard order
On the spot and prices and pictures
Because the entity and online salesWholesale sales channels, products greater mobility, inventory and price is not updated, too many types of goods, the picture is for reference only, such as the need to see the physical map of friends please contact customer service and shooting, so please please contact customer service to confirm the price and the spot before shooting.
About the goods

The detailed parameters such as did not indicate, please contact customer service. If there is marked with the kind of. In order to prevail in kind.
Price concessions, a large quantity favorably! All the goods are shipped before careful inspection before shipment. Please check carefully if you receive the products after the receipt.To buy our productsFound the problem please rejected. If you have been found to have quality problems, please contact us within three working days from the receipt of customer service replacement. More than three working days by the company in charge of signing85Fold change,(non shop the sale of products, will not be accepted),If your company is caused by the conventional product ordering errors, goods not enabled the packing certificate is complete. In the two sale does not affect the case (except the special products), after deducting the return postage can be replaced. If the damage is caused by human activity, the company will not be accepted in return!. All products sold since the date of the "lifelong maintenance, measuring and maintenance fee and freight"!
On the invoice:Tax can open value-added tax invoices and invoices. To invoice the customer please and good customer service!
About the payment:
Alipay payment and bank remittance, can also express the collection of money! Bank remittance customers don't have to worry about the goods or receive the goods have quality problems, because customers also enjoy all the above remittance service.
About honesty:
Honesty, integrity management is our basic principle! Twelve sincerely for your twelve satisfaction!
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