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Jian Pu kerosene lighter, bronze conquer wheel, Flint naked flame, men's personalized creative gift board installation

discount 70% in 2018-10-19 to 2018-10-21
price: USD$ 25.20
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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A 4 installed a total of 36 yuan
[brand]: JIANTAI
[model]: 6093-23
[category]: Kerosene Engine
[size]: About 57mm x 37mm x 13mm
[color]: real shooting
Weight: about 65 grams
[material]: metal refining
[process]: after cutting, grinding, miniature, mosaic, dozens of elaborate process
[accessories]: original packaging box
[Payment]: recommended to use Alipay to deal, I worry you safe!

The lighter of the invention initially purely for ignition, along with the rapid development of science and technology and the increasing of people's living standard, the lighter the original function has been increasingly ignored, had not only lighter ignition tools, lighter brand has become more and more fashionable people's good heart, like a woman's jewelry, it has become a symbol of a kind of identity.
The use of a high grade lighter, for men, they point not smoke, but emotional appeal. The man in the swallow tobacco spit fog when the mystery of the same face, and lit cigarette that elegant calm posture, all make people fall into a reverie. Today, lighter is not just men's choice, more and more fashionable women are more attractive because they have beautiful and exquisite lighter!
In today's increasingly advocating a healthy life in the society, smoking slowly fade out of a man's life, however, the smoke becomes less important when the lighter but still men love endless.
In recent years, the number of lighter collectors has also been on the rise. Each lighter is a work of art, with collectible value, as a gift to send people!
To your father, to comfort him, to give him a joy.
Give your beloved, let your love forever.
To your friends, let your friendship be inseparable.
Give yourself, give yourself a reward for success.


[use of maintenance]
Please use the correct method of using smoking! Just contact smoking people should read the instructions before use! Because of the use of lead to smoking can not be used normally are not the buyer returned the error! At the same time, buyers should be careful maintenance of smoking, so you can better use and prolong the life of smoking! The shop is introduced using Yanju maintenance precautions!
Yanju use matters needing attentionClick to enter

[introduction of our store]
Our main lighters, ashtrays, cigarette case, cigarette holder, pipe, million matches, cotton core, flint, gas and kerosene, all the baby are producing a direct marketing, high quality and inexpensive, welcome new and old customers to the store Taobao! We definitely do not sell counterfeit products, and resolutely do not do illegal things. We have a number of solid stores, a large area of warehouses, all of our baby has a large amount of spot, buy baby in this shop, assured, safe and secure! If you are interested in the wholesale Yanju, please contact us, we will sell at wholesale prices!

Shopping must read
This shop with a lot of smoking have many colors (patterns), buyers please indicate which color (pattern). If you don't specify which color buyers purchase, we will color (pattern) randomly selected from the smoking article (pattern) to send.
If you specify the buyer to buy color (pattern) of smoking temporarily out of stock and buyers need, we will contact the buyer before shipment, for the other colors (patterns) of the Yanju send.
This shop some Yanju color (pattern) is really too much, hard to pick, baby description will indicate the shop randomly selected color (pattern) to send.
Because all our baby pictures are real, some metal Yanju photos will become brighter or darker light reflection. Some work in the fine metal Yanju different brightness and different angle pictures will show different gloss. Some metal lighter surface drawing or antique can not be clearly seen in the photos.
Our pictures are real images, color phenomenon appears inevitably in the photo, and there is not a camera and display can be 100% reflect the true color of objects being photographed. This shop each photo will be according to proofread kind of color, but in the light of different colors, different look under the display of goods will cause color problems, so you can not accept any color the buyers must look at this clause and consider to buy.
Please take the material object as the standard, the store is absolutely new products, high quality and inexpensive smoking!
The buyer in this store buy Yanju, this shop will be carefully selected to send Yanju, absolutely is a new product. The individual shop cheap Yanju, low cost, the surface may have small flaws. These small flaws are not obvious, does not affect the overall appearance, but not affect the quality! Please consider before buying!
This shop cheap smoking at work feel the quality and the high price of this shop smoking there will be some gap, a penny goods, the shop price high Yanju work fine, feel more comfortable, more excellent quality! Please consider before buying!
Lighter is the pursuit of simplicity, that is, never put the process cost into the useless details, also do not deal with the inside of the casing well. In the painting, electroplating or antique coatings and surface processing, will have some traces of paint or plating individual housing, may cause the casing have different degrees of corrosion". That's normal.
Because the movement is fixed by the friction in the chassis, so pull out or insert the movement, the core surface will have scratches. In addition, because the core is placed inside it, the material does not require its surface to be bright and clean.

Sign must read
After the buyer receives the goods please be sure to check the goods in good condition under the condition of receipt, if the goods are found to be damaged, missing items not equal, please refuse to sign and contact the seller, we will be the first time to negotiate and express company!
The risk of damage and missing items wrong, in the delivery of the goods (the buyer accepted) before delivery by the seller; (buyers sign) followed by the buyer, the seller is not responsible for the risk.
If you encounter the first sign and then open the package to view the situation, the buyer should ask the courier to supervise the scene and open the package to view. If the inconsistency is found, the seller should contact with the seller in time and fill in the details of the receipt, and let the courier to confirm the signature.
If the buyer does not sign or sign the receipt, and then cause damage to the goods, the lack of goods, goods are not equal, the seller is not responsible for, thank you for your cooperation!

Return must read
This store accepts "seven days no reason to return" service. After receipt of goods, if not satisfied with the goods, do not like, without affecting the two sales, you can apply to the store returned goods.
Conditions of return:
(1) the goods returned should be kept the original when you receive the goods (except the quality of the goods itself)
(2) the returned goods should be completely new, and the relevant accessories are complete (except for the accessory parts)
(3) the written materials such as instructions and warranty cards are not filled and defaced and folded (except for the goods without written materials)
(4) the original box should be kept intact (except for the original package)
(5) the returned goods require complete original package, original goods, original accessory goods and original written materials
For goods with quality problems, we offer return service and take back and forth freight.
Due to the buyer's subjective reasons, need to return the goods, the buyers assume the round-trip freight.
If the buyer can not use because of the reasons can not be returned.

[reputation evaluation]
1, our business integrity, thoughtful service, genuine goods at a fair price, to win the trust of consumers, can be in an invincible position in the fierce market competition, in order to obtain good economic benefits! We hope that all buyers will be responsible for scoring and evaluation! After the success of the transaction, you have the right to score and evaluate the store, we attach great importance to your score, evaluation, and strive to get your full marks and praise!
2, please buyers shopping objectively evaluated, not according to my mood at this shop made in the assessment process, receive a trade or commodities such as have any complaints or suggestions, we must first pass the letter or want to contact the owner, the owner will be given proper treatment, in line with the goods returned must return. To solve the re evaluation. A mid evaluation or bad evaluation will cause great negative impact on the operation of the shop! We will try our best to give you a satisfactory reply and the best solution, please don't literally give bad review or evaluation (experience shows that misunderstanding is often because of the lack of communication will appear). We will deliver the goods safely and punctually to your hands on time. But because the courier company is the third party, we cannot control, sometimes due to the courier company, goods packaging cause delays, deformation or breakage, irresponsible shop, courier companies need to be responsible, buyers can score in the shop logistics company service to the logistics company service to make the corresponding score. Thanks for your understanding!
3, if the buyer to receive the goods have any complaints and contact the owner to solve, giving free assessment shall be regarded as malicious evaluation, we will resolutely complaints in the end, to safeguard their own rights and image! Thank You for Your Cooperation!

 * all products sold in this store refuse counter-offer. Clearly is not only for my honesty that is to protect you even bargain!
 Please read the buyers carefully before you buy. You bought the baby on behalf of you have read "buyers must read""! Finally, I wish you a prosperous business and a wealth of money!

 Shop sum Long term cooperation! Express price is the regular express price. Every day express, rhyme can not reach the place, with other express delivery, buyers need to fill the freight difference. We can guarantee punctual delivery, and is responsible for assisting buyers inquiry express number, but this shop can not control the timeliness of the express, please forgive me.
Express way Yiwu - Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai within a kilogram of 6-8 yuan continued weight of 1-2 yuan per kilogram (depending on the region far and near)
Express way Yiwu - other provinces and cities within a kilogram of 10-15 yuan continued weight of 5-10 yuan per kilogram (depending on the region far and near)
       The whole country can arrive, lifting within 500 grams of 20 yuan, continued weight of 6-15 yuan per 500 grams (depending on the distance), thank you for your cooperation!

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