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Car travel inflatable bed car, mattress, vice driver mattress, self driving car, sleeping bed, Che Zhenchuang

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Cozy double bed, free and unfettered!

The bed only sleeps one person. 2 beds are needed for two people, one for the driver's cab and one for the copilot. Look at the picture below




Please note: [1.] is not applicable to vehicle passenger seat can recline, 2. passenger headrests do not get down, there are two kinds of the models can not be used, not clear please consult the customer service.

[name] car travel companion car inflatable bed
[Specification] length 16OCM/ width 60CM/ pillar high 20CM
[weight] 3kg
[color] dark blue, orange, beige three paragraph
[materials] environmental friendly PVC+ flocking
[load-bearing] 150kg
[applicable models] each brand car, three car, hatchback, SUV, commercial vehicles can be universal
[freight]National package, express defaultRhymeNeed to send SF, please contact customer service

Practical function:
The main function of the inflatable bed is placed on the front seat and the back seat of the car, which solves the car mounted inflatable bed for most of the three car, hatchback, SUV, commercial car self driving travel. After using this product, you can lie in the car and lie down on the inflatable bed. When not in use, the gas bed is only needed to be deflated, and the volume is smaller after being deflated, and can be placed in the trunk.


1. What are the main uses of car mounted inflatable bed?
Car travel companion vehicle inflatable bed is used for air cushion bed inside the car, its main purpose is to provide people with a comfortable sleeping car auxiliary products. Such as long-distance driving, outdoor activities and so on.

2, which models are applicable?
Car travel companion car inflatable bed for most of the three car, hatchback, SUV, business vehicles, etc..

3. Why is the inflatable structure adopted by the car companion?
The car traveling companion uses the inflatable structure in the design. The main purpose of this is to do so:
Comfortable,Inflatable structure can bring comfortable lying feeling.
Convenience,Another advantage of inflatable structures is that they are easy to use and carry. When you need to use, the use of standard dedicated air pump can be fully inflated in two minutes. When not in use, the gas can be quickly deflated and rolled up. The size of the product is very small, so it does not occupy space and is easy to carry.
Safety,Inflatable structure design and material application can ensure that the product itself does not cause two damage to the human body under special circumstances.

4, what are the materials used by the car mate?
Car travel companion uses environmental protection PVC. The PVC reached the aviation application level, no memory, unchanged type, environmental protection, non-toxic, no odor. The material is thicker than ordinary plastics, and is more tough than ordinary plastics. It can withstand very large impact force and is not easy to be broken. At the joint, the high frequency vibration and high frequency stitch fusion technology is adopted, which can bear great tension. Meanwhile, the inflatable bed made of polymer flocking material is very flexible. The special air pump and the inner liner of the bed adopt the overcharge protection design, which has the function of explosion protection and self protection.

5, will the leak occur?
Normal use will not leak!
Car travel companion products have strict factory inspection, the product has 120 hours inflatable state constant pressure test, keep constant pressure, air leak to qualified factory. Correct use. The gas nozzles must be closed tightly under the condition of inflation. Any inflatable products (including tires) will naturally leak, this is a normal phenomenon, pay attention to the timing of qi. A new bed filled out after the air bed will be some slack, this is a normal phenomenon, because the gas in the bed and drawstring seam need a buffer gas bed process; some of the material elastic, filled out after some swollen soft, feel relax, to the bed body can fill gas.

6, will not be easily broken?
Can't! No scratch or scratch of the hard goods. In order to avoid unnecessary wear and prolong the service life, it is possible to avoid frequent friction between the body and the hard and sharp objects.

7. Is the operation of charging and discharging troublesome?
No trouble, easy to inflate, easy to operate. Car travel partner equipped with dedicated inflatable pump, access to the car power (cigarette lighter socket) about 2 minutes to complete the inflatable. Deflation is easier. The car companion has many gas outlets, open the vent, squeeze by hand, you can quickly deflation.

8, is car travel companion patented product?
Car travel companion is a national patent product, access to utility model national patent, patent number is: ZL201220700744.0, can be found in the official website of the State Intellectual Property Office

9, adults sleep will be narrow on top?
No, car travel companion is designed for adults, the actual test of 1.75 meters of the adult can sleep straight, so I don't mind when the problem.

10, maintenance methods:
1, if not carefully dirty the bed surface, can be wet cloth or brush with detergent wipe, and then rinse with water.
2, if the whole bed cleaning, after cleaning, put the bed into Pingliang dry, avoid explosion sun.
3, try to avoid sharp, sharp hard object or blade contact bed, so as not to puncture or cut bed.
4, try to avoid rapid stamping, excessive load, often jumping on the bed, the bed or strap to overloading and rupture, causing the bed surface bulge to repair.