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Aluminum profile fittings U type slot, 8mmU type card slot, glass card board, aluminum plastic board net piece

Applicable to the European standard 30/40/45/50/60/80 series card board, card glass, sheet (fit thickness: 2 ~ 5mm) Order telephone: 13701802275

discount 70% in 2018-10-16 to 2018-10-18
price: USD$ 0.98
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:9
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Special type U slot for industrial aluminum profile, special for glass mounting plate.


Amoy friends: Hello! Welcome to our company to purchase products, we will try our best to provide the best service for our relatives! Here in ShanghaiJinciAll the staff of the company wish you a happy shopping!

Buyers notice:

Shop profile:

This Taobao store belongs to ShanghaiGolden grant aluminum industryLimited owned, so our shop for the factory network direct Taobao shop. All the products in the store100%In real photos, all products have a large number of inventory, please Amoy friends to rest assured that the purchase does not have to tangle with the delivery date. Welcome to buy products directly from your relatives!

TwoAbout order:

1All of our industrial aluminum profiles are priced1Price of rice; all accessories are priced1Price of parts.Part of civil material is whole branch6Rice prices, orders and customer service in advance please communicate clearly

2All the products sold in this store can provide regular invoices or value-added tax invoices, need to make an invoice, please contact customer service.

3The length of aluminum profile is basically the same6.02rice/The length of some sections is6The other length of the meter, the specific kiss can see each section profiles, baby details describe or ask the customer service personnel.

4Kiss buying6.02The price of the whole section of the rice is price6One meter accounting. Regular profiles can also be retail as required, and we offer free cutting. Cutting size lower than100mmAdditional charge1element1Knife. Because the remnants, cutting section loss, cutting size at all0.05-0.1Loss. The cutting size error is within one meter+-0.5mmWithin the specified requirements can be explained in advance, all cutting surfaces can ensure smooth, no burr. Removal of cutting angle45All angles except the degree of inclination are1A corner of the yuan dynasty.Note: this shop in addition to industrial aluminum can be cut according to customer size, the other parts are civil aluminum6Rice sales

5The company provides deep processing of aluminum, in addition to cutting the deep processing of aluminum profiles are paid for processing processing, please also note, we will according to the drawing requirements or the processing fees charged

6There is a special shape of the special needs of the Amoy, you can according to the requirements of the friends of the open mold production, proofing period15-18Batch production period15Working days.

7Our shop can be customized all kinds of aluminum profile frame, equipment cover, assembly line workbench. Welcome to map processing, free of charge for drawing friendsCADEffect drawing. Provide you with a more perfect solution.

ThreeAbout delivery and delivery:

1We use inner layer for outer style packing of our shopEPFilm, intermediate layer of kraft paper, outer bubble film packaging, to ensure that the goods in the transport process to reduce damage. Aluminum profile frames we usually shipped in wooden boxes, to close at one cube200Packing expenses of Yuan wooden box.

2Aluminum profiles from cutting--Check--The quantity and specification are counted in each link of packing. Accessories from stock---Packaging is also a special count, shipped with a list of goods, so please Amoy friends in the receipt of goods when the express and logistics personnel face unpacking inspection,According to the above order specifications quantity check, if there is missing or damaged, please do not sign, timely take photos and contact us, we will claim to express or logistics. If you do not check the receipt, we understand that you are no doubt sign, understood as damaged goods without loss of quantity and quality, all the problems after the appearance of our company is not compensable. Thanks for your understanding!

3After confirmation of receipt, I hope the kiss will give me timely praise and marking (scoring should be full hit.)5Oh, thank you very much. I want to pay to get your approval, this will inspire me to do things, refused without any communication situations for my poor evaluation or in the comments, I will appeal in the end.

FourAbout transport mode and freight calculation:

1.Lighter goods2Express delivery within metersevery dayExpress and SF express. SF express delivery speed, safety, to pay and pay as the price. Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai first heavy12element/KGContinued weight per kilogram2Yuan. Other provinces first heavy22element/Kg, continued weight8Yuan per kilogram, continued weight in Guangdong, Fujian13Yuan per kilogram.every dayExpress, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai first heavy6Yuan, continued weight per kilogram1Yuan, other provinces first heavy10Yuan, continued weight5-8elementunequal(The price of some remote cities is not the same, and the exact price is requested by the customer service staff.

2.Goods heavier or longer goods logistics. (we send Debon,The new state,A dedicated lineLogistics,),Starting price30-100Yuan yuan, continued weight1To block3Between the blocks, each kilogram, door-to-door delivery, the calculation of goods over3You may have to pay an extra fee for the meter, and I will lower the price with the logistics company to save the cost. Please communicate with me before shipment. Thank you!

FiveWarm tips!!!

1.Now phishing information and garbage promotion information is rampant, in order to better protect the information security of Amoy friends, please purchase anonymously when purchasing goods. Don't click on irrelevant junk information.

2.Shanghai large volume of door-to-door delivery.