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The cypress folding bed folding single / double bed / wood folding bed folding bed / Office / nap bed

discount 70% in 2018-07-19 to 2018-07-21
price: USD$ 224.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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[product description]

Product name:Cypress folding bed                  

Product materialAll natural cedar

1、 The product uses rare cedar wood production, making full use of the characteristics of Mumi cedar, hard wood, strong corrosion resistance etc.
2Wood, through strict degreasing, cooking, drying, anti-corrosion and other processes, the surface of the use of high-temperature environmental protection advanced paint
3Pure green products, fresh and natural, without static electricity, easy to clean, no pollution, no radiation
4New fashion, environmental protection, practical, to your life with comfortable, warm and happy!
5It can be folded and stored without occupying space, and it is easy to use

Product packagingEquipped with this bed does not need to install, can be used to open Oh!

About cypress, "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, Bai and durable sex, the intrinsic quality is solidified, longevity of the wood, in the popular view, Bai homophonic "hundred" is very few, everything to cover all of its 100: Pepsi, birds, rivers etc.. The common auspicious patterns are: Bai and "Ruyi" map compounds as "Pepsi Ruyi"; Bai and orange as "Everything is fine". Chinese medicine believes that the aromatic gas from cypress with detoxification, dampness insecticidal effect, and can resist pathogens, cultivation of Qi in the body. According to the test, the main component of song terpenes, limonene. These natural substances can not only kill bacteria, viruses, purify the air, but also relax the spirit and stabilize the mood. People breathe the cypress aroma, can lower blood pressure, cerebral blood flow reduction, depression remission. Now some places carry out forest therapy, let cancer patients to cypress forest recreation, most of the patients with mental state change, some also eliminate chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting reaction. In the cypress forest, there is a large amount of negative oxygen ions, which can improve the immune function of human body, and has the reputation of air vitamin.

Bai Shudou cold Ao, perseverance is tall and straight, white Muzhi long, known as righteousness, noble, longevity, symbol of immortality, cypress has strong adaptability, cosmopolitan, settled in rock mountain, perennial green emerald. It can endure 40 degrees of extreme heat, and can withstand 30 degrees of cold, so it is known as "rebuild the natural hero."". Cypress is a famous ornamental species, and solid material smooth, corrosion resistance, and so is aromatic, buildings, bridges, shipbuilding, furniture, carved people.

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