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West Lake Longjing Tea, in China tea crown. Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, around the mountains of West Lake. . The West Lake tea has a history of thousands of years, and reputation in the Tang Dynasty, but the formation of flat Longjing green tea, or about nearly 100 years of. According to legend, Emperor Qian Long visited Hangzhou, served in the Longjing green tea district Tianzhu to write a poem, the poem called "the concept of tea picking song".

. Longjing green tea straight sharpened shape, Ra Junxiu, smooth uniform, in the green color was yellow. After brewing, lasting aroma, fragrance Ruolan; liquor color apricot green, clear and bright, tender leaves, Qi Cheng duo, bud erect, true to life. Drink the tea, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind teeth Liufang, lead a person to endless aftertastes.

West Lake Longjing Tea distribution on Lake West Lake Xiushan mountains. Here near the mountain lake, mild climate, perennial misty, rainfall, and soil structure loose, fertile soil, perennial green tea thick with leaves and deep-rooted, ying. From the willow buds, to cenglinjinran, tea bud sprouting, Qingming before picking bud, called Mingqian tea, the tea bud Gu Yu, known as the tea before rain. Fry a pound of seventy thousand or eighty thousand early tea bud, is the best West Lake Longjing Tea. West Lake Longjing Tea appearance and endoplasm is closely related and its processing technique.

In the past, the seven West Lake Longjing Tea frying stoves, palm fire is very exquisite, known as "seven Zaohuo say three fried". Now, the general electric, which is clean and sanitary and easy to control the temperature of the cooker, ensure the quality of tea. Fry, "green pot" and "braised curse" two steps, frying technique is very complex, there are shaking, belt, rejection, stiffness, extension, buckle, grasping, pressure, grinding, extrusion and other ten ways, stir frying, according to the forming degree of fresh leaf quality and tea pot blank, from time to time to change practices, and because of snobbish speculation.

Green Tea, especially all kinds of delicate tea leaves, not brewing with 100 degrees of boiling water, generally to 80 degrees is appropriate. Observe the dry tea tea, more tender, more green, brewing temperature is lower, so will the bright green tea, refreshing taste, tea contains vitamin C is also less damage. The water temperature is too high, it is easy to turn yellow, taste more bitter (caffeine in tea, easy leaching) of vitamin C is a kind of tremendous damage, the tea "cooked" feeling. Drinking tea with Green Tea is low, 90 degrees -100 degrees of boiling water; if the water temperature is low, while the poor permeability, effective components leaching less tea, tea flavor. It must be noted that the above mentioned, the senior Green Tea suitable for 80 degrees of water, which usually refers to the boil after boiling water (the water temperature reaches 100 degrees), and then cooled to the required temperature; if it is sterile raw water, as long as the fire to the desired temperature