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KSD301 temperature control switch KSD301 thermostat 10A normally closed manual reset 90 degrees

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KSD301 Series thermostat device of plastic as the main body, automatic reset. For household appliances such as: temperature control, electric boiler, electronic disinfection cabinet, water dispenser, electric dryer, microwave oven, electric heater; or the power supply machine, rectifier equipment, household electrical appliances and various electric appliances such as temperature control and overheat protection components. KSD301Series of products is a bimetal thermostat as temperature sensing element,The appliance is operating normally,The bimetallic element is in free state,The contacts are closed/Off state,When the temperature reaches the temperature action,The bimetallic strip is heated by internal stress and rapid action,open/Closed contact,cut off/Close the circuit,In order to control the temperature effect. When the appliance is cooled to reset temperature, automatic closing contact/Open, return to normal working condition. Widely used in household drinking machine and electric heating thermos, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, electric coffee pot, electric cooker, air conditioning, plastic and other electric appliances. With stable performance, high precision, small volume, light weight, high reliability, long service life, small dry worry on the radio

The thermostat 250V10A normally open and closed, with a large number of the spot, a friend in need can contact customer service! ~

Normally closedThe temperature control switch is in working condition (path), over temperature control temperature jump off (off), does not work as an electric kettle

Normally openDoes not exceed the temperature control temperature is open (not working), more than the temperature was closed and started

Buyers in the purchase before the consultation end under the need is normally closed or open, thank you for your cooperation! ~

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