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Shanghai hand straight hand reamer 3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16- to -32

discount 70% in 2018-09-22 to 2018-09-24
price: USD$ 31.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Shop profile

Company introduction: Jingxin tools was founded in 1991, specializing in tools wholesale sales, variety, full specifications.

Sales model: ImplementationRetail WholesalingSales model,Low price warrantyThe more the quantity, the lower the price, until the lowest wholesale price

Special service: add some pointsOrdinary invoiceValue added tax invoice  Undertake cutting toolNon-standard custom made.

The same quality is better than the same price and quality!

Product interpretation

Name:Straight shank hand reamerBrand:Agile workers in ShanghaiAccuracy:H8/H7/D4

Texture of material:Alloy tool steel 9SiCrProcessing object:Steel parts, castings, copper, aluminum and other materials

Reamer accuracy common sense: reamer accuracy has D, D4, D5, H7, H8, H9 and other precision. Among them, the accuracy is commonly usedD4、H7、H8The length and length of D, D4 and D5 are the same, and the length and the length of H7, H8 and H9 are the same, but they are the sameHThe blade length of the class is longer than that of the D class

Specific accuracy difference, we take diameter 8mm reamer as an example:

D4: 8+0.013 - 8+0.023mm, H7:8+0.006 - 8+0.012mm

H8: 8+0.010 - 8+0.018mm, H9:8+0.017 - 8+0.030mm

Product Description: Shanghai Jie Gong honor products, cheap and fine. This hand reamerMaterial forAlloy tool steel.

Sales note:This shop is sold in the form of retail wholesale price, and the price has been the lowest. Therefore, in principle, the smallest box is the sales unit.This hand reamer specifications 3 - 8, 10 / box; specifications 9 - 15, 5 / box. If need to buy please contact customer service.

Postage Description: more refund, less repair, because each specification weight is different, postage can not be accurately measured. If the postage is wrong, please contact the customer service to change the price, if you have paid, but the postage paid more, we will contact the customer service to change the postage to the customer.

Purchase notes

1Taobao distribution line:0576-86966065,13566812022  13486288818

2Postage note: due to a wide range of products. Postage is difficult to achieve accurate, postage problems can be directly consulting customer service.We can't afford to pay for the loss of postage, but we'll never make money on the postage!

3Invoice service:Our prices are not included in the tax price. Add invoice if necessary.One or more accumulated more than 300 yuan can open ordinary invoices, one-time or accumulated more than 1000 yuan to open value-added tax invoices.

4No danger of anything going wrong:For the protection of the rights and interests of the Pro Pro, please before deciding to buy this baby, the best first contact with customer, ensure free Pro has no danger of anything going wrong, the delay time of receipt (occasionally problems of individual popular products inventory pull light. It's a very rare problem, though.

5Bad comment on refusal:Our sales products are genuine! Please don't doubt! This shop covers all kinds of brands of high school and low grade. There are various kinds, different brands and different grades. The quality is different, the price is different, the same brand and different material quality is different, the price is different. Shop promise: do not change material, not fake. One price, one price! We do not exaggerate the price, please have mercy in the pro, assessment! If there is doubt, please contact customer service communication, I ask will be willing to answer for you!

Characteristic service

1Non-standard custom made:This store is engaged in the sales volume of cutting tools for more than 20 years, has accumulated extensive experience in all kinds of non-standard cutting tool production and sales, the customer in case of outdated goods or need to individually customized products, we are willing to serve you.

Undertake non calibration tools!

2Cargo trial service:Because our shop specializes in wholesale products, the same specifications of products also accumulate different brands, different grades, different prices of goods. You think the price is high, we recommend for you the low price; you think the price is low, the quality is poor, we recommend for you the high price, good quality.

The sales volume of cutting tool with powerful, can always find a kind of product for you!

The most expensive is not necessarily the most cost-effective, suitable for you is the best.

3Billing service:Our prices are not included in the tax price. Add invoice if necessary. No invoice under 300 yuan,One or more accumulated more than 300 yuan can open ordinary invoices, one-time or accumulated more than 1000 yuan to open value-added tax invoices.