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Fish hunters, lure, maggot soft bait, soft bait, spaghetti, and night light fat boys 6 centimeters /11cm

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Worm is a very wide range of applications of the bait, manipulation, fish for wide, not only has the fatal temptation to perch, culter, fish, black fish and other species, also has a good effect on some non predatory fish.

"One of the most widely used type of soft bait grubs (grub)" consists of a body and a long tail roll. This kind of soft bait operation is relatively simple. Basically, it is a process of "throwing out and collecting". When it is recovered, the tail tail maggot's tail will move in the water and bring waves to attract fish to catch up.

Fish hunters, fat boy coiling maggot - - ---- the best raw material production, maggot body is very soft, water swimming is very coquettish! The tail of the water is more easy to swing, very tempting! No fish a fish can resist its lure! It is one of the most effective bait of broad-spectrum lure!

Fat boy coiling maggot - - - a soft bait that makes fish irresistible!

1, use the secret formula, let the noumenon retain the unique softness.
2, the beautiful shape, the perfect stroke is full of seduction to the fish.
3. After adding the highly efficient fish inducing agent, this product has a strong odor inducing ability.

lengthweightproportionMagic GreenGreen sauceFlashing redFlash goldLuminousPearl WhitePer package number
6 centimeters2.4 gramsSlow sinkingYesYesYesYesYesYes14
8 centimeters5.5 gramsSlow sinkingYesYesYesYesYesYes8
11 centimeters10.8 gramsSlow sinking

Features of this paragraph

Long tail water swimming absolutely cheap enough, the road sub fish mouth, perch, snakehead, catfish, mandarin fish, pike, Hanyuhe, herring, bass and all ferocious fish.

Soft with toughness, with wave flow into the water after the swing, reusable, true to life; fishing benefits; road sub weapon, ferocious fish killer, please according to the weather, water, water depth and temperature of different flexible choice of different models.

With the best use of lead hook, it can also be hung on other kinds of hooks, with high simulation and economical benefits.

 The road sub simulation bait in the most mysterious and fun most easily in the fish is a kind of soft worm worm, soft color types are more commonly used grubs. Insects. Fish. Earthworm lead and so on, soft insects vivid strokes; perch. Culter. Fish. Black fish and other species all layers of Yongzi search how to make soft water vivid dynamic insect attracting prey hunt is cannot do without manual teasing.

Usage method:
The lead hooks need to match the length and width of the worms, the resistance of the water, the size of the wind, the sinking speed, and all kinds of tiny movements to make the worm appear more dynamic under the water. What is more important is the imitation of the real fish and shrimp and so on, and so on.
The use of a 2~3 inch soft worm and a 16 - minute lead hook in the smooth fresh water will make the soft worm a little more natural.
Red, orange, orange is commonly used in water turbidity or jump bottom simulation worm fishing pond lice and raw fish, white, blue, transparent, usually used in the water is clear.
The key to small fish and shrimp is usually from the head to the abdomen, and the predator will choose to attack it. So the hook tip should be in a side of a worm two exposed to!
The tail of the soft worm is opposite to the direction of the hook, which ensures the right swimming in the water!
Lead lead head hook type there are many, generally rounded shape will be relatively stable, caltrop will have little effect in other water swing to lure fish.

Color display

Flash gold

Flash red: the best sales color.


Noctilucent: the effect of luring the fish is excellent

Pearl White: one of the best selling colors

Soy sauce:

Magic Green

Note: fish hunters and Tuo fishing packaging random delivery (the same quality, the same is the fish Hunter group brand, only the outer packaging difference).

Small class wirosun

No matter seawater or fresh water, soft worms are the main stream of Lu Ya. Like other soft worms, the attack layer is in the middle and lower level, with lead hooks or insect hooks and sinks. Worm target fish can be said to be the way of the crown, basically all carnivorous fish and curiosity big fish comers, due to the soft worm drag speed is slow, so many fish can capture. Worm is one of the world's most widely used, its tail was hook shaped, in closing line, the tail of the dynamic rotate, luring fish very strong, regardless of freshwater fishing or fishing, there is a fatal temptation of predatory fish.

The operation technique of the lead head hook soft worm fishing group

Lead head hook worm fishing group as a whole can search layer (especially in lower) of the weapon, by halleluyah fishing friends welcome, but its easy to hang bottom loss fishing group problem is the bane of it! In operation, there are two ways to choose:

First, the bottom of the search. The hook thrown overboard, line open cup, with slight buckle, put the way the dotted line don't sink too loose, when the line suddenly loose, the lead head hook in the end, the oblique rod refers to (like 9 o'clock, and then watch angle) lift rod tip 10 points, 11 points, 12 points in every time when do carry on a brief pause, pause time estimation of lead head hook sink to the near bottom position to do second times. 12 pole same horizontal plane near vertical pressure nowadays rod slightly back to 9 position and closing line, repeat do the lift action, it will make the water under the bait was N - shaped trajectory of ascending and descending, ascending, hanging end less chance

Two, middle and lower layer search. The first time from the hook to the main water completely loose hook in the end the whole process and then to search the countdown, determine the number of seconds in the water began to close the line, line speed and technique with Mino operation is similar to that of intermediate can add some "pumping", "pendulum" action. For example, the time from hooks to water to the bottom is 20 seconds. Next time, if 18 seconds begin to take up the line, it is the bottom search. 15 seconds is the middle and lower layer search. 10 seconds is the middle level search.

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