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Single shot delivery Japan Daiso puff brush cleaner cleaning liquid makeup brush two selection

discount 70% in 2018-09-19 to 2018-09-21
price: USD$ 13.30
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
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brand Dachuang  
Name A large brush cleaning liquid cleaning agent washing disinfection paint cleaning agent  
Specifications   Packing There is no box, plastic
texture liquid Place of Origin Japan
weight 175g
Quality guarantee period(photo upload only one batch, whichever kind of Kazakhstan, the consulting service)
Matters needing attention
1. because of the Japanese cosmetics packaging simple, not a lot of plastic, soOnce the product is sold, if there is no quality problems, will not move!Please understand the products, to determine purchase!
2. please use before do allergy testing, we only guarantee authentic cosmetics,Does not guarantee that all human beings are not allergic to! So allergic,Not good, not suitable for can not be used as a reason to return!
3. after receiving the delivery, please check the first time items, if found wrong, leakage phenomenon after receipt please please immediately contact the owner processing.
* the wrong goods: if you find the wrong goods, please ensure that goods packaging intact case contact the owner to replace,Once opened, even if the wrong do not change
* leakage: such as the goods found leaking goods, please contact the owner within 48 hours of receiving the goods, the owner will view the video on the day of delivery,All the video for delivery!
4. Japanese cosmetics,Ninety-five percent are alcoholic, because alcohol is not only the essence of the best carrier, but also to promote skin absorption of DD, specificWe can use Baidu Search!! For the beauty of their alcohol turn buy carefully!
5. Japanese cosmeticsA lot of things not only simple packaging, not even a plastic box.What drug store, we sell is what impossibleHe also added a plastic back, paranoia disorder always feel something being used girl please don't buy in the shop!! Vulnerable, also can't explain!
If you want to buy in the shop, they have to comply with the above rules, we don't buy after the above problems, it did not see the run (so much words!!)
If you do not agree to the above considerations, would you please go!! Thank you for!

 This brush cleaner is behind the Chinese, don't ask me a real problem, no need, don't ask me if I was in Japan is better than domestic sales, they are the same, are produced in South korea!! I is to map a cheap freight from Shanghai, a store goods!! The woman of their own convenience, you can also buy their own!

The characteristics of efficacy

 This is a cleaning agent in the domestic puff in two versions, one is the Japanese procurement supply, a domestic Shanghai Dachuang stores procurement supply, the difference is on the back of printing and Chinese Japanese two, shop is currently on sale back a large stores purchase this detailed description of Chinese. The same is two are produced in a factory in South Korea, a large Japanese brands are looking for Korean OEM, I am speechless. The store will be up late amount to Japan direct orders, two versions may also sell mixed. Two texture doesn't make any difference.

For the crowd  
Usage method

Take a small amount of cleaning liquid poured in small containers (such as container cap can be), the brush head into the cleaning liquid, without hands, put the brush in liquid slightly back and forth a few times can brush brush, if the color is too deep, can come up with a tissue to wipe dry brush head add a few times, cleaning is small. Then rinse feeling, after washing with tissue or towel to dry cleaning liquid on the brush head, the brush aside, the brush head is dry, you can use.



Dachuang products are never full bottle, please know this, I don't doubt that we used to or pour point!!





 Buy reading

A small shop, selling is not genuine?

Parents who put 100 heart Oh, we only insist on genuine oh!! If you want to ask questions, please see previous reasons:

1, because the store support, welcome Chengdu woman (because of conscience, so we do not worry about the self reference)

2, the store is regularly updated every time the arrival, let parents buy understand.

3, the store from February 13 points to start, the goods with Japan cooperation label (purchase supermarket checkout time, address, telephone all)

Two, the Japanese date?

Japanese cosmetics is no production date, only the production batch number, batch number only manufacturers can be interpreted in Kazakhstan, but Japanese goods often transform packaging,This pro can go to use Baidu Search, very concerned about the problem of woman shot ah, I also can not explain the batch number!! Please understand clearlyBuy again, the Japanese Linlin pharmacy law give you translate!

Three, about the effect of allergy and products.

Each person's physique is not the same, so the effect is different for each of us, this world is not a product can guarantee to all 100%Effect of 100% not allergic. So please do not because of allergies or products and casual to the poor, because she is beauty industry PorterBeauty is not the producer, I can only put the good reputation of the things bring you back!!!So if the product is not good for you, you can actually writeGive your feeling of use (this is your right as a consumer), but please give us high praise, because we only guarantee: satisfactory service, quality, packageSafety of loading!

Four, about express.

The quality of express in China is so bad that sometimes it hits us! As the saying goes: often walking along the river, where there is not wet shoes!! Something went wrongParents can contact us for the first time, we will take the trouble to contact you express, solve the problem!! But please don't scold us. Oh, expressThere is a problem, I am more anxious than you, and please remember, in the express, we and you are always united front!! Because of the problem of express, and curse to usCustomer service person, determined not to Kazakhstan, we do not need to store the emperor only friends, a friend to help solve the problem of our bounden!)

Five, on the only bad review

If you are not satisfied with some aspects of us, intend to give us a bad review, please contact us in advance, we will try our best to solve the problem for you, to solve the problemYou're satisfied!! So please give us a chance to correct and make up for it!!