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Wholesale XinDa hand reamer reamer SOMTA metric hand reamer of 1.5*20*41

discount 70% in 2018-09-21 to 2018-09-23
price: USD$ 49.70
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The company mainly engaged in mold machinery industry required machine tool peripherals and die room daily consumption. The company's price concessions, product quality is stable and reliable, in good faith, is your sincere partner. 

The main products are:
First, cutting class
    Milling cutterSTK/SKL/LBK/SK/SCS: white steel cutter, tungsten steel milling cutter, very fine particles of tungsten steel milling cutter;

BitSUS Su /YG keep records of round /SOMTA XinDa /STK drill bit high cobalt, tungsten steel drill; Denmark IRWIN cement drill; 60 degrees 90 degrees center drill; drill point; high speed steel rod, tungsten steel rod; white steel, tungsten steel blade;

ReamerXinDa: SOMTA /OKazaki/ reamer; hand straight reamer machine, spiral reamer; high speed steel cutter, tungsten steel cutter;

Screw tapOSG machine /TOSG /YAMAWA/HTD /YG Fuji brand Dabao custody circle /STK/XYC/SOMTA XinDa silk attack, pulling teeth; hand tapping, machine screw tapping, tapping the crowded teeth;

Alloy bladeMITSUBISHI: MITSUBISHI /TUNGAlOY Toshiba /HITACHI Hitachi /KYOCERA KYOCERA /SUMITOMO Sumitomo / Daijie / semla angel /KORLOY song /TAEGUTEC TaeguTec iskat seco /Lamina Linnina / Kenna /WALTER Walter /KGL Le / insert Kage inserts;

Two,CNC cutter class

  1. Japan BIG; St. Nike; Dean; Si; sebang; Anvi; Heyuan; handle. Lining hole. Collet. Edge finder; eChain arbor; YAKEN arbor; a high bar;The milling cutter rod, cutter; tool body; drill chucks; collet cable nozzles; cutter bar; Morse thimble top;
    Three, measuring class
    Japan Mitutoyo Mitutoyo / Nikon / SONY / /EISEN / peacock Baile TRIMOS/GIROO-TAST/TESA/ES/ Switzerland Germany; DIATEST/IBR; S-T/ACU-RITE/UNIVERSAL/PEC; America; Chinese work; Guang Lu; Qinghai; double loop; quantity; Kazakhstan; sun; Guilin; Tema brand; vernier caliper, caliper, caliper, micrometer, depth gauge, 1000 lever the dial gauge, height gauge etc.
    Four, mold parts
    SKD11/SKH-9Punching pin, A punching, three stage punching and special blanking; SUJ2Guide pin, guide sleeve, independent guide pin, fixed pin, cross pin, T pin; The sleeve, screw, rubber; import / domestic spring; SKD-61/SKH-51Thimble, cylinder, non-standard custom-made
    Five, abrasives abrasive
    NORTON/KINIK/Thai Le Li / anchor brand CBN/SDC grinding wheel; grinding wheel; Japanese Red Eagle / warrior / earth / sandpaper; China Yingpai sandpaper; German wool. Leather. Sponge grinding head, grinding head, grinding head, grinding sponge leatherA grinding rod, tungsten steel grinding, milling, pencil file, diamond grinding paste, cup wheels, diamond grinding wheel; Japan fiber oilstone, Jinzhong / will Po whetstone whetstone; iron
    Six, machine tool accessories

Michelin eagle;JingZhan; durability; punch punch molding machine, grinding machine, permanent disk / disk / disk vacuum solenoidPrecision hydraulic vise / air vice general machinery / solid angle vise / batch grinding machine; universal dividing head; precision hydraulic chuck chuck / general / soft / claw; lathe collet, automatic lathe grinder fittings; fittings; milling machine fittings.

Main products or services:
 Sales: mold hardware fittings, CNC cutting tools, measuring tools, measuring equipment, abrasives, machine tool parts and accessories.

 Service tenet: customer first, honesty, quality first, service first class!!!

Buyers must read:

1. in order to ensure the baby no quality problems and normal use, we will disassemble the package before mailing, check the quality and operation

2. the goods sent by the store are in agreement with the carrier, and have taken protective measures. You or your family (colleagues) have received the goods courier or parcel, please be sure to check the goods in the courier company staff before the test is complete, the number is correct, and then sign; as the first sign and then please check before delivery man face check, if there is a problem on the spot and the carrier is proposed, if damaged, please the staff issued a "damaged goods proof" (courier to sign and then refused) by courier the goods returned to the shop for replacement. Otherwise, because of the damage caused by transportation, after the receipt, then ask the owner to replace parts or say the amount of goods errors, the shop is not responsible! Thank You for Your Cooperation!!!

3. baby self timer, the buyer without payment if not communicate with the store, our store will retain three days for you, beyond the time, the shop will close the transaction, please buyers attention!!

4. this shop strongly recommend using Alipay, safe, convenient and fee free! If you need a bank remittance buyer, please contact us as soon as possible after the payment, inform the consignee name, address, zip code, remittance amount and import bank, so that we can deliver it to you in time

5. due to the shooting, display or the product itself has a variety of colors and other reasons, pictures and objects may have subtle differences, please object in kind.

6. after the buyer received the baby, please contact us in time, to ensure that the goods have been sent to your hands
7. if you buy goods in this store found quality problems, we will unconditionally exchange for you. But for the size, color is not suitable for non quality reasons for return, we will deduct the goods shipped freight, if not for quality problems for replacement, the buyer will bear all the goods freight.

8., we will try our best to make every buyer satisfied, we will treat every buyer, please buyers treat us kindly

9., all the goods to the delivery, we will receive your money after delivery in time for you!

10., our shop has a variety of specifications,Taobao stores are not able to publish all specifications one by one. Please do not directly photographed baby, Amoy friends please directly contact with our customer service, told us the staff, Amoy friends need specific specifications, our customer service will quote you in time, thank you!

11., one quality, one price. Buyers before taking the goods, please consider clearly, respect each other's labor results, avoid taking non payment!

All products are 12. shop support for Alipay, one price for the final price, the purchase of single items does not accept the bargain, large quantity, thank you for your cooperation!

13., because the goods arrived far from the same, but also lead to different fees, fixed above the standard postage only for reference, we guarantee that the postage will not be accounted for the customer's cheap, uphold the principle of more than less!

Some things heavy, bulky, not recommended to express delivery, delivery mode for logistics freight (need to bring the owner ID card from the pick up). If you want to send express, according to the actual courier charges, goods packaging is relatively large, please try to choose logistics freight, because the logistics freight price is relatively cheap, thank you for cooperation!

14. if you feel satisfied with our service, please give me a praise ^ ^, if there is no place to meet, please inform the owner, in order to give you timely treatment, do not have any contact in the case of given negative feedback in the comments or, while doing your problem has not been resolved, and the negotiation we will give you a satisfactory answer

If we are not online, please take the picture first. The contact is as follows:

Contact mobile phone:13215121911/13713157905  

Contacts:Mr. Deng Xiaoquan

Look forward to working with you hand in hand, feel the joy of sincere cooperation!!!!