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Burma Huali wood furniture mahogany carving flower feather Tan 1.8 meters double bed wood Chinese style simple bedside

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Name: Tan carved flower and bird bed

Huayi rosewood home

Packing: Foam + + wooden board

Manufacturing process: mechanical and manual process, and exquisite carved tenon

Material: padauk (Burma rosewood rosewood) __ GB

Color: natural color (open lacquer waxing)

Delivery cycle: usually one to two days, custom color is generally a week

Freight: all to pay

Specifications:Bed length 215 (outside) headboard length 220*126 (height)

Bed box 180*200*38 (bed height) bed tail board 180*48*4 (thick) bedside cabinet 50*49*50

Burma rosewood (rosewood (fruit)PterocarpusmacarocarpusKurzIt is mainly produced in Burma,ThailandandLaos. The name of the product isBurmapadauk,pradeo,maydo prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"

The porosity of semi porous wood is obvious. The growth wheel is obvious. Heartwood orange, brick red or purple, often with dark stripes; scratch is obvious to the sawdust water extract; blue fluorescence, weak or no. The tube hole is larger in the growth wheel(But the proportion of growth round was smaller than other species)In.Naked eyeThe diameter of the chord is the largest269μmAverage1 27 μmFew, to a few,11 5individual/mm2It often contains yellow sediments. axialParenchymastayNaked eyeUnder the obvious, the main isConcentric layerClose tubular strip/Poly wing and thin line shape(wide14Cells). Wood fiber wall thickness. Wood ray visible under a magnifying glass; ripples under a magnifying glass or slightly more obvious; ray tissue with the single line. Strong aroma, fine texture, staggered texture, air dried density080O86 g/cm3

Big red sandalwood is a deciduous tree species, the warm and humid tropical climate, low temperature resistance, safe through0℃The following winter. It can use fallen leaves to survive drought and low temperatures. In warm and humid environments, the time of defoliation decreases, allowing it to grow faster. Summer is the peak of its growth. Usually the padauk tree can be as high as20M to30Rice, diameter up to23cmThe maximum can even reach32cm. The heartwood is relatively late, usually required20It's only about 60 years old, so the artificial planting is normal30It can be cut down in about a year. In addition, the strong adaptability to soil padauk, in China's tropical and subtropical red soil, latosol, coastal sand soil and alluvial soil were growing well. It is suitable for afforestation in the south of Tropic of cancer in china. Because of its ability of nitrogen fixation, it can improve soil, and can also be used in tropical and subtropical degraded areas.


Padauk currently on the market are widely used, commonly known as Burma pear, mainly distributed in the Indo China Peninsula(Burma, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Kampuchea, Western Malaysia and Singapore, padauk heartwood was orange, red, purple, yellow brick red or pale yellow, often with dark stripes; the most notable feature is fruit aroma, aroma of the new section of the more obvious; padauk wood clear. Uniform fine structure, some parts have the obvious tiger; in addition, padauk soaked in water, leaching liquid blue fluorescence was.

Rosewood fragrance can stabilize the central nervous system, a comprehensive balance effect, can eliminate depression, fatigue and worried secondary mental state, refreshing, refreshing. Therefore, the bedroom furniture made of rosewood, for insomnia patients have certainHealthcareEffect。


Fruit red sandalwood, rosewood is of good material, usually used in building and joinery, furniture, wood flooring, car wheels, tool handles and crafts on the ship. And the use made of padauk furniture, many become valuable classic mahogany furniture boutique, the person sought by collectors. In addition, many padauk wood resin, heavy oil, resin can be used as a red dye, padauk is listed as a rare wood.

3Price quotation

In recent years, China's mahogany furniture market has entered a hot state, the price of raw materials is soaring, precious wood is doubled growth. Padauk by virtue of its high price advantage, has attracted wide attention of consumers. From some timber market was informed that Burma rosewood timber quality is good, import prices rising year by year, coupled with the fixed consumers love it, so the market still has great potential for development. stay2010In 2012, it was at a price1.0 ~1.5Million yuan/About tons,2011Annual price in1.0~1.8Million yuan/Tons, at present the price of raw materials in the padauk1.0~2.0Million yuan/About tons.

Material is an important factor to determine whether furniture can appreciate. Has the characteristics of excellent padauk wood, if taking it as material, design, reasonable design, scale design, mortise and tenon structure used in our traditional and exquisite techniques to build the padauk furniture, will have a higher value.

4the way to distinguish

Mainly from the following aspects of identification:

1.See wood grain. The padauk wood delicate. The grain of African pear is rough

2.Look at the color. Padauk wood with distinct brown blisters. At present, Burma rosewood furniture commonly used wax, rather than in domestic furniture is generally non domestic furniture, paint process, tofo(The color is light before painting)

3.Smelling fragrance. This is the most simple and effective method for the identification of, look at the furniture in the factory when the fingers scrape a little flower, if you will smell the obvious smell of padauk. Usually when you look at rosewood cabinets, open the door of the moment, you will be based on the smell of the smell to distinguish. Non state rosewood furniture made of a sour taste

Mahogany furniture maintenance six
Mahogany furniture as high-grade furniture, maintenance must be appropriate. There are eight methods of maintenance recommended by experts.
1: Mahogany furniture daily maintenance, the use of clean soft cloth wipe the surface dust trace. Avoid using wet cloth, hard objects to wipe the surface and mirror, and avoid contact with acidic chemicals and other surfaces.
2: rosewood furniture generally use longer, so they should always protect the furniture surface coating, preferably every three months, Matt: with a little wax wipe once, light: imported without oily cleaning use a soft cloth to polish, later with a clean, not only increase the appearance of furniture, but also protect the wood.
3: rosewood furniture is different from ordinary furniture, it should avoid wet, dry, so special mahogany furniture should not be subject to exposure, avoid blowing air toward furniture, mahogany indoor furniture placed in the position should stay away from the door, window, outlet air flow such as a stronger position not by sunlight.
4: winter should not be placed in the vicinity of heating, avoid indoor temperature is too high, generally people in the room wearing sweaters feel comfortable is appropriate.
5: prevent alcohol, banana water and other solvents inverted. Otherwise, the furniture surface will be long "scar"". Meet the furniture surface with dirt, wash with mild soap and water after drying, and then waxing once, to restore the original appearance, but do not use gasoline, kerosene, turpentine and other solvents liquid rub, otherwise it will wipe the surface of coatings and paint gloss.
6: rosewood furniture to Tibet were moderate, hood stored objects, do not exceed the frame, if often squeeze hard, will cause the deformation of the door.
7: Mahogany furniture mahogany surface is generally brittle, such as desktop, chair, should always pay attention to prevent bumps cracked, if you want to move the furniture should be mentioned, do not drag, so as not to cause the overall structure of the loose furniture, found on a delinking tenon and mortise department in use or when moving, must be sealed again after gluing use again.
8: Taiwan mahogany furniture panels, in order to protect the film is not scratched, but also to display wood texture, generally placed on the table thick glass plate, and between the glass plate and wooden table with a small chuck pad separated, it is recommended not to use transparent polyethylene crystal plate.