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Japan imported OSG spiral tap (wire tapping) 6*1EX-SUS-SFT-OSG number 15124

discount 70% in 2018-09-21 to 2018-09-23
price: USD$ 29.96
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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OSG taps imported from Japan

* buyers' instructions:
1. imported Japanese OSG tap, because of the large number of products, welcomed the inquiry, accept orders.
3. if you want to order, you need to pay thirty percent cash in advance.
2. because the product flow is large, occasionally there will be out of stock, so before deciding to buy this baby, please contact with customer service.
The main chip removal groove and special features:
The screw tap, the lower part of the spiral groove can tap to blind, not cutting residue, easy to eat into the bottom, has good machinability. It is suitable for cutting material with continuous curling, blind hole and inner wall with uranium cutting groove;
The end taps, edge groove, cutting out from the front, no cutting jams, bending strength, cutting performance is sharp. It is suitable for cutting continuous curling material, through hole, inner wall with uranium cutting hole and high speed machining;
Extrusion thread tapping uses plastic principle to process internal thread, no cutting discharge, internal thread precision is very stable, and bending strength is large. It is suitable for use in materials with good extensibility, through hole and blind hole;
The straight slot taps straight groove, edge strength, cutting cone length, easy grinding easily applicable in processing materials with high hardness, easy to cause the cutting tool wear materials, powder materials, tapping short holes, blind hole depth.

Basic situation processing:

Tap break

Tap the threaded hole machining, hole diameter is small, chip is not good due to clogging of the blind hole; thread when the drilling depth is not enough; tapping taper screw speed is too high too fast; the diameter of tap and the tap tapping tapping taper thread with different axis; tap sharpening parameters is not suitable workpiece hardness; instability; tap used for a long time, excessive wear.
The diameter of the bottom thread correctly; grinding edge inclination or selection of spiral fluted taps; drilling bottom hole depth to meet the prescribed standards; appropriate to reduce the cutting speed, according to the selection criteria; correction of taper thread tap and bottom tapping, ensure the coaxiality requirements, and selection of floating cone thread tapping chuck increases; the corner tap, shorten the length of the cutting cone; ensure workpiecehardnessIn accordance with the requirements, the use of insurance chuck; found tap wear should be replaced in time.

Tapping of tap

The tap angle is too large; the cutting thickness of the tap is too large; the tap is too bigQuenchThe hardness is too high and the tap is worn seriously.
Properly reduce the rake angle of the tap, increase the length of the cutting cone properly, reduce the hardness and replace the tap in time.

Tap wear too fast

The speed of tapping thread is too high; the selection of grinding parameters is not suitable; the choice of cutting fluid is improper; the use of material is not enough; the material of the workpiece is not enoughhardnessToo high; when the grinding of taps produces burns.
To reduce the cutting speed properly, to reduce the rake angle of the tap, to lengthen the length of the cutting cone, and to select a good lubricitycutting fluidProper heat treatment for the workpiece to be machined; correct grinding taps.
Tap thread diameter is too large
Improper selection of middle diameter accuracy grade of tap;cutting fluidThe unreasonable choice of tapping screw thread; the speed is too high; tap tap tapping and workpiece coaxiality deviation; grinding parameters are not appropriate tap edge grinding burrs; tap; tap cutting cone length too short.
Choose the proper diameter of the tap; choose the right onecutting fluidAnd appropriate to reduce the cutting speed; tapping taper thread taps and correcting the tap thread bottom hole coaxiality; floating chuck; reduce the rake angle and cutting cone angle; eliminate burr grinding taps generated, and to appropriately increase the length of the cutting cone.
Thread diameter of tap is too small
Middle diameter of tapaccuracyImproper selection of grade, improper grinding parameters of tap, wearing of tap and unsuitable choice of cutting fluidThe middle diameter of tap suitable for accuracy grade should be selected; the front angle and taper of tap should be increased; the worn tap should be replaced; and the cutting fluid with good lubrication should be selected.


Tap thread has a large surface roughness
The grinding parameters of tap are not suitable; the material of the workpiece is not suitablehardnessThe quality of tap grinding is poor, the choice of cutting fluid is improper, the tapping speed of tapping thread is too high, and the tap wear is large.
Increase the rake angle of the tap to reduce the cutting taperheat treatmentTo improve the hardness of the workpiece properly, to ensure the lower surface roughness of the tap rake surface, to select the cutting fluid with good lubrication, and to properly reduce the cutting fluidcutting speedReplace worn taps