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75 plugging municipal sewage pipe plugging water test airbag pipe plugging test leakage rubber airbag

Municipal sewage pipe sealing water sealing rubber water bag, pipeline construction plugging water closed experiment, rubber water plugging airbag 50-3000 (black), complete specifications, adequate cash, large amount of concessions, quality assurance, reasonable price, quality service, welcome to buy. Otherwise, the hollow mould of the bridge and the hollow mould of the side ditch of side ditch tunnel. Please join the shopping cart. Thirteen billion seven hundred and seventy-five million six hundred and fifty thousand and ten

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In the correct use of circumstances, you can pay attention to cleaning 40-60 times

Due to the leakage and damage of pipes in long-term use, timely repair must be carried out. In the new town residential area, the underground drainage system must be closed water test, in the past, the old method of brick, cement and yellow sand head is used, and this method is too wasteful of materials and artificial, especially poor work efficiency. Pipeline plugging airbags particularly suitable for the drainage pipeline plugging, gas test, closed water test, leakage and maintenance test. "Municipal pipeline plugging bag" the call method or the use of different geographical areas, such as: inflatable pipeline occluder, pipeline plugging and water plugging, pipeline plugging airbags, airbag, airbag pipeline pipeline plugging ball, etc.. In order to quickly check the drainage pipe leakage, we developed a rapid and simple construction tools - pipeline plugging air bag, the airbag has good elasticity, high strength and pipe wall tightly, simple operation, time-saving and labor-saving and convenient, is a closed water drainage pipeline construction tools, full water test sewage pipeline plugging and emergency repair ideal, since the product from the market in recent years for its excellent quality by many domestic large-scale construction units and the construction units of praise and favor.

Compared with the first generation pipeline airbag, this tool has the advantages of good air tightness, flexibility, high wear resistance, high acid resistance, anti-aging, cheaper price, better quality, more perfect function, more intuitive detection and so on,. The production pipeline gasbag is easy to operate and the inspection is intuitive. It can timely check and eliminate the quality hidden trouble in the construction process.

Usage method:

Open the pipe inspection port, the closed water blocking (pipeline airbag) from the check port slowly placed the required location, and then to the closed water plugging (pipeline airbag) inflatable, inflated to the appropriate pressure is good. Attention should be paid to avoid the pipe fittings, because: (1) there is a joint in the wall, which affects the tightness of water shutoff. (2) so as not to expand to the side, the air pressure can not hit, if continue to inflate, will be broken. For cast iron drainage pipe, clean sand is required,The inner wall is smooth and no burrs are allowed,Otherwise, it will affect the sealing of water plugging and even pierce the capsule. All kinds of closed water plugging (pipe air bag) must be used in the corresponding pipe,You can't take small generations. After checking, release the gas from the air bag and stop the water from the pipe

3,Get ready:Firstly, the components of the air bag inflatable device are combined,Tool leak check.Hold the water bag in the bucket full of water and hold it down,Inflating the air bag with water pump by air pump,Check if the air bag is leaking.

4,Open the standpipe inspection port,Place the water tight airbag downwards from the mouth to the desired position,Then inflate the gas bag,Make the water tight gasbag close to the inner wall of the pipe, and the water is not leaking.Be careful,Water plugging airbag should be avoided at the riser pipe fittings,Reason:,1There is a joint on the inner wall,Influence on tightness of water shutoff.2So as to prevent the airbag from expanding,The air pressure can't beat up,If you continue to inflate,Water plugging air bag will be broken.Cast iron drain pipe,Sand cleaning is required,Inner wall leveling,Burr is not allowed,Otherwise, it will affect the sealing performance of water shutoff,And even pierce the capsule.All kinds of water proof air bags must be used in the corresponding pipes,You can't take small generations.

5,Irrigation at the floor (also at the entrance) to the floor height,Then the irrigation pipe and pipe interface are checked one by one,If there is a leak,Make a mark,After drainage, repair treatment,Such as rubber ring flexible interface,It can be repaired with water tight bolt at leakage interface.If there is no leak point in the irrigation pipe inspection,Then the water level is stable,Irrigation duration15Minute,keep5The water level is not reduced to qualified for minutes.

6,Deflate the airbag,And then slowly squeeze out the air bag,Be careful not to damage the airbag.

7,Take out the blocked air bag,The water should be discharged quickly,If it drops very slowly,It shows that there is debris blockage in the irrigation pipe section,It should be cleaned up in time.

8,Method of inflating air bag with water blocking,It can also check whether the stool is leaking.The water blocking air bag is arranged at the drainage port of the squatting stool and is inflated,Then irrigation in the squatting stool (upper edge of the water closet),If the water level drops,It indicates that there is leakage at the flushing water inlet interface,Or the water interface of squat stool is not sealed tightly,Or there's a leak in the squat stool itself,Should be directed against.

9,The irrigation test should be carried out in different sections (layers),The test results should be recorded.

10,The irrigation test methods of buried pipeline are basically the same.

11,This water bag is a national patent product,The made.

Main materials and equipment requirements

ladder1ministry,Water level drop for inspection of well sections,

Drum1Only (with weights and measures),Mainly used for replenishment,

Submersible pump,Equipment power1.5KW,2platform,Equipped hoseD100 50rice,It is mainly used for pumping during closed water test,

Test water consumption.

Conditions for closed water test

1The appearance quality of pipeline and inspection well has been checked and qualified,

2The pipe is still soil and no water is accumulated in the groove,

3All reserved holes, plugging must not leak,

4The bearing capacity of both ends of the pipe is not larger than the water pressure,In addition to leaving the water pipe outside,It should be blocked firmly and must not leak,

5On site, three links and one leveling work have been completed,And the drainage ditch is set up.

6All kinds of equipment have been purchased,The materials have been prepared,It has been processed and complete.

7The wellhead scaffold has been set up in the test well section,And comply with safety regulations.

,Closed water test procedure,

Construction preparation -- cleaning the inner wall of the inspection pipe -- plugging pipe hole -- filling water of the well section -- soaking24Hour -- check the water leakage on the outer wall and the interface of the pipe

Closed water test method

Closed water test of drainage pipeline,It is necessary to carry out the sectional test from the upstream,The test of the upstream section is completed,Water can be poured down,In order to save water.Closed water test device for drainage pipeline.

1Test segment

Test pipe section should be divided according to well spacing,Length should not be greater than1Km,Well test.

2Test head

The test head shall comply with the following provisions,

1The upstream design head of test section does not exceed the inner wall of pipe top,The test head is added to the top wall of the test section2mmeter,

2When the design head exceeds the inner wall of the pipe top in the test section,The design head of test head is added with the design head of test section2mmeter,

3When the calculated test head exceeds the upstream inspection well head,The wellhead of the inspection well above the test head is the standard.

3Test steps

1Plugging the ends of the pipe at the end of the pipe,A pipe plug is made of bricks,Must conserve3-4dAfter reaching a certain intensity,Water injection in inspection well of closed water section again.

2The soaking time of the test pipe is not less than that of the water filled pipe24h,Make the pipe fully saturated.

3When the test head reaches the required head, it starts clocking,Observation of pipe seepage,Until the end of the observation,The water should be filled continuously into the test pipe section,Keep the test head constant.The observation time of infiltration water shall not be less than30min.

Calculation of water seepage

Calculation of measured seepage water quantity


Type,QWater seepage measurementL/min.m))

WSupplementary water quantityL

TObservation time of seepage water (min

LLength of test tube sectionm

Six,Closed water test standard

1Closed water test of drainage pipe allows the amount of water seepage should be in accordance with the provisions of the following table.(omitted)

2Piping is greater than the specification of the meter,The amount of water that should be less than or equal to the press formula,


Type,QAllowable seepage capacity[m3/],

DInner diameter of pipemm.

3The allowable seepage water quantity of irregular section pipe can be converted into circular pipe calculation according to circumference.

4In areas where water is scarce,When the pipe diameter is greater than700time,According to the sampling interval1/3.

Check before acceptance

Pipeline engineering is mostly underground engineering,Intermediate acceptance of concealed works should be carried out during construction,Completion of the construction should be completed acceptance.

The closed water test is the check and acceptance of the watertight test of the pipeline.

The test form is,Record of water pressure test or closed water test of pipeline.


1Do a good job of safety technical disclosure,Strictly implement safety technical operating procedures,Strictly prohibit illegal command and violation operation.

2Cross crossing within the scope of construction,And ditch,Slot and other dangerous parts,Guardrail must be installed,Capping and other protective measures,And set warning signs,Red lights should be hung at night.

3The electromechanical equipment shall be supervised by a special person,Electricity must be controlled by one machine and one brake,Strict grounding,Zero connection and leakage protector,Pumps and components must be cut off when the power supply is repaired,Live working is strictly prohibited.

4Ladder should be used for up and down groove,The ladder should be firm and stable

5The water pipes of gas),Tell the farmer not to hit the pipe,In order to avoid burst pipe wounding.

6When the water level is detected in the well,Pay attention to safety of up and down well.

Matters needing attention in construction

1Water seepage test is one of the important links in the quality inspection of drainage pipeline construction,Enough attention should be paid to it.Whether the seepage water is qualified or not has a certain relationship with each process in the construction process.

2Strengthen the inspection well before the test,The Conduit,Comprehensive inspection and renovation of branch pipe connections.

3After the test is qualified,The opening of the blocked pipeline should be opened before completion of the whole pipeline,Avoid hidden dangers.

4In the test process,In case of a larger area of seepage or leakage,The water in the pipe should be withdrawn in time,Processing,When the strength of the treatment meets the requirement,Re watering test,Up to the standard.

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