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Maple Leaf refrigeration oil, automotive air conditioning refrigeration oil, R134a frozen oil, snow seed oil compressor, frozen oil

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Main products: automobile air conditioning compressor, condenser, evaporator, clutch, drying bottle, expansion valve, air conditioning pipe and other air conditioning accessories
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Installation and operation instructions of compressor for automobile air conditioner
A:Please understand that compressor is only responsible for air conditioning compression, not responsible for refrigeration. No leakage, no noise, enough pressure is qualified product.
Two: because not equipped with auxiliary fan or radiator condenser surface is too dirty, use air conditioning, in the heat dissipation will cause high temperature, resulting in compressor high pressure, cause compressor and clutch easy damage.
Three: the original compressor has been damaged, that is, the original car air conditioning system has been a problem, and the cause of air conditioning compressor failure is as follows:
(1), bad heat fluoride added too much, resulting in high voltage load caused by the compressor, the pressure plate and the connecting rod parts damaged or burnt lock;

(2) the use of the vehicle for too long, the compressor aging produce organic carbonized material, resulting in pipe blockage, or drying bottle failure, can not filter water, causing ice jam;

(3) the pipeline assembly has not been fixed for a long time to swing, resulting in loosening and leakage.
Four: before replacing the compressor, please be sure to perform the following steps:
(1) separate and clean each pipe in the system, and then soak it into the condenser and evaporator for 20 minutes with detergent. Then wash out the dirt with the high pressure nitrogen. Do not clean the compressor, drying bottle, fluid collector and throttling pipe. And ensure that the system does not contain any cleaning liquid, and if necessary, use nitrogen to dry the refrigerant circuit;
(2) cleaning the condenser and evaporator surface to check whether the cooling fan speed is normal or not;
(3) expansion valve cleaning or replacement, drying bottles and pipe filters must be replaced;
(4) check and correct the oil content and viscosity before installing the compressor. Vacuum, filling fluorine, check the high and low pressure, the general normal pressure is 180-200Psi, low pressure is 30-40Psi, if the pressure is not normal, please diagnose the reason and then install.
(5) check and correct the oil content and viscosity of the oil, and then install the oil.



For your car, in order to better cooling effect, the owner recommended the use of pure 134A refrigerant.