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Solid Welch 899A plate aluminum plate decoration pearl cotton universal 900ML glue spray atomization

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Product name:

Name: solid Welch 899A universal aerosol adhesive

Specifications: 900 ml / bottle, 24 bottles / box


Unique triangle meet, spray area wider, more uniform gluing!

Product use and scope of application:

 Architectural decorationTemplate: cloth, glass, ceramic tile, flooring, plywood, bamboo, wallpaper, carpet, plank, paint free plate, paint board, fire board, wood materials etc.

Automobile shipbuildingCar dashboard, door panel, column, triangular window, roof, linen fiber, cotton fiber, blended fiber, the fiberboard, interior, soundproof cotton and other bonding

furnitureAdvanced sofa, thick leather and rough leather. Senior molding sponge sofa chair, senior latex sponge, sponge material forming oil

Hardware plasticFurniture, foam, ABS, PC, PVC and other hard substrates (glass + glass bonding). Glass + metal bonding. Glass + plastic bonding. Plastic + plastic bonding. Plastic + metal bonding. Special adhesive for PET. Crystal and so on

Clothing textileClothing, shoes, toys, socks, hats, bags, leather, clothing accessories and various fabrics, etc.

Electronics: electrical appliances, power supplies, lighting, computers, televisions, monitors, air conditioners, electric irons, and integrated small appliances

Paper productsPhotos, cardboard, books, prints, labels, trademarks and so on are widely applicable to jobs that require permanent bonding.

Bonger solid 77 odor aerosol adhesive is universal aerosol adhesive a variety of adhesive materials through scientific processing technology developed, super permanent paste. It is important that the products through the SGS testing, in line with the modernization of three benzene adhesive demand, this product is widely used and convenient, improved before scraping, paint and glue roller and the glue on the compressor will come out of trouble, as long as the shake and light pressure flowing button, especially for outdoor aerial. For some special materials and bump bonding treatment to help the dead, compared with the traditional monengjiao (saving convenient, time saving, flexible operation, environmental protection and health.) It will be a good helper to improve the construction efficiency.


Usage method:


  1. Keep the spraying surface clean. It operates in dry, no oil and water conditions.
  2. The product should be shaken vigorously before use. It should also be frequently shaken during use. It can be operated at 15-40 degrees, and the best effect can be achieved.
  3. The nozzle is placed about 20 centimeters away from the surface to be sprayed. (also, the distance can be specified according to the special needs of spraying).
  4. Press the nozzle to spray and move several times in parallel to ensure that the glue is even and proper, and the effect of both sides is better.
  5. After spraying, the tank will be inverted, press the nozzle to eject a little gas, remove the residual gum in the nozzle, prevent the next use of glue blocking the spray valve.
  6. Be sprayed air for 1-5 minutes (depending on the specific time depending on the actual temperature, touch dry and sticky strong) can be bonded, adhesive from the adhesive material for rolling the pressure to the other side, with a rubber hammer, glue stick or stick evenly compacted, 30-60 minutes can be used after 24 hours to achieve the best effect.

 Suggestions and matters needing attention:


  1. This product is pressurized packaging, in case of high temperature and explosive, the work environment should pay attention to ventilation, use as far as possible to avoid the contact between materials and skin.
  2. It should be stored in ventilation, light, cool and dry place.
  3. Do not store at 49 degrees Celsius, and store at 30 degrees centigrade.
  4. Please place it where children are not easy to contact and spray the glue before discarding
  5. Rinse the skin or eyes with water. Rinse with water. If you are serious, please see the doctor immediately