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Beautiful water purifier filter element beautiful drinking water filter element MT-3867867CB869868CB net water barrel core

Applicable model: MT-3 (867CB) /MT-3 (868CB) /MT-3 (869CB) household recommended replacement time: 1 years (in order to ensure the quality of drinking water, please change regularly)

discount 70% in 2018-10-23 to 2018-10-25
price: USD$ 45.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Baby configuration: quartz sand + black fiber +T degree ceramic column + smile cover

Applicable model: MT-3 (867CB) /MT-3 (868CB) /MT-3 (869CB)

Product features: suspended quartz sand filter can effectively remove the water, and colloid, iron, manganese, organic compounds, pesticides, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants in the water have significant removal effect. Black fiber has good adsorption effect, can effectively remove residual chlorine, odor, color and organic substances in water. Ceramic column filtration accuracy of 0.01 microns, can remove a variety of bacteria in the water, rust, colloid, organic matter and other impurities

Recommended replacement time: 1 years (in order to ensure the quality of drinking water, please change regularly)

Attention: filter element replacement must be washed with water before use, use in regular three months cycle cleaning once! The filter and the service life of water, the cleaning and maintenance of water and filter net bucket size, the use of the environment, use is in the normal state, the filter replacement time please see the net bucket back behind the logo, a logo on the net rated water amount, please according to the amount of water you every day can be calculated filter replacement time, influence of water quality on the filter, poor quality can advance to the filter loss of function

Quartz sand cleaning method: quartz sand filter core placed under the faucet, above and below respectively by water cleaning, rinse for 3-5 minutes, rinse clean.

Black fiber is composed of activated carbon, so before use, you need to wash the surface of the filter activated carbon oh.

The cleaning method is as follows: take out the activated carbon fiber sheet, put it under the faucet, wash it on the back and back until the surface is clean. In the process of washing activated carbon fiber, the black substance will flow out. Oh, this is normal. Now, because the activated carbon is black.

When used, if the water level of the lower barrel is higher and the water level of the upper barrel is lower, the filtration rate will be obviously slowed down, even without water filtration, which is a normal phenomenon

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