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Classical style deep carving matte custom-made stainless steel dog pet dog tags identity card listing tag does not wear

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Baby marked price without chain

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Name:Classical styleDeep carved black matte titanium Tags

Texture of material:316L (also known as stainless steel)

Characteristic:No rust, no fading, excellent sanding material, normal wear for 10 years will not have any wear and tear on the handwriting and pattern

Products include:Dog +2 special stainless steel ring (a) + Gift Box

Accessories: stainless steel ring with small, small specially made (no stainless steel ring so small specifications on the market). Although it's accessories, they all go through prisonBonding and anti rust test, strive to perfect in every detail.

The size of dog tags:

Trumpet head

Size: length 40mmX, width 22mmX, thickness 1.5mm (only suitable for small dogs)Weight: 10 grams (net weight)

(including the 5.3mm chain chain set width 45cm length chain made of 316L steel)

Medium bone

Size: length 50mmX, width 28mmX, thickness 1.6mm (suitable for small and medium-sized dogs)Weight: 16 grams (net weight)

(including the 8mm chain chain set width 50cm length chain made of 316L steel)

Tuba bone

Size: length 55mmX, width 30mmX, thickness 1.8mm (suitable for medium and large dogs)Weight: 25 grams (net weight)

(including the 8mm chain chain set width 55cm or the length of 60cm chain is made of 316L steel (chain length) please note no note the default 55cm)

Laser deep engraving: a new pulsed laser engraving machine (250 thousand), 0.001mm (the so-called precision engraving machine engraving machine hit accuracy is more than 100 times). Words and patterns are all lifelike dog tags. Bidirectional scanning technology (though time will be doubled) to avoid the general dog rough twill.

The only material in China316L stainless steel, surface grinding treatment. Feature: scratch proof!

Whole countryThe only carving technologyPulse laser deep engraving machine, double sided deep carving. Nick reach0.18mmEveryone (non professionals) may not have any idea about this depth, so let's say that,Titanium material notch reached 0.18mmBasicallylimitWear caused by normal use,10 yearsIt doesn't have any effect on handwriting or patterns. If it is deeper, it will produce sharp cuts like steel spines, very scraping hands, unsafe! And the handwriting and the pattern are going to be rough. This is how we go throughThe most suitable parameters obtained from a hundred experiments.

Please follow the following operations to buy dog tags:

Take dog, please giveSeller messageOn the noteTell me something about it:
Positive content:Dog'sNameDog'sSex,Dog'sWhat kind of dog is the dog's birthday?
Back content:(recommended within 20 words, and telephone), for example:

XX lost, please contact my mom, momBe rewarded. Telephone: XXXXXXXXXX

Case diagram:

Note: Please note that pro, dog tags belong to set products, has been issued, can not return (because there is dog name and birthday phone features not second sale), please when you kiss in the message notes carefully check the dog's custom information, because the sign information too much, this shop is not responsible for checking the phone number length and other relevant information, of course, known the mistake that we will inform you, unknown error message produced after the brand, this shop is not responsible for any liability, the rebate does not change, please note! If not, please do not buy!

Secondly, when the pet name is in English, the first letter is automatically converted into uppercase. If not, please don't use English name!

Reminder:Belong to the dogCustom made goodsNeed2 to 3 daysThe production cycle, if you are eager to use, can not wait, pleaseDon'tPurchase. Because I really can't meet your requirements. More reluctant to do thatPetty profitCause any unpleasantness to you.

Buying gifts for dogs is a piece of cakeIn fact, I sincerely hope that you can complete the business in a happy and peaceful atmosphere