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Special offer six angle chicken wire twisted flower breeding net fence stone cage net factory wholesale nets

The weight, price Chenxuan

discount 70% in 2018-08-17 to 2018-08-19
price: USD$ 0.70
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:13
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Limit time limit for selling the whole field to 10 percent off
3345 pieces have been sold hot
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Important statement:

1, on the price of 1 yuan: 1 yuan does not represent a specific unit price, only for customers to make it convenient. Because Holland network specifications thousands of species, can not be all classified, the total amount of goods will be taken as much as many pieces. Please consult the online customer service for the actual price and freight of the product.

2, the delivery statement: the shop is an entity manufacturer, the regular products are available on spot, and shipped within 48 hours. Customers who need special customization can negotiate with the owner about the delivery time.

3, customized instructions: the stone cage has many varieties and wide specifications. Our shop only has some conventional specifications, and needs special customization. Please contact the owner, all kinds of materials, diameter and diameter can be customized.

4, about Logistics: express industry in our country is in a starting period of development, the services caused by various units in various regions are unavoidable to be different. In addition, if no special instructions, screen packaging general default plastic film packaging, logistics and transport process of the goods is tied reinforcement, if the resulting packing rub (does not affect the quality of the goods), it is a normal phenomenon, please forgive the parent, if cannot accept or because of logistical problems and bad review, please bypass.

5, on the invoice: all the goods sold in our store are free of tickets. If you need to open a ticket and contact the customer service, you usually need to add 10 tax points.

6, praise return: after receiving the full five words with good praise, the screenshot to the customer service, there are 5 yuan cash return.

  • Transport instructions:
    This product is a large cargo, and some products without packaging, transport costs are high, suggest relatives try to walk logistics, reduce transportation costs. The freight is not the same as the buyer area is different and the order quantity is different. Therefore, please read carefully before the parent is buying it, to avoid misunderstandings, and to make a good logistics cost with the seller.

  • If the customer is not taken in accordance with the actual goods and freight, it will be regarded as invalid. Please forgive us for not being able to deliver the goods.
  • Shopping Directory:

No matter whether any sieve is cost calculated, the same price of the same screen should be compared with its weight. The heavier the general weight, the better the quality. The more responsible the process of screen, the better the quality.

The general sieve shop Taobao shop rarely indicates the diameter of wire mesh, mesh and net weight. It can only be described by very general characters, such as thickening, super thick and super large vocabulary. So please contact the customer service and ask the various data of the screen to make the purchase.

 Baby description:

[name]Small hexagon mesh, mesh cages

[broad]1Rice width (+-0.03

This mesh is easily deformed because of external force, but does not affect the firmness, please be assured of use!

[material]Cold galvanized wire (rusting after rain or dampness)

[weave]Positive and reverse twisting, reverse twisting (as on the right)


[silk diameter]0.63mmAbout


(other dimensions can be processed and customized)

Product introduction

[Characteristics]It is easy to use. It can be used only in the flat surface and building cement. The construction is simple and no special technology is needed. It has strong ability to resist natural destruction and adverse climate influence, and it can withstand large scale deformation but not collapse. Fixed heat insulation and heat insulationSave the transportation cost. It can be reduced to a small volume, with little space.

[use]Building wall fixed, heat insulation, heat insulationIn the power plant, pipes and boilers are kept warm; antifreeze, residential protection, gardening protectionChicken duck, chicken and duck; isolated homes, protecting poultry; protect and support the seawall, slope, Luqiao and other civil engineering.

The above products support processing and customization. If you need to order or have any problems, please contact online customer service

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