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Voyager ultra-thin electronic solar term door controller POTENTBOOSTER automobile electronic accelerator

POTENTBOOSTER optimization of automobile ECU let oil and gas more reasonable collocation, enhance the power and throttle response, start overtaking powerful, reduce the carbon deposition. POTENTBOOSTER continuously improve product quality, efficiency and stability. This exported to Russia, Malaysia, South Korea, Europe, Australia, South America and other parts of the world, far exceeding the international brand! Simple to install and use, plug and socket connection, without initialization settings, no need of external power supply.

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2012 new POTENTBOOSTER6-DRIVE46 ultra-thin electronic solar term door controlimplement

(models corresponding table models have a spot, photographed by the message models can find their own models please contact the owner.)

Please see the table with models:&

This product is the latest version of the highest 6 models, different from the low version of the 4 mode! Please look for the customer to buy!

The highest versionPOTENTBOOSTER6-DRIVE electronic acceleratorIs the use of imported military chip. The accuracy has been improved greatly, the low version of the 4 mode easily with the original car computer data precision and low conflict and other problems have been solved. Our warranty warranty period is 3 years, is the longest of similar products.

Brand name: ROS: POTENTBOOSTER6-DRIVE thin electronic solar term door controller

Specifications:54*35*11MM Product type: TS-XXX origin: Shenzhen China

Applicable models:Support various models (the models corresponding to the product model see page table)

Function introduction: full acceleration amplitude: 53-72% half accelerating solar term door door solar term amplitude: 32-51% car mode amplitude: 30% mpg mode: 8-28%.

 Product features:
1, plug and play, without initialization, no external power supply, to complete DIY.
2, no need to change the original car driving circuit, digital display mode, can be personalized exchange traffic patterns in running, convenient installation.
3, optional 6 modes: manual full acceleration, manual semi automatic acceleration, acceleration, semi automatic acceleration, the original car, fuel-efficient models. Automatic adjustment of 46 sub models.
4, products using the latest car signal control chip design, the shell is made of fireproof material production.

POTENT BOOSTER6-DRIVE electronic solar term door controller advantages are as follows

(1) to accelerate the solar term door open, enhance the static response
Mainly by improving the response sensitivity of the solar term door, when the system has found the driver will will accelerate as soon as possible through the open circuit to drive the solar term door, which makes the throttle response sensitivity has been improved. But POTENTBOOSTER6-DRIVE electronic solar term door controller does not like a lot of people say that to reduce the classification of accelerator pedal signal, in fact the accelerator pedal signal is stepless adjustment.
(2) the throttle signal amplification rate, improve the dynamic response
The accelerator pedal is depressed, the accelerator will according to the changes on the range, time to calculate the throttle signal rate changes faster, stronger requirements that accelerated. POTENTBOOSTER6-DRIVE electronic controller will change the solar term door rate increase, and ultimately achieve the effect of dynamic response speed is better.
POTENTBOOSTER6-DRIVE electronic solar term door controller, can accelerate the transform in the vehicle, ordinary, fuel-efficient mode, saving time and fuel, so that the owners feel the sense of speed limit, don't afraid of overtaking good mood!

The pictures are as follows:

The thin display electronic solar term door controller

Ordinary display electronic solar term door controller

Wind Booster

Below is the installation of Highlander example: