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Alloy wheel flat resin diamond grinding wheel grinding machine wheel 75%P180*32*10*4 tungsten steel

Diamond content: 75% (3.3 carats / cubic centimeter). The overall quality of aluminum matrix CNC carved molding, using three GB type diamond powder and resin molding drying quality. Suitable for grinding: tungsten carbide cutting tool, magnet, ceramic etc.. Materials suitable for grinding hardness greater than HRC80. External diameter: 180mm. Inner diameter: 32mm. Thickness: 10mm. Ring width: 4mm.

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Name: flat resin bonded diamond grinding wheel

Specifications: 180 x 32 x 10 x 4 (outer diameter * inner diameter * thickness = sand width)

Particle size: 150#180#200#240#320#400#

Concentration: 75%

Unit: 1

Note: the grinding wheel granularity depending on your choice of machining requirements: grinding wheel mesh more emery particles inside the wheel wheel is smaller, more fine, the grinding efficiency is low, grinding out the workpiece surface finish better; grinding wheel mesh smaller, emery particles inside the wheel the big wheel, the more coarse, the grinding efficiency is higher, grinding out the workpiece surface finish is poor. According to your actual requirements, choose the granularity you need, thank you!

Purpose: diamond resin grinding wheel with high hardness, high strength, strong grinding capability, mainly used for grinding hard alloy, high non metal materials, cutting hard brittle hard alloy, non metallic minerals etc.. Such as carbide, ceramics, agate, optical glass, semiconductor materials and wear-resistant cast iron, stone and so on.

The diamond resin grinding wheel has good polishing effect, and the grinding wheel is sharp and difficult to jam:

1. grinding efficiency is high, while grinding wheel consumption is relatively slow;
2., self sharpening is good, grinding heat is small, not easy to plug, reduce the phenomenon of grinding work burns;
3. grinding wheel has a certain elasticity, is conducive to improve the surface roughness of the workpiece, mainly used for fine grinding, semi fine grinding, knife grinding, polishing and other processes;
4. diamond resin grinding wheel is a low temperature, short production cycle, equipment and supply process is relatively simple; because the resin has fluidity, easy molding complexity of the grinding wheel.